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9 Feb

The Affluencers Influencers Who Have Actual Influence

Bryanboy was feeling reflective. It was a cold, gray afternoon, and the fire in the drawing room of the Greenwich Hotel was cozy and warm. He ordered some tea and was touched by the smiling waitress who brought him a plate of cookies; whether or not he’d eat them was beside the point. He’d been recognized and appreciated, and that felt even nicer than the butteriest bite. Bryan, whose real last name is Yambao, has been a public fashion figure for about a decade, ever since the blog he started as an acne-scarred teenager in the Philippines went viral and Marc Jacobs cold-called him and, after convincing Bryan it wasn’t all a prank, explained that he’d be naming a bag after him and...
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10 Jul

A Korean Model And Street Style Star Shares Her Fashion Rules

Sohyun Jung is hard to miss. As she breezes into the Vogue offices with her arresting buzz cut, heads turn—a phenomenon casting directors have picked up on. Since becoming a member of the Alexander Wang gang last season, Jung has had a nonstop schedule, and spent last week walking for Hermès’s Resort show and Kenzo’s Parisian Spring 2018 collection. A regular in street style photos, Jung frequently pairs unexpected elements within her outfits—like a vintage leopard-print jacket worn with Adidas track pants and black platform boots—and looks great doing so. Her personal style is all about a laid-back and layered look, a philosophy reflected in the brands she cites as favorites (everything from Korean streetwear labels like Kye to Urban Outfitters to the understated elegance of...
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6 Apr

Meet The Street Style Star With a Hidden Beauty Secret

Irina Lakicevic is momentarily tied up. “You caught me right in action,” says the street style star and editor of Mint Journal, calling breathlessly from her hometown of Bergen, Norway. When in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, Lakicevic dashes from show to show, but back in the Nordic city, her hours are passed filling cavities, cementing crowns, and performing root canals. “An acute patient came in and you can’t say no.” When it comes to a winning smile strategy, the soignée Serbian dentist thinks many approach it from the wrong angle. “You have to take care of your teeth the same way you take care of your face. People have these amazing beauty routines, but they forget about the teeth.”...
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29 Mar

Meet The Japanese Street Style Star Putting Young Designers On The Map

It’s Tokyo Fashion Week, and Yu Masui has come down with a bad case of hay fever. “Many Japanese are suffering this year,” he writes in an email. Between the jet lag and the long hours, getting some form of “Fashion Week flu” is not uncommon, especially for someone like Masui, an LVMH prize scout and fashion journalist. In fact, his Fashion Week is more like a fashion year. In addition to the four main cities—New York, London, Milan, and Paris—he also travels to countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, Thailand, South Korea, as well as his native Japan to find emerging designers. But no matter where he is, Masui is easy to spot. He happens to be a street style...
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19 Jan

Take Your Winter Hair Cues From These 5 Street Style Stars

From the messy chignon to the turtleneck tuck, the usual lineup of wintertime hair solutions can grow tired fast. Fortunately, there’s a fresh batch of seasonal ideas floating in from Milan, where Men’s Fashion Week’s Fall 2017 shows have summoned a number of street style stars to brave the elements. Gilda Ambrosio kept her waist-grazing lengths sleek and loose—a bit of added protection from the brisk weather—while fashion director Jan Quammie embraced her natural texture by letting her wind-whipped strands shine. Taking the opposite approach, editor Sherry Shen smartly wrapped a wide headband around her center-parter ponytail to keep her polished strands in place, as did Anna Cleveland with a low gelled bun that appeared wholly static-proof. Then there was stylist...
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5 Nov

Caroline Issa on the Decision That Turned Her Into a Street Style Star

Modern life means facing decisions again and again—from what to wear to how to address a problem at work, the need to check yes or no is never-ending. Most choices are of the humdrum variety, but some forever change everything that comes after. In a new series titled "All the Difference," we ask women to think back on a decision they made that affected everything. Caroline Issa is a known figure in the street style world, snapped at fashion weeks around the globe in outfits that are as unexpected and eye-catching as they are classic. And while her CV is up for the job—she's the fashion director of Tank magazine and regularly collaborates with fashion brands, sharing her styling skills with...
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18 Apr

How to Dress Like a Street Style Star

She's one of the most-snapped women in fashion, and a fixture on best-dressed lists everywhere. In addition to being a bona fide street style star, Caroline Issa is the chief executive and fashion director of London-based Tank magazine and its digital outlet Because. And that's just her day job. Issa launched her first-ever clothing line with Nordstrom; styled the Tod's fall runway show; and has managed to keep her 125k+ @caroissa Instagram followers baited with posts chronicling her fashionable life. What's appealing about Issa's innate sense of style is her emphasis on practicality and classic pieces with a twist. She has an appreciation for tailoring, and a penchant for playing with color and print. Plus, she knows the power of a...
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18 Mar

A Menswear Street Style Star Opens L.A.’s Coolest New Store

On an industrial stretch of Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles’s Culver City, with the Expo Line buzzing in the background, sits a new men’s concept shop that’s hoping to change the landscape. Conceived by former Bloomingdale’s men’s fashion director Josh Peskowitz, alongside partners Simon Golby and Christophe Desmaison, Magasin is a place where ideas come first and craftsmanship is a very close second. Or, as Peskowitz notes, the store translates old-school technique to new-school ideas. “The thing that is still desired and missing in a lot of ways is the filter—what’s the point of view?” Peskowitz said of the unique lens through which he and his partners, all menswear veterans, will present an edit of labels including Massimo Alba (“the...
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