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9 Feb

Louis Vuitton Surprises Soho With Sneaker Pop-Up Shop


The exclusive pop-up centers around an early launch of the women's SS18 Archlight sneaker.

Weeks before the expected release date, Louis Vuitton is opening a pop-up shop dedicated to the Archlight, a women's high-end sporty sneaker from the designer's SS18 collection. For context, New York Fashion Week kicks off this week and the city is already teeming with the who's who of fashion and they're ready to get their hands on the shoe destined to be the next big thing in streetwear. Besides a chunky sole, the sneaker has a jarring asymmetrical silhouette. Strong, wavy lines and an oversized tongue carry the shoe into outer space, while somehow keeping a pinky on the pulse of the prevailing trends. The store will remain open from...
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