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11 Oct

Why I Finally Decided To Break Up With Wine

I had an epiphany last summer: Drinking sucks. I was standing in a klatch of couples at a seaside cocktail party, everyone yakking about vacation plans and their children’s sports teams. I looked at my friends’ faces reddening from drink, the sweat on the men’s upper lips, the women hoisting their big goblets of wine to their lipsticked mouths. Everyone was talking too loud, and nobody was really saying anything. I was no different, clutching my wine, aggressively searching for my moment to jump into the double Dutch of conversation. I’m exhausting, I thought. This party is exhausting. How many parties had I been to? Hundreds and hundreds. How many glasses of wine had I downed? Thousands and thousands. Teenage keggers...
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21 Sep

I Tried Target’s $5 Wine and Never Want to Drink Anything Else Ever Again


It is truly delicious.

If you want the best wine deal of your life, run, do not walk, to the nearest Target. In late August the store introduced California Roots, a line of $5 bottles of wine, and they're finally available.
The line, which includes a red blend, cabernet, pinot grigio, chardonnay, and moscato, doesn't disappoint. It's honestly hard to believe that they're all only $5, and I'm going to have a difficult time paying more than that for a bottle of wine ever again.
Here they are, ranked by deliciousness, plus what you should know about each bottle:

1. Red Blend

One sip of this red blend, and you'll be thinking, There's no way this is only $5. It's smooth with cherry notes...
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18 Sep

Wear Our 10 Favorite Fall Trends 2 Totally Different Ways


2 stylists + 2 models + 10 trends = 20 looks.

With fall in full swing, you're likely looking forward to switching sartorial gears and giving a few of this season's top fashion trends a try. Here, stylist duo JAK (Jessica Loria and Kelly Williams) showcases ten of our favorites; two totally different ways to wear each. And whether your style sensibility leans uptown or down, these 100% Bloomingdale’s exclusives can’t be found anywhere else. Models (and real-life friends) Jaylin Carlson, seen to the left in above image, and Elizabeth Wood, show the respective polished and cool outfits you can wear all season.


Romantic Ruffles

Make it Downtown: A playful pastel color palette feels unexpected for fall. "And while this flouncy dress could be...
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29 Aug

Target Is Dropping a Line of $5 Wines

California Roots

Your wallet will appreciate this.

If you love wine as much as you love saving money, Target is here for you. The store is introducing California Roots, an assortment of bottled wine, all for $5 each. Five dollar bottles of wine! The exclusive Target line will include five blends: Chardonnay, pinot grigio, moscato, cabernet sauvignon, and a red blend. It almost sounds too good to be true — how can good wine be that affordable? In a press release the store says, "California Roots offers guests delicious, high-quality everyday bottled wine at great value." I was sold at $5 wine, but high-quality sounds great too! You can live your best cheap wine life beginning Sept. 3, when California Roots launches nationwide...
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29 Aug

You Can Finally Buy Blue Wine in the United States


Red, white, and blue has a whole new meaning.

If the question "red or white?" leads to an internal philosophical debate, then prepare for a whole new option: blue. You heard me.
This is thanks to the geniuses at Gik, who recently changed the happy hour game in Spain by launching blue wine there first, in their home country. And because they're so nice, they're bringing this blue-hued vino across the Atlantic to all of us in the states.

gallery-1492527968-gik-blue-wine-2 (1)
Tired of the wine culture they'd been exposed to, where people care more about what they've learned about wine versus actually enjoying it, their goal is simple: to have people sit back and sip. Classified as a chilled, sweet wine, it's made...
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11 Aug

These Are The Only Wines You Need This Summer, According To A Sommelier


From our friends at The Zoe Report

Curated by Rachel Zoe and her team of editors and stylists, The Zoe Reportis not only your stop for all things fashion and beauty but all-around lifestyle as well. Check out their site for everything from shopping tips to dating advice, to the latest in celebrity news. Ah, wine, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways: You taste amazing, contain antioxidants and make it easier for us to navigate social situations. As summer is officially in full swing, we decided to find out the best wines to sip from our flamingo pool floats. Here to help is Andrew Pettingell, expert sommelier at the incredibly chic Downtown Los Angles restaurant Otium. Check out the...
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25 May

Stop Everything Because Champagne 6-Packs Exist


Summer just got approximately 2348230948234 times better, because now you can bring not only a six-pack of rosé or beer to the beach, but a six-pack of Champagne.
Created by Moët & Chandon, who recently introduced the Champagne vending machine, the Moët Mini Share Pack comes with six 187-milliliter bottles of Moët’s classic Imperial Brut.


Though adorable and convenient, the pack, which is available nationwide, costs $100. If you're committed to drinking mini bottles of Champagne regardless, the pack also comes with golden flute toppers so you can be classy as hell wherever you sip.

In a press release, Moët says, "This new take on the classic six-pack is the perfect...
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28 Apr

An Ode To Rosé

Independent Bookstore Day falls on April 29. To celebrate, the limited edition book A Literary Cocktail Party will be sold for one day only, exclusively at 470 participating indie bookstores. Today at, we're pleased to present an excerpt from the book: Meghan Daum's impassioned, genius ode to rosé. STEP 1: Be a woman. (Sorry, there's no way around this.) STEP 2: Have things to discuss with your friends, who are also women. Many, many things. Important things. The specific topics matter less than the almost unbearable sense of urgency you feel about expressing them and hearing what others have to say in response. Think about these topics for weeks while staring at a date on the calendar marked "drinks with K__,...
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31 Mar

Cheers! The Perfect Pairings For Any Occasion

A brand new year is here, which means you have plenty of time to plan out some special occasions for entertaining at home—bringing your friends, family and loved ones together with impeccable pairings of wines and recipes that work in perfect harmony. For over 150 years, Ferrer Family Wines have been making delicious varietals in their native Spain, which pair perfectly with a diverse assortment of dishes. Whether you are planning a romantic evening in with the one you love, a night swapping stories over bites and bubbles with the girls, or a last minute dinner party with your parents, we’ve got the perfect selections of Ferrer Family Wines and recipe pairings for you to make it a night your...
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24 Mar

5 Lunch Wines That Want To Connect On LinkedIn

Lunch: it’s a pilgrimage as much as it a meal, and honestly, I don’t know why we don’t celebrate it with more lunch wines. Yes, lunch wines. That is a thing, and not just in Europe. They’re basically a mandated breather after a morning of meetings; you wouldn’t skip out on natural rights like life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness and you shouldn’t skip out on lunch wines either. Unlike brunch wines that come in a pitcher of juice, or tannic dinner wines that require a side steak, lunch wines are a refreshing break that can complement your overpriced salad and won’t leave you needing a nap under your desk. What makes a wine a “lunch wine?”Three things: light body,...
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