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14 Aug

The First Timer’s Guide To a Chic Weekend In Nantucket

Summertime in New York City is all about the weekend getaway. Whether it's the Hamptons, a preppy New England town, or the beaches of New Jersey, there are plenty of easy go-to spots to choose from when escaping the city. But most overlooked for a long weekend trip is the picture-perfect, All-American island of Nantucket. As a New Yorker who's pretty much clueless on all things preppy and New England, I'd never been to Nantucket, Cape Cod, or any of the Northeast's quaint beach towns. So last weekend, I took a long-overdue trip to the charming island to see what ACK (as the locals call it) was all about. From the best lobster rolls to the most picturesque lighthouses, here's a...
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10 Aug

This Is The Hot European City All Your Cool Friends Are Talking About

This seems to be the summer of Portugal. A small country hugging the west coast of Europe, Portugal always fell well below France, Spain, and Italy of my European adventure list. But, in the past six months, I’ve heard its name many times over; so, when given the opportunity for a quick trip came my way, I was excited to experience this much-buzzed-about country for myself. I always prefer to travel to a spot that's a little off-the-beaten path, so I was excited to visit the city of Porto. What I discovered upon arrival was a port town full of natural beauty, strong and delicious wine, and kind people. It turned out that my favorite parts of Porto were accessible to those...
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9 Aug

One Perfect Day In Shanghai’s Former French Concession


Time seems to move a little slower in the former French Concession. While the twisting alleyways of Shanghai’s older neighborhoods have a chaotic charm and the skyscrapers of Pudong present a spotless vision of modernity, the breezy, tree-shaded avenues of what was once the French Concession inspire lingering strolls in search of preserved mansions, one-of-a-kind shops, and, most importantly, delicious food.

Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Conrad
Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Conrad

A preserved french concession building

“I’ve lived in the same old-school compound for around eight years now, and I still love it,” says Jake Newby, a longtime Shanghai expat and the former editor of Time Out Shanghai. “For quality of life and character, it’s easily one of the best areas in the city.”

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Wood Originals
Photo: Courtesy of Kate Wood Originals
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8 Aug

The Best Time To Book Flights For Holiday Travel If You Don’t Want To Spend a Fortune

It may only be August, but it's time to start thinking about booking your flight home for the holidays already. Whether you plan on traveling this Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Eve (or all three!), the experts at KAYAK, the fare aggregator and travel search site, crunched the numbers to determine the best dates to find deals for travel between November 18 and January 3. Flying from East Coast? Now's the time to book your holiday flights. KAYAK says they start seeing a decrease in median airfare after July 31 typically. Flying from the West Coast? June and July are historically the months when airfare for the holiday season is at its highest. For the best deals, you'll want to wait until after September 4 to book your flights,...
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31 Jul

It’s Very, Very Hard To Get To These Amazing Destinations


For a certain type of traveler, hitting up every monument on the UNESCO World Heritage Listis their ultimate conquest. What better way to gain an understanding of the world than to experience the very best natural and manmade wonders it has to offer?

If you're thinking of checking a few of these culturally significant spectacles off your list, why start with the touristy entries? Beyond the Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat, there's a wealth of mind-blowing spectacles that deserve a closer look — even if it means you'll have to trek to the corners of the Earth to see them. Ahead, we've rounded up five such destinations that truly are bucket-list worthy.

Wudang Mountains, Shiyan, Hubei This mountain is steeped...
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28 Jul

Every Wedding And Summer Party Needs a Prosecco Van


When it comes to outdoor parties, one UK-based company definitely knows how to beat hot summer days by serving bubbly in the coolest way possible.

Bubble Lovers! It genuinely feels like summer is here now. Let's hope it lasts. Our wedding diary is almost completely full for 2017, but if you're planning an office summer party, birthday bash, or you just want endless bubbly on tap and outside your door, hit the link in our bio and give us a shout! We still have a few dates available. BB
Bubble Bros(@bubblebrosofficial)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 5월 24 오전 6:11 PDT

London-based company Bubble Bros. has converted a tiny Piaggio Ape into a sparkling wine bar on wheels, according to Martha Stewart Weddings. Since 2015, the bar staff has been...
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24 Jul

A Restorative Weekend in Geneva, Switzerland

Ever since a blissful, teenage summer spent at Lake Yellowstone and a month-long sojourn on Lake Como, I romanticize the notion of a lakeside life. But Geneva is special. I have the happiest memories of arriving with my skis and boots, setting off for the deeper Alps and pure, fresh snow. Or early summer picnics on nearby Mont Salève with my infant son. Or lying on the grass field in the Jura with my first boyfriend, Jonathan, listening to an outdoor jazz concert somewhere not so far away. Geneva conjures the notion of romantic serenity, of an expansive novel where the heroine recovers from a crise de nerfs in a quiet lakeside retreat. Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain; Anita Brookner’s Hotel du Lac; D.M. Thomas’s The...
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21 Jul

Instagram Travel Faker: Why The Outrage?

These days, word of mouth is no longer the driving force of the tourism industry. All it takes for a hotel, restaurant, or attraction to blow up is one good photo: A meticulously-composed Instagram shot that elicits wanderlust, hunger, or an all-important tap on the bookmark button, indicating the user's desire to actually visit the spot at some point in the future. Influence is the name of the game, and travel bloggers — with their high follower counts and multi-platform appeal — are raking it in. Forbes even curated an inaugural list of top travel influencers this April: These men and women can sway the $180 billion millennial travel industry, while making an average of $207 for one post. But now, the inevitable backlash has begun: In article published...
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18 Jul

The Rainbow Room Is Opening The Rosé Bar Of your Dreams This Summer


Summer's favorite flavor now has a whole menu devoted to it.
The legendary Rainbow Room, set on the 65th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, is offering a Rosé Bar Pop-Up for four nights this July. Beginning July 14, guests can snack on rosé-inspired treats like a champagne donut bouquet served with rosé sorbet, champagne icing, gold dust, and cotton candy ($15, above) while they sip watermelon rosé sangria ($15).

Watermelon Rosé Sangria
 / Copyright 2017 © Rainbow Room. All Rights Reserved
Watermelon Rosé Sangria / Copyright 2017 © Rainbow Room. All Rights Reserved

The Frisky Oyster is another special, featuring six raw oysters topped with rosé granita, candied grapefruit, and pink peppercorn (market price). Six rosé wines will also be available, of course, alongside rosé cocktails, cider, and champagne.

The Frisky Oyster
 / Copyright 2017 © Rainbow Room. All Rights Reserved
The Frisky Oyster / Copyright 2017 © Rainbow Room. All Rights Reserved
The pop-up is being offered on four nights...
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14 Jul

Why Travel To The Middle East Is On The Rise

Jerusalem’s Old City skyline in Israel
 / Photo: Alamy

Of late, we’ve been bombarded with news of travel bans, laptop bans, and State Department warnings regarding travel to the Middle East. So why are more Americans choosing to travel there? In the last year alone, Intrepid Travel has seen a 70 percent growth in U.S. bookings to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan, leading the company to double down on 2017 departures. Now offering over 45 itineraries across the Middle East—including Oman and the Palestinian territories—Intrepid is just one of many companies hoping to dispel popular cultural bias, ultimately changing the conversation from that of fear to understanding.

The Dead Sea in Jordan
 / Photo: Alamy
The Dead Sea in Jordan / Photo: Alamy
“We believe in the power of travel to connect people and break down barriers,” says Intrepid Travel CEO James Thornton. “Our travelers...
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