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6 Dec

How a Gallery Girl Dresses For The Job

For the 1942 opening of her gallery Art of This Century, Peggy Guggenheim paired a custom-made white gown with earrings designed for the occasion: one by sculptor (and friend) Alexander Calder, one by painter (and friend) Yves Tanguy—a soigné demonstration of her commitment to the competing schools of abstract and surrealist art on view in her boundary-pushing new space in midtown Manhattan. It’s easy to be a walking work of art in literal statement earrings when you’re a Guggenheim whose friends make MoMA-worthy sculpture one day and earrings for you the next. Today, though, it’s a woman further down the art-world food chain who has captured the imagination of fashion designers and young professional women alike. Enter the gallery girl—the brainy,...
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29 Nov

Octavia Spencer On Her Style Icons, Beauty Secrets, And Everyday Favorite Things


For all her mega successes, we’d argue that onscreen, Octavia Spencer really hasn’t gotten a fair shake, sartorially speaking: She’s donned a midcentury maid’s uniform (The Help), dystopian hippie garb (The Divergent Series: Allegiant), and mousy secretarial layers (last year’s NASA heartwarmer, Hidden Figures). This month, Spencer, 47, returns to the big screen in The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro’s twisted Cold War fairy tale. Her look? Drab janitorial dresses. And in next month’s pulp thriller Small Town Crime, she’s again stuck in dowdy cardigans. Maybe that’s why in real life, the effervescent Oscar winner is all about leopard prints, spa days, and look-at-me lashes.

Spencer and Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water.
Spencer and Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water. / COURTESY FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES
What’s your greatest skill? Octavia Spencer: I’m a real armchair detective. I’ve always loved mystery novels....
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27 Oct

It’s Jacket Season—And I, For One, Am Thrilled


When I woke up this morning, bright-eyed and bushy-eyebrowed, tiny blue birds flitting around my head, this is what I did. I saw a blanket of grey clouds, felt a chilly breeze drift through the weird crack in my bedroom window, smiled to myself, and thought, It's motherf**king jacket season. (With apologies to McSweeney's.)

i love to wear jackets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Estelle Tang (@waouwwaouw) 2017년 10월 26일

Let me explain. A jacket is a hug. A jacket is an extra layer of fashionable expression. A jacket is a good thing to leave at your friend's house so you get to go there again (sorry to the four people I've done this to in the last two weeks). Jackets are treasures of the garment world, and I am...
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