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8 Jan

Color, Color, And More Color…


We’re kicking off 2018 with a fresh wardrobe and chic new style aspirations. With 150 years of fashion and beauty authority, Harper’s BAZAAR editors know exactly which trends will become forever classics and the pieces worth investing in for ageless style. Take note as our editors share their New Year’s style resolutions for a covetable wardrobe and unrivaled fashion sense.

1 Nicole Fritton, Fashion Director


“Wear more color.”

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC earrings, $840, SHOP

2 Joyann King, Editor,


“The easiest way to combat the winter gloom is with color. I’m embracing bold hues year-round and not just in the summer for constant exuberance.”

3.1 Phillip Lim top, $595, SHOP

3 Cassie Anderson, Senior Fashion Editor

“I usually...
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8 Jan

Bomb Cyclone Be Damned! 4 Seriously Chic Ways To Layer This Winter

00-NEW-story-image (1)
There are cold, wintry days, and then there are days when you’re hit with a bomb cyclone, or the foot of snow and Arctic chill that ravaged the Northeast this week. In moments like these, fashion tends to take a back seat—no longer will your thin cashmere sweaters and slightly cropped jeans suffice! Or so you thought. In truth, there is an easy way to keep wearing your favorite pieces come snow, sleet, or even bomb cyclones: Instead of layering endlessly outward with puffer jackets and enormous knitwear, turn attention to your base layers. Simply swap your dainty intimates for thicker-grade items, and add a layer of wool, cashmere, or Uniqlo HeatTech between you and your favorite tee. Here, four next-level...
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26 Jul

4 Style Secrets I Learned from Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg


The ladies behind the new plus-size clothing line Premme share their tips.

With more than ten years of experience in the fashion world, plus a combined 672,000 followers on Instagram alone, it should come as no shock that plus-sized lifestyle consultants and bloggers Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg are finally giving the people what they want: a fashion line comprised entirely of pieces designed to fit bodies just like their own. Launching today, Premme is a collection for women who are A.) sizes 12 to 30 and B.) sick of watered-down (read: lame) plus-size clothing and C.) looking for something more fun and directional. "We didn't want to compromise on style," the duo told regarding the Premme ethos. "We wanted...
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5 Apr

22 Signs You Are a Legitimate Fashion Girl

Image Source: Getty / Kirstin Sinclair

Don't expect your mom, your guy friends, or your significant others to "get" your love for overalls or #ootd selfies. There are some things only your fashion friends will understand.

Since we spend a lot of time discussing exactly these kinds of things, we've put together something of a list to celebrate the fashion-girl things we all do. They may seem strange to other people, but to us, they're totally normal. So, if you've got a style-obsessed friend, or if you are that friend, this one's for you.

Image Source: Getty / Kirstin Sinclair
Image Source: Getty / Kirstin Sinclair
You own six pairs of sneakers, and none are actually the kind you'd work out in. You were wearing crop tops in 2011, despite your disapproving friends. Now, you can barely...
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29 Mar

6 Packing Tips to Steal Straight From a Designer (With a Superhectic Travel Schedule)


Who better to help us pack than a designer who's always on the go? Fortunately, Misha Nonoo hit pause on her busy schedule to share some of her fashion-girl-approved packing hacks right here. Read on and learn the secrets to streamlining your suitcase for good.
Whether you're planning a weekend escape or a long Spring break trip, many of us have vacation on the brain. Don't let outfit anxiety take the joy out of your getaway plans. Avoid baggage check lines, lost luggage woes, and unnecessary suitcase clutter by fitting everything you need into a carry-on bag and one personal item. Follow my tips ahead to become a confident packing pro.

Sample Size: Before you travel, ask...
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15 Mar

9 Street Style Accessory Trends You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Try


When you complete your outfit with a cool accessory, it's like icing on the cake. Street style stars totally get this, styling their outfits with must-have pieces — usually a designer bag — all throughout fashion month. They aren't afraid to bring runway trends to the streets, and you shouldn't be either. To get you started, we narrowed down the most wearable accessory trends and suggested exactly how to wear them. Scroll for some inspiration, then shop the key items to help you re-create the look.

Image Source: Getty / Vanni Bassetti
Image Source: Getty / Vanni Bassetti
1.Waist Packs They will remind you of fanny packs for sure, but these new bags are more stylish than their '80s counterparts. With updated designs and shapes, the only similarity between...
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2 Mar

Can Fancy Athleisure Actually Make You Run Faster And Jump Higher?

I never got the whole collision of fashion and fitness. Why this effort to look chic, when a strenuous workout turns my coarse hair into an eagle's nest and makes my face flush with rosacea like a checkerboard? Yet with the line between sportswear and streetwear increasingly blurred—not only at street-savvy brands like Vetements and Off-White, but also at legacy labels like Versace and Dior— I'm now realizing I was looking at the phenomenon back-to-front. Sure, of-the-moment trends that co-opt '80s workout gear—tailored sweat pants, full-body hoodies, even Reeboks—possess an obvious cool quotient. But the mash-up of athleisure and ready-to-wear signals a tidal shift for the rest of us, who actually crave comfort-and-efficiency benefits from our wardrobe. Just as male tech...
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15 Feb

Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine on Personal Style and Originality

There’s a quote attributed to Coco Chanel that often turns up on Facebook profiles: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” I’ve read it so many times that in spite of its underlying message—be original—it’s become, ironically, completely unoriginal. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. We’re taught as kids to follow our heart and our gut, not what popular opinion recommends. Only when we’re truly one of a kind, we’re told, will we be destined for greatness.  But is this concept overrated? I’m tempted to think so. To be original, according to the wise oracle Google, is to be an eccentric, unusual person. Now, I’m often told that I have a very unconventional style. It’s a compliment, I...
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23 Jan

12 Spring Dresses You’d Be Happy to Shed Your Puffer Coat For


Maybe it's a little over-zealous to start planning which thigh-baring dresses you need for spring when leaving the house without tights right now still feels like frostbite central. But preview these 12 whimsical spring dresses and you'll see why shopping early isn't just for fanatical fashion types.


Maybe we've been re-watching La La Land too often, but we're thinking we could pull off romantic technicolor dresses on our magical date nights, too.

Saloni Off-the-Shoulder Neoprene Dress, $343;

P.S.A.: Do not sleep on this dress. Any beautiful and affordable Gucci-esque ruffle dress like this one will sell like hot cakes 😰.

Shirt Dress with Ruffles, $60;

The epitome of spring: a sleeveless, collared shirt dress with more poppies...
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12 Dec

5 Ways to Organize Your Closet to Dress Better


1. Militant Kondo-ing is a fallacy
Worry less about kicking anything that doesn't elicit smiles and sunshine to the curb for Goodwill to pick up. People change. Their ideas of happiness change. And even that fugly green Lurex mock-neck must have once brought you joy—why else would you have bought it?—what's to say it can't again? The worst that can happen is that, in your tunnel-visioned overemphasis on letting go, you discard something you might one day remember fondly and regret not having. (Like a pair of beaded jeans Sandy Liang could have made. 😑) So along those lines, a controversial stance: Keep more. In other words, that's right—I SUPPORT LIGHT HOARDING.

Meanwhile on an #MRShoesday balllot near you...
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