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12 Oct

A Look at Spring 2018’s Attention-Grabbing Runways

Late one night, a friend trying to sell me on the benefits of mindfulness sends me a text—apparently, an acquaintance of hers recently lost 170 pounds and gained a promotion, a transformation he credits to repeating a mantra 10 times every morning in the mirror. I don’t believe her, but of course I want to know the mantra, and once she tells me, I can’t stop thinking about it: “Look at me.” It’s been a while since I commanded anyone to look at me. Once, getting dressed was something I did to stand out, and no print was too chaotic, no weird sartorial stone went unturned. There was a time, outside the Opening Ceremony show, when a street-style photographer took a...
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11 Oct

The Spring Breaker–Beloved Fringed Shirt Is Getting a Runway Revamp

Fringed vacation tees had a moment on the Spring ’18 runways. The cheeky T-shirt made its first cameo at Vaquera, where it came complete with a surf-style logo. In Milan, Marco de Vincenzo showed the style as a swishy fringed tunic with a digitized sunset graphic, and in Paris at Loewe, for a collection based on the “traveling woman,” Jonathan Anderson whipped one up and emblazoned it with the label’s logo. These designer incarnations aside, the shirts have humble beginnings. Souvenirs often bought at beach stalls and worn by spring breakers, fringed tees make for easy—and cheap—cover-ups. They’re also beloved by the DIY contingent, if Pinterest is anything to go by. (One tie-dyed, party-ready shirt we came across has a description that...
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25 Sep

You Will Have Opinions About These Leveled-Up Flip Flops


While a podiatrist once ranked flip-flops the second-to-worst summer shoe (foot-health-wise) and any city-dweller can tell you wearing them on the street is basically asking for a staph infection, for spring, designers are like, "Hold my beer." That is their prerogative, but here, we've collected some souped-up examples—platforms! beading!—to help you form your own opinion on this most unlikely trend.


You will find that this slideshow is ordered by descending outlandishness with full-length shots, followed by closeups of the advertised leveled-up flip-flops. Here, we begin with Rihanna's take on the surfer-y Havaianas—but with a heel and a surfboard leash functioning as an ankle strap.

2 FENTY X PUMA Not that you asked, but...
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14 Sep

The Nails At Marc Jacobs Were Inspired By An Old, Overgrown Gel Mani


What's old is new again. In the case of the Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 show, that means an old gel manicure. Never one to shy away from a weird beauty moment, Marc Jacobs sent his models down the runway wearing a manicure that was meant to mimic the look of a grown-out gel manicure: glossy and shiny nails with a bit of noticeable blank space left down by the cuticle.

Cat-eyes and clementine-colored nails @marcjacobs by @diane.kendal and @jinsoonchoi on @cisforcarissa @dara._ and more. Hair by @guidopalau. #nyfw #marcjacobs
Amber Kallor(@amber.kallor)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 9월 13 오후 3:42 PDT

Jenna Rosenstein
Jenna Rosenstein
Not all the models even had their nails visible since many were styled wearing gloves or ultra-long sleeves (yes, for...
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13 Sep

Alice + Olivia Tapped 8 Female Artists To Recreate The Chelsea Hotel For Spring 2018

For Spring 2018, Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet created not only a collection, but an entire space made for women, by women. Inspired by New York's iconic Chelsea Hotel, where she conducted one of her first-ever photo-shoots, Bendet tapped seven female artists and one vocalist to design rooms in a reimagined modern-day version of the hotel. "I really wanted to collaborate with all different female artists and make this a moment where I could showcase their work too," Bendet told at the presentation today. "I had each of them design a different room that I then tied the clothing in the collection back to. It was pure passion—these are all artists that I love and I’ve known from different walks...
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4 Sep

Desigual Taps Jean-Paul Goude For Spring 2018


In a rather unexpected move this morning, the Spanish brand Desigual announced that it has tapped artist Jean-Paul Goude for a collaborative partnership in the Spring/Summer 2018 season.
Goude—the illustrious graphic designer/artist/photographer/director who is known for some of the most iconic images in fashion (like Carolina, above)—will be advising on every aspect of the brand’s image, including products and advertising. Some of the artwork released so far showcases Goude’s collage-like sensibilities, and hints to silhouettes that are short yet voluminous.
"Having been invited to be part of such an exciting project is as stimulating as it is intimidating", says Goude.


Though his takeover won’t be in effect until next year, fans will...
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29 Aug

Princess Diana Inspired Off-White’s Spring 2018 Collection


In July, Virgil Abloh―the man behind cult-favorite street-wear brand Off-White―revealed the inspiration for his spring 2018 collection. What could be next from a man who sent models down the runway in nipple-bearing, entirely transparent lace tops during his most recent fall 2017 show? Well, this time around, he's going decidedly more High Street than his fans might be used to: London High Street, that is. In an Instagram, the designer showed a sneak peek of his Princess Diana-covered mood board with the caption "one woman, 40 @off____white looks in the works come september":

" one woman, 40 @off____white looks in the works come september "
@virgilabloh님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 7월 26 오전 6:28 PDT

And today, Abloh gave us a first look at the invitations for the show, titled "Natural...
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25 Jul

Why Raf Simons–Inspired Rain Gear Is The Secret To Slick Summer Style

“A change in the weather is sufficient to re-create the world and ourselves,” the great memoirist Marcel Proust once opined, but did he dare share this aperçu with Oscar Wilde, who himself once observed, “Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative”? These two superstars actually met and had dinner in Paris at least once. In late 1891, Marcel invited Oscar to come over and eat supper with him and his parents. As the story goes, the two geniuses didn’t exactly get along—Wilde told the Proust family he thought their furniture was hideous, and the two literary legends never hung out again. But back to the weather! If Proust was sensitive to its crazy variations, and Wilde threw up...
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28 Jun

Alexander McQueen Transformed a Rug Into a Coat For Spring 2018

Alexander McQueen, led under the direction of Sarah Burton since McQueen's passing, has always pushed the envelope for women's fashion. And now, the brand is ready to align its menswear collection on that same creative front. Over the weekend, the fashion house debuted a menswear show at Paris Men's Fashion Week for the first time. The Spring 2018 collection featured red leather, silk fringe, florals and scalloped details. Proving to be the most boundary-breaking, however, was a coat that Burton made from an actual rug. Yes, a rug. For the design, Burton turned the rug from McQueen's Spring 2017 women's runway inside-out for a distressed, colorful men's evening coat. The end result was a frayed but polished outerwear piece that made for the ultimate...
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