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6 Sep

5 Fresh Ways To Wear Boots At The Office


Think boots are NSFW? Reality check: They could be the missing ingredient to a pulled-together office outfit. Whether they're daring over-the-knee stunners, fun ankle booties or comfy ones for your commute, there's a boot for everyone. (And every work-related situation.) No matter what you do, here are five looks that will take you from 9 to 5 in *prime* style.

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10 Aug

What To Wear To a Fall Wedding, From The Shoes To The Dress


It doesn't take an American Express survey to let you know that you're hemorrhaging money on wedding season—your bank account probably already knows and doesn't want to talk about it. But the cool thing about preparing for a wedding is that if you find the *right* options (provided you're not a member of the matching Bridal Party troupe), you're good to go with your bad self. Below, colorful dress, shoe, and jewelry options that you'll want to wear way past the reception—primed for whatever your dancing, layering, and budget needs require.

The Dress

Courtesy, design by Monica Park
Courtesy, design by Monica Park
The dress is Struggle Numero Uno, but don't hurt yourself thinking too hard. Seek out classic-ish shapes, like a boudoir-y knotted jacquard number or an embellished V-neck gown you'll...
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9 Aug

The Fall Runway Trend Your Zodiac Sign Should Try


Dial up the intensity! Sartorial elements arrive in a sexier package this fall as daring Jupiter embarks on a yearlong tour through smoldering Scorpio. Here, the fall runway trend to try based on your astro sign.



With a spate of planets simmering in Scorpio and your seductive eighth house, you're the sultriest of them all this fall. Fishnets tights will become Aries' go-to staple. You can play them off a flouncy dress when you're feeling demure, or a leather mini when you're in badass mode, or alone under a vintage fur when the vixen vibes take hold.

Shop the look: H&M Fishnet Tights, $13,; Sanctuary Guilty Pleasure Denim Jacket, $139,; Rosetta Getty Skirt, $719,; IRO Birok Booties, $695,

[vc_single_image image="59477" img_size="full"...
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21 Jul

Expert Interview Outfits

What makes a great job interview outfit? Step one: It has to fit well—no pulling buttons or skirts hiking up. Step two: It needs to be appropriate for your field. The elusive x-factor, though, comes from creating an ensemble that makes you feel like a powerhouse. And while it's tough to check all those boxes, the great news is you only have to do it a few times. Keeping a dependable, proven interview outfit is like having an up-to-date resume; you're always ready for whatever opportunity comes next. While the Marie Claire offices are pretty casual compared to, say, a law firm, they also demand a certain sense of taste and style. (Read: Finding a look can be panic-inducing.) Here, the...
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29 Jun

How To Get Laid Wearing Birkenstocks


Mel Ottenberg is a Certified Big Deal™ in Fashion Land, having styled Bjork and Chloe Sevigny before becoming Rihanna's all-day-every-day outfit planner. So why is he now working with Birkenstock, the brand beloved by hot camp counselors who just dropped out of Oberlin?
"Not just Oberlin—I went to Rhode Island School of Design, and I wore them too!" he laughed. "Also, when I was a teenager, I interned for Marc Jacobs, and I would wear white Birkenstocks to the office. The city was so hot in summer; we all wore them with basically everything."

Fast forward to now, when "utility shoes"—Crocs at Christopher Kane, Tevas at Versace—have taken over runways, while Rihanna herself makes best-selling slides for Puma. But though...
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21 Jun

Let The A+ Street Style From Firefly Music Festival Show You What To Wear When It’s Too Hot To Move


The conditions at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware this weekend: boiling and extremely humid—with a chance of lightning. Not the best weather for looking cute, but these artists and attendees still managed to do it. See the best outfits ahead.


The '90s girl group vibes are strong with this trio, who coordinated down to the thrifted camo and tinted sunglasses.


Somebody listened when we said one of our favorite styling tricks for the summer was an open shirtdress over shorts (or a skirt).


A pair of stylish friends in mirrored sunnies and printed co-ords.

Laura in all secondhand clothing (while registering...
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15 Jun

3 Looks to Channel Your Inner Claire Underwood from House of Cards

House Of Cards

Claire Underwood is one of TV’s best-dressed characters—nothing makes me rethink my wardrobe, especially my work wardrobe, more than her. Played by Robin Wright, Underwood is minimal and crisp but takes risks with silhouettes, making every look into a very powerful statement. This season she has pushed a bit further with a dramatic all-white inauguration look. It read perfectly feminine and strong, and the military details in many looks she wore during briefings with key politicians really put her in the power seat.

Ahead, three looks that'll let you channel her take on power-dressing.



Shop the look: Top, $755; Skirt, $2,035; Earrings, $189; Shoes, $60;

[vc_single_image image="56545" img_size="full" add_caption="yes" alignment="center"...
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14 Jun

Swap Your Purse For A Basket, Stat

Is an #OOTD really an #OOTD if there isn't a handbag to pull it all together? Really, nothing makes any old jeans-and-a-top outfit pop like a cool carryall — but, there's one phenomenon happening among the ladies of the 'gram (myself included) that's putting our usual totes and crossbodies to shame: Typical leather handbags are being replaced by baskets of all shapes and sizes. From larger pouches to adorable, color-blocked mini-bags, there's something that just feels so summer-y — and since we can't avoid the reference, so very Jane Birkin — about a woven basket. The trend doesn't just take the simplest of outfits and give them a vintage feel — they're also ideal for sitting on the grass at the...
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12 Jun

How To Wear Your Workout Gear Outside The Gym


Athleisure may be the easiest and most comfortable way to dress down on days off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish too. Here, staff writer Olivia Keating reveals four ways to wear this sports-inspired trend outside the gym.



Although you don’t need a sultry pout to carry off this look, it does require a certain amount of confidence and ability to walk in four-inch heels. Start practicing your street walk now.



tudded slingbacks, €110 at Uterqüe. Hangisido pumps, Manolo Blahnik, €860 at Farfetch. Metallic green court shoe, €39.95 at Zara.


Puff, puffa, puffer: regardless of what...
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