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16 Mar

How to Style That Tricky Corset Trend You’ve Been Seeing Everywhere

Corset Trend
We first saw the corset belt on Kim Kardashian. Sure, we were intrigued by the look, but something about it just seemed hard to pull off. Then we slowly started seeing this waist-defining accessory on what seemed like each and every one of her sisters, as well as close friends like Gigi and Bella Hadid. Each of them added a new spin on the accessory, which made the trend seem way more approachable and easy enough to include in our everyday wardrobes. Now that's something we can get behind . . . which brings us to our next question: how exactly do we style it? Not all of us are one of the Kardashians and/or want to look like we've...
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14 Mar

The Best-Selling Street Style Items During the Fashion Month Will Surprise You


Street style photos are popular for a good reason. They often show wearable and fun ways to sport new trends in real life—and they’re definitely guilty of encouraging fashion purchases. Lyst, the online shopping tool with a focus on data, is well aware of this, too. While the rest of us were keeping up with the coolest new trends on the runway, the analysts at Lyst collected information on which stylish street style pieces experienced a surge in searches and purchases during the four-week time period. The answers might surprise you.

Plaid Searches for “plaid,” a classic fall and winter staple, jumped to 61 percent, while sales were increased by 23 percent. The checkered print was also...
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10 Mar

The Important Style Lessons We Learnt From French Women This Week


It's no secret that women all over the world admire the French — above all else — for their style. It's effortless, minimal and oozes an arrogance that is simply alluring. And while part of the allure may actually lie within the attitudes of Parisian women, we'll never stop decoding their aesthetic in order to replicate it for ourselves.
The 2017 Fall circuit gave us yet another chance to delve into what makes French style so fascinating. And after trawling through hundreds of street style images, we have come up with five rules that the fashion girls of Paris live by. Scroll.

1.Keep Accessories to a Minimum

Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt
Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt
Less is more when it come to accessories and is...
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10 Mar

Coordinating Miu Miu Looks Are a Cheerful End to Paris Fashion Week


After a week of nearly nonstop torrential rain in Paris, it was nice to end Fashion Week with some sunshine. And it seemed like showgoers were just as thrilled, pulling out their brightest and most cheerful clothes in honor of the better weather. No one felt more appropriately happy than Ksenia Chilingarova and Mademoiselle Yulia, who choose coordinating Miu Miu outfits, earning them the last Golden Peacock Award of the season. Between the color, pattern, and texture, they’re the glorious rainbow at the end of gray, depressing storm. If you’re going to close out the month, you have to go big right?

From-The Cut

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9 Mar

The Blogger With the Most “Liked” Outfit at Fashion Week


You can track the street style at Fashion Week all you want, but only Instagram can determine the very best looks. We combed through the feeds of top bloggers who trot the globe to attend shows and uncovered each girl's most "liked" outfit of the month.

You might be surprised to find how many cozy airport outfits are here — obviously fans took notice of Julie Sariñana's luxe outerwear and Shea Marie's furry Fendi coat — but the rest of the girls were admired for their dreamy dresses and tailored pantsuits. The winner, you ask? Chiara Ferragni's seashell dress that she wore for a night out in Milan. Scroll for the full lineup ahead.

Let the games begin 💥 @fendi #NYFW @11_howard Shea...
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8 Mar

How to Wear the White Bandana, The Must Have Street Style Accessory

As fashion month rolled out from New York to the streets of Paris, one accessory did not go unoticed: the white bandana. Fashion it girls were rocking this must-have on their wrists, around their necks, and tieing them up over their hair as headbands. This trend was birthed from the #tiedtogether movement, initiated by the Business of Fashion team, and started at the Tommy Hilfiger show in Los Angeles. It is a symbol that we are all bonded together by humankind, regardless of race, sexuality, or gender. We love when a trend gives back and promotes positive vibes. Scroll through as we bring you 5 ways to wear the white bandana inspired by fashion months street stryle. Don't forget we are all...
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7 Mar

5 Comfy Pairs of Pants to Keep on Hand at All Times

Image Source: Getty / Christian Vierig

There's nothing more uncomfortable than feeling the waistband of your jeans dig into your skin. When it's finally time to take a break from our denim (sorry!), we turn to the pants in our closets that offer a little more give. Whether that choice is a cool pair of Vetements track pants or leather leggings, thanks to the undying wave of athleisure, comfy bottoms come in all styles, colors, and fabrics. For a more sophisticated option, a pair of silk trousers can be a good substitute for our most beloved jeans. Ahead, we rounded up five styles of comfy pants all women should own.

Image Source: Getty / Daniel Zuchnik
Image Source: Getty / Daniel Zuchnik
1.Leggings This lazy-girl must have is now, also, a street-style staple. If Gigi...
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