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19 Oct

Alert: Zara’s Sister Brand Just Launched In The U.S.

Courtesy Bershka

Get ready, Zara addicts.

If you're addicted to Zara but sick of having the same pieces as everyone else, good news: the store's sister brand is finally making its way to the U.S.

Courtesy Bershka
Courtesy Bershka
Meet Bershka: the European retailer offering up on-trend pieces at an affordable price point (yes, just like Zara). The brand, which is also owned by the Inditex Group, targets a bit of a younger consumer than Zara, but still specializes in fashion-forward pieces you can weave into your work and weekend wardrobes. Though Bershka launched its online store in the U.S. this past spring, the brand is officially making its brick-and-mortar debut with a pop-up location in New York. Located at 580 Broadway in...
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4 May

Zara Has A New Sizing Tool And It’s Amazing


Zara are great at SO many things. Creating the most covetable items of the season (that sell-out in seconds), making the Instgram set lose their collective mind over a £26 skirt…

And generally giving us everything are sartorial hearts desire. From secret swimwear and the most shop-able shoes, to the much loved home section. They really do have it all *sigh*

But Zara sizes – does ANYONE understand what S, M and L actually means for their shape??

We do now, thanks to their brilliant new sizing tool.

You’ll now notice that when shopping your fave pieces online, a little blue question mark asks ‘What’s My Size?’ and the next part is pure magic… Not only does it calculate the right size...
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2 May

This £26 ‘It’ Zara Skirt Is Now Back In Stock


Shopping Zara like a pro is essentially the fashion equivalent of Grand Theft Auto. You have to get in there at warp speed.

Must-have items from that blue coat to the leather biker jacket last season were in such high demand that you will no doubt find them flogging on eBay for quadruple the original sale price. Big sigh.

But, now and then, the high-street hero answers our fashion prayers in the form of our three favourite words: Back In Stock.

One item in particular the Insta-girls have been going crazy for recently? Zara’s red midi gingham skirt.

(In case you were wondering, Gingham is quite possibly the most social media-friendly trend to takeover - a simple and chic keynote...
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20 Apr

WTH Is Zara Selling a Skirt Featuring a Pepe the Frog Look-alike?

Every couple of months, like clockwork, a mass retailer does something so blatantly clumsy that you almost have to wonder whether it was actually intentional. The latest gaffe comes courtesy of Zara in the form a denim skirt that's being criticized for featuring an embroidery that closely resembles Pepe the Frog, a meme that's been appropriated by hate groups. The skirt in question features two frogs: one in the same green shade as Pepe, and one a mirror image in a darker green hue. Both share Pepe's characteristic thin red lips and bulging eyes, which are obscured by sunglasses. Every couple of months, like clockwork, a mass retailer does something so blatantly clumsy that you almost have to wonder whether it was...
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27 Feb

H&M and Zara Larsson Have Your Spring Wardrobe Covered

If you’re a pop star, you can go the expected route of throwing a party to celebrate the release of your first full-length album, but if you’re Zara Larsson, you team up with H&M to share your new music and create an exclusive capsule collection. Just in time for your spring wardrobe planning, the retailer and the Swedish singer who was named of Time magazine’s 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016, will launch the special collection that Larsson developed with H&M’s design team in selected stores and online at on May 18. “I’m so happy to be working with H&M on this collaboration,” Larsson said in a statement. “I’ve always loved the brand, they’re fun and accessible to all kinds of...
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9 Feb

How To Wear Zara According to Instagram’s Top Bloggers

Show of hands: How many mornings have you spent starring at your closet, waiting for the perfect outfit to materialize from thin air? And then how many times have you picked up your phone and opened Instagram to scroll through your bookmarked posts until you landed on something that felt inspired by? #ZaraDaily is like that, minus all the frustration. Yep: The hashtag, which mostly features outfits comprised of Zara mixed with other fast-fashion chains, has accumulated nearly 200K photos—and its corresponding account, @zara_daily, boasts more than 345K followers. And if you search a few similar tags, you’ll find thousands of outfits featuring the Zara products that might just be hanging in your closet, plus styling tips for making them look—and photograph!—expensive. Talk about instant gratification. Ahead,...
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16 Jan

There Is A Zara Outlet and This is not drill


Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. It’s still January, it’s grey outside and it’s the middle of the month. Don’t lose heart just yet, though: we’ve unearthed some news that might just put a smile on your face.

As reported by Harpers Bazaar, it turns out that a Zara outlet store actually exists. While this sounds like the stuff of dreams, it’s not. Called Lefties (short for Leftovers), it was created by Inditex in 1993 to help sell all of the last season stock at amazing discounts.

We’re praying that Lefties arrives on UK shores soon
We’re praying that Lefties arrives on UK shores soon
One burning question we do have is: how on earth has such a Nirvana existed since 1993 without us knowing about it?! Well, here...
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4 Nov

Pretty in Plaid: 8 Fresh Ways to Wear Fall’s Favorite Print

I usually avoid wearing prints unless it's plaid. The checkered pattern is possibly the easiest of all prints to wear—and this is coming from a girl who mostly dresses in head-to-toe black. I fell in love with the classic print in third grade. On picture day, I picked out a yellow plaid jacket to wear with my red plaid skirt, and to this day, I still feel good about it. Fast-forward 20 years: I find myself in love with the autumnal pattern again. This month alone I have invested in a pair of plaid shoes, a calf-length plaid skirt, and a plaid scarf...
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25 Oct

This Is Zara’s New Favorite Trend

We're on constant Zara trend patrol, given the fact that the fast-fashion brand is at the top of the heap when it comes to embracing directional trends. With its latest crop of new arrivals, it's quite apparent that embroidery is the retailer's latest obsession. (Amal Clooney is clearly on board too: She stepped out wearing a statement-making pair of embroidered flares last week, and the internet couldn't stop talking about it, us included.) Embroidery is perhaps the most beautiful of the current crop of trends and can run the gamut from subtle to bold. It can adorn anything from shoes to bomber jackets (but we're particularly fond of the way it pops against denim). Zara has everything to cover your embroidery needs, including...
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12 Oct

How to Pronounce Zara and Adidas Correctly


Ok, so you got through New York Fashion Week sounding like a pro. Then London came around and you were feeling pretty confident. After that, it all went downhill as you attempted to pronounce one European designer after another, knowing it wasn’t coming out quite as it sounded in your head. The Today Show is coming to your rescue, though, with a video that will school you on how to pronounce some brand names you use more than you realize.

Getty Images
Getty Images
Sure, you may already know you need a little bit of extra help getting through L'Occitane, but did you know you’re pronouncing Adidas wrong as well? Raise your hand if you roll the R in Zara to...
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