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19 May

Seven Ways to Style a Shirt, Inspired by 90s Ad Campaigns

When asked which garment she would have liked to have been responsible for creating during a rare interview in 2012, Rei Kawakubo declared, “I would have liked to invent the plain white shirt.” And it makes perfect sense that the Comme des Garçons founder champion this seemingly humble item of clothing, for despite outward appearances, the simple button-up holds infinite sartorial possibility. Much like Kawakubo herself, the white shirt is a fashion icon, but doesn’t think of itself as such. It’s a democratic garment, taking on new meaning through the way it is worn. It is both anti-fashion and high fashion, perennially chic. So if you don’t already own one, it’s about time you go out and buy it – whether...
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15 May

A Brief History: The Ballet Slipper’s Dance through Fashion


The iconic ballet slipper is the shoe most commonly affiliated to dance. The traditional unobtrusive slipper, designed specifically for pirouetting and the like has, in recent decades, been inverted and subverted by designers across the fashion industry.

Ballet originated in the 15th century in the Italian courts: from there it disseminated across the continent, blooming into the classical ballet style that we know today. The ballet shoe originally had a heel, which quickly became démodé after Marie Antoinette walked to the guillotine wearing heeled shoes.

From Westwood's Rocking Horse platform to Louboutin's Fetish Ballerina shoe, the slipper has shape-shifted through the decades.
The Rocking Horse Ballerina

Sara Stockbridge, a muse of Vivienne Westwood's, in the Spring Summer 1985 show
Sara Stockbridge, a muse of Vivienne Westwood's, in the Spring Summer 1985 show
Dame Vivienne Westwood's innovative Mini-Crini collection was the...
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10 Mar

Coordinating Miu Miu Looks Are a Cheerful End to Paris Fashion Week


After a week of nearly nonstop torrential rain in Paris, it was nice to end Fashion Week with some sunshine. And it seemed like showgoers were just as thrilled, pulling out their brightest and most cheerful clothes in honor of the better weather. No one felt more appropriately happy than Ksenia Chilingarova and Mademoiselle Yulia, who choose coordinating Miu Miu outfits, earning them the last Golden Peacock Award of the season. Between the color, pattern, and texture, they’re the glorious rainbow at the end of gray, depressing storm. If you’re going to close out the month, you have to go big right?

From-The Cut

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14 Feb

Miu Miu Debuts Chloë Sevigny’s Latest Film

Chloe Sevigny

For their Women’s Tales short film series, Miu Miu has asked Chloë Sevigny to direct a short film dealing with femininity in the 21st century. Sevigny chose to portrait stand-up comedienne Carmen Lynch within the neon-lit nighttime surroundings of Portland. The beautiful featurette provides an intimate view into how she deals with the insecurities caused by looks, dreams and absurd mating rituals by relentlessly poking fun at them. Carmen is the 13th movie from the ongoing series which includes short films by directors such as Zoe Cassavetes, Angès Varda and Miranda July.

You can watch Chloë Sevigny’s entire short film here

Miu Miu : Women’s Tales No. 13


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9 Dec

The Multifaceted Fashion Heritage of the Swimming Cap

The leisurely activity of swimming garnered popularity during the 1830s, but it wasn’t until the arrival of the roaring 20s when ‘the permanent wave’ became a fashionable coiffure – and one that was utterly destroyed upon any contact with water – that there was an urgent requirement for women to cover their heads with a sheath of latex whilst taking a dip, lest their hair become a discredit to flappers the world over. The practicalities of the swimming cap made way for a plethora of playful designs; eccentric styles became the norm, with some even mimicking of the moment hairstyles, including wig-like inserts. The froufrou florals of vintage caps are synonymous with images of 1950s beach holidays, and the pinched...
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3 Nov

Miu Miu’s girl gang explore Rome by night

While Miu Miu’s off-kilter signature has remained the same, there’s been a noticeable difference in the brand’s casting recently – Kendall, Gigi and Bella took to the catwalk at its AW16 show, along with fellow big names Adriana Lima, Lara Stone, Joan Smalls, and model-slash-actress Emily Ratajkowski. These women represent a change from the editorial girls who modelled for the brand before. Another actress, Amanda Seyfried, starred in Miu Miu AW16 campaign while Dree Hemingway appears in the most recent one – Cruise 2017 – which was unveiled today. Shot by legendary youth culture photographer Alasdair McLellan, Hemingway is joined by seasoned pro Cecilia Chancellor (who’s been modelling since the 80s) and a crop of newer faces: Birgit Kos, Faretta Radic and Sara Somogyia. Modelling the brand’s brightly-coloured Cruise collection, the cast is “charged with...
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26 Oct

A Palmful of Miu Miu Miniatures


Phillip Nuveen strives to “obtain the unobtainable” with his handcrafted miniature models – which require a steady hand, painstaking engineering and the patience of a saint. “I think there is something so captivating about how the human mind processes scale. We seem to enjoy things that are above and below the everyday metric that we are used to,” he says. Currently based in New York, Nuveen’s apartment is replete with palm-sized paper iterations of smart shopping bags, shoes and iconic shop fronts – creating a luxurious, Lilliputian world within his own. “A futuristic Chanel boutique sits on my coffee table, and my dream corporate high-rise headquarters greets me every morning on my nightstand!”

Miu Miu Club bag by Miu Miu
Miu Miu Club bag by Miu Miu
Nuveen’s fondness for models stems...
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11 Oct

A Daytrip to the S/S17 Miu Miu Beach

Miuccia Prada likes to have the last word at Paris Fashion Week with Miu Miu – the last word that the fashion industry collectively revels in. Before you’ve even seen a single outfit, a Miu Miu show already puts you in a giddy mood: after all, the season is done. Entering the Palais d’Iena is a signifier that you’ve made it through the four consecutive fashion weeks relatively unscathed – and you’ve still got a Miu Miu collection to take in and enjoy before you leave Paris on a high. S/S17 was seemingly joyful with its message: “It’s a celebration of summer with all its pleasures and the scary idea of if we can have it again,” said Miuccia Prada after...
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