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11 Jan

The Yoga Studios To Try In 2018


Whether you like your yoga one-on-one in a smart studio or prefer to sweat it out in a group class, new studios are popping up all over the French capital. From traditional hatha to kundalini and New Age chroma yoga, the choice of classes is now wider than ever before. Here’s where the Vogue team is signing up this year.

Bromance Paname

"At Bromance Paname, we mix gentle exercise with chill-out vibes,” say founders Elise and Audrey. At this hybrid studio where you can also grab a coffee with a friend or curl up with a book, yoga is approached as a sport. Try Hip Hop Yoga, a dynamic class set to a hip-hop soundtrack, or California Barre,...
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6 Dec

Twist and bend


Whether it’s an eco-conscious option or in a print that makes you happy, grab a mat and keep it close by for whenever that exercise urge appears. These are our five favourites.

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI SS 17.  From left: BOWERN Shady Palms yoga mat; LULULEMON The Reversible Yoga mat; LOVEARTH Eco Yoga mat. GIAMBATTISTA VALLI SS 17.  From left: KAMUKA Reflections Yoga mat; MUKTI Float Yoga mat.


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6 Sep

5 Hacks For A Healthier Week

These six yoga poses are just what you need to ease the aches, pains, and cramps that come with your period. Need a bedtime snack to unwind?These treats are tasty, easy to prepare, and won't leave your stomach in knots when you hit the hay. You don't have to shell out for barre classes to reap their benefits. Mastering this one move will lead to stronger, more toned legs. These eight foods are so healthy, you can eat them on the daily — and you can find all of them in essentially any grocery store. You might have come across thesehealth myths online (or heard about them from a friend), but it's time to stop believing them.   From Refinery29...
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1 Aug

What It’s Like to Go to Bali for a Yoga Retreat

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Lorna Jane Clarkson is the founder of Aussie-based global activewear brand Lorna Jane, and has spent her life and career building a community around her holistic approach to health and happiness. Looking pretty incredible at age 50, Clarkson recently traveled to Bali, a destination she chose for its natural beauty and the fact that it’s conducive to eating fresh, healthy produce and spending time outdoors.
Since spending a month in Bali is pretty much everyone’s dream vacation, but a rare one to experience, we asked Clarkson to document her trip for us so we could live vicariously. Here, she shares her experiences in Bali in her own words.

Lorna Jane Clarkson
Lorna Jane Clarkson
I went to: Bali on a yoga retreat for—can you believe it—four weeks! I’m...
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22 Jun

2 Simple Stretches That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby Tonight

Keeping your eyes open at 4:45 P.M. takes monumental effort some days. And, despite trying to hit the sheets earlier, it always seems like a second wind rolls around at 10 P.M. threatening those well-intentioned plans to get eight whole hours of sleep. If you have a tough time shutting down at night (even though your body needs those Zzzz’s), some strategic stretching could help break your night-owl cycle. “For many of us, we just don’t know how to slow down and unwind. We run around all day, stimulated by work, exercise, and technology. It’s difficult to come down and prepare our bodies and minds for a night of rest,” explains Jillian Pransky, director of the restorative yoga teacher training program for YogaWorks...
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8 Mar

Meet the 14-Year-Old Taking Over the Yoga World

On an early Saturday morning on the sands of Oahu, Hawaii, a yoga class assembled around a lithe blonde named Jaysea Devoe. She was the instructor—and she was also 14 years old. "We're going to do a simple flow, just to wake up," she reassured the group, urging us to set our mats closer to her, "Set your intention. Take in the sun, the ocean. Let your thoughts go." It was day three of the Wanderlust Festival (think of it as Woodstock meets TED Conference for yogis) and this was Devoe's third year attending. Her first time was a graduation present from her dad after she completed her 200 hour five-month yoga certification program and registered with Yoga Alliance–when she was merely 12. Now, she was among the festival's esteemed instructors. Devoe made her name as the...
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