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11 Aug

Why Can’t We Just Have Normal Shirts Anymore?


What is very weird about fashion right now is that while some people still live in fear of being basic, those among us trying hardest to be cool do so by appropriating the instruments of basic-ness. This can be done by wearing T-shirts from heritage brands like the Gap and Fila, styled to simultaneously transcend their intrinsic historical blandness, because you have to be pretty cool to know about the urinal.

But at the same time, we have another, less labor-intensive way of demonstrating one's extra-ness: renouncing all shirts that don't come sheer, ruffled, printed, embroidered, cropped, ripped, pre-knotted, fringed, off-the-shoulder, underboob-baring, puff-sleeved, EXTREME VOLUMNIZED, with a soup-to-nuts backstory and standard third-row seating, animal-style, extra hot sauce, hold the pickles, please.

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