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20 Apr

New Mom Irina Shayk Posts a Bikini Shot On Instagram

Irina Shayk has been very quiet about both her relationship with Bradley Cooper (the two have been dating since spring 2015) and her pregnancy. Even after reportedly giving birth in March, there's been no confirmation or indication of the big event on her social media.
On Instagram, she had only been posting old promotional photos or images from previous shoots. Then yesterday, she seemingly posted her first present-day photo–"#currentsituation" she captioned it–of herself wearing a bikini in a pool.

Pre-sunset 🌅😍 #currentsituation
irinashayk(@irinashayk)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 4월 18 오후 7:30 PDT

DAMN (!!!) is all we'll say.


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14 Jun

Barbie Ferreira’s Curvy Girl Swimsuit Hacks


The 19-year-old model knows how to rock a swimsuit! Here, she shares her confidence tips so you're sure to look *and* feel amazing this summer. ​


Make Ruching Your BFF

It might seem like extra fabric would be a bad thing when you have curves, but it's often just the opposite. Side and belly ruching on a swimsuit is super flattering, and gives you a flirty vintage vibe. Barbie agrees. "It cinches at the waist so it gives you a really good shape," she says.

Mesh One Piece, Betsey Johnson

Choose Bikini Bottoms With Thick Sides "I feel really comfortable and cute in bikini bottoms that have thick sides," explains Barbie. Whether it's a...
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15 May

Online, Direct-To-Consumer Swimwear Is Having It’s Moment

Just because Victoria's Secret got out of swim doesn't mean there's not a big opportunity year-round.   Last month, Victoria’s Secret made headlines over its reported decision to eliminate swimwear — presumably to focus on its activewear and beauty categories (in addition to, obviously, lingerie). The news left some of us scratching our heads, and it left some swimwear brands' mouths' watering for a bit of the retailer's $500-million market share. Worth $20.9 billion in 2014 according to Euromonitor, the global swimwear market is expected to exceed $28 billion by 2019. It's also being seen less as a seasonal category, as demand for swimwear is increasing year-round. As plane tickets have gotten cheaper, year-round travel to warm-weather locations has increased along with the propensity...
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7 Apr

Bella Hadid Lets Her Freckles Come Out To Play


Bella Hadid is taking a break from the runway to enjoy a vacation with friends in Gustavia, St. Barts, and it doesn't look like she brought a glam squad with her. The model has been rocking a simple makeup-free look since getting to the island (because who needs bronzer when there's actual tanning going on), and now she's letting her freckles fly free instead of covering them up with product.

freckles out to play
Bella Hadid(@bellahadid)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 4월 5 오후 6:30 PDT

Bella has a spattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, which are typically covered up in magazines and on red carpets. Of course, all her beauty looks were created equal, but not going to lie: We're loving that...
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14 Feb

Natasha Oakley, A Bikini A Beach

Processed with VSCOcam with e7 preset

To you and me, it’s just two tiny pieces of stitched-together cloth. But in the case of Natasha Oakley, the bikini is an entire lifestyle.

The 25-year-old blogger and swimwear model wears a bikini almost 365 days a year. Growing up between her native Australia, Miami and Hawaii, she decided to capitalise on her sun-drenched surroundings in 2012 – starting the blog A Bikini A Day with her best friend Devin Brugman.

Between them, the pair have worn thousands of swimsuits. And they soon decided to put their expertise to the test by designing their own line, Monday Swimwear, which launched in 2013.

The brand’s name is meant to encourage customers to experience what Natasha describes as...
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