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6 Dec

Opening Ceremony Threw A Raging Dance Party To Increase Voter Turnout

Photography Colby Blount/ BFA

In partnership with the grassroots organization, the brand’s rager emphasized how the 2018 elections could change the course of American politics. Oh, and there was pizza.

House remixes of 90s Janet Jackson, pork belly bao, and looks consisting of everything from vintage Raf Simons to waist-length pastel-grey braids. This is not what you would expect at your standard benefit (especially one involving politics). But, then again, Opening Ceremony isn’t really the kind of brand that does “standard.” Saturday night, OC partnered with Swing Left, a progressive organization working to increase voter turnout, to get the message out to New York’s young creatives: VOTE IN THE 2018 ELECTIONS. Understandably, a lot of hope and faith has been placed in the 2020 Presidential Election....
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