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11 Jan

Mariah Carey’s New Tea-Shirts And Teacups Are Here

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Honey-voiced Mariah Carey's neverending reign as Queen of Shade means she obviously gets to cash in on the joke, right? 1,000% correct. (Though, "shade" as we've always known and loved it is now dead and over; thxforthat, white men).

The beloved founder of "I Don't Know Her," "That Wasn't My Appellation," and similar somesuch cloudy forecasts has just unveiled a new merch set on Twitter. And it is perfect for casually luxe afternoons of tea and cucumber sandwiches with your favorite frenemies.

#Lambily, you asked for it! Here are some tea-shirts for you 😊 😂☕
— Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) 2018년 1월 10일

The tea-shirts (LOL) and mugs feature Mariah's immaculately queenly visage, and the phrase "I Was Told There Would Be Tea." What is...
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