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5 Dec

This Instagram Duo Captures The Best Senior Street Style In Chinatowns Across America


Instagram:@chinatownprettyFounders:Andria Lo (photographer) and Valerie Luu (writer)Current location:San Francisco Bay AreaFollowers:About 7,000The gist:@chinatownpretty is a porthole onto senior style in various Chinatowns across the United States. Whether they are scouting San Francisco, their home base, or on a trip to downtown New York, the writer-photographer duo has an eagle eye for well-dressed men and women of a certain age. And each new look comes with an intriguing story. We learn that one octogenarian made her striking mustard yellow shirt with leftover fabric from her seamstress gig and that the couple sporting matching pink hats has been married for 64 years. Another pair in custom-made yellow sweatshirts exercises together every day. Talk about commitment.

The Flower Vendor - 2014. Wang Mei Ha, 70, wore a handmade bucket hat...
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