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20 Apr

WTH Is Zara Selling a Skirt Featuring a Pepe the Frog Look-alike?

Every couple of months, like clockwork, a mass retailer does something so blatantly clumsy that you almost have to wonder whether it was actually intentional. The latest gaffe comes courtesy of Zara in the form a denim skirt that's being criticized for featuring an embroidery that closely resembles Pepe the Frog, a meme that's been appropriated by hate groups. The skirt in question features two frogs: one in the same green shade as Pepe, and one a mirror image in a darker green hue. Both share Pepe's characteristic thin red lips and bulging eyes, which are obscured by sunglasses. Every couple of months, like clockwork, a mass retailer does something so blatantly clumsy that you almost have to wonder whether it was...
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14 Apr

‘Bare Butt Jeans’ Are a Thing, and We Don’t Know How to Feel

Just when it seemed like 2017's denim trends couldn't get any more out of control (looking at you, "clear knee" jeans), Vetements introduced the craziest new look yet: bare butt jeans. In case you were wondering, it is exactly what it sounds like — jeans that show off your butt or whatever cute underwear you have on underneath. On Wednesday, the French fashion brand shared a sneak peek at its upcoming Vetements x Levis collaboration by way of an Instagram picture of the questionable-looking denim pants. From the photo, it looks like there are zippers down the backs of the jeans's legs, as well as one smack-dab on the back-center seam, which leaves the wearer with a bare booty and a...
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9 Mar

Kristen Stewart Shaved Her Head and Dyed It Platinum

Kristen Stewart, is that you? That might be your first reaction to seeing the actress after taking one glance at the red carpet photos of Stewart at the premiere of her new film Personal Shopper. Stewart arrived at the event looking nearly unrecognizable with a shaved head dyed bleached blonde. While the extreme change is exactly that, extreme, Stewart pulled it off with major confidence, making the haircut look like something she's had for ages. Although, just as recently as the day before, March 6, she appeared in Los Angeles with her brunette roots and a short haircut. While promoting her upcoming spooky film about a personal shopper for a celebrity in Paris, which debuts March 10, Stewart unveiled her freshly...
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24 Feb

Lush’s Donald Trump-Inspired Hair Product Is Coming And It’s Going to Be Yuge

In the wake of the 2016 election, fashion, beauty, and politics have become increasingly intertwined. Now, Lush's Donald Trump-inspired hair products are making waves. It's more of a product than a statement, a hair treatment inspired by the President. And like everything else produced by Lush, it's done with a glaring wink. Dubbed Yuge, after the way Trump says "huge", the treatment won't give you hair like the president—instead, it will do you one better. It's being billed as a volumizing hair mask composed of more than 10 percent sea salt. Enzymatic pineapple will cleanse your scalp, and a blend of jojoba oil, olive oil and honey will make your hair smooth and soft. While it has little to do with Trump's...
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7 Feb

Lorac Is Launching a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Makeup Collection: Super Bowl 51

With all the Potter- and Hunger Games-beauty merch invading our lives, we're not surprised that the trend of fairytales inspiring cosmetic collections isn't stopping any time soon. Case in point? Lorac is launching a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' makeup collection, according to an Instagram post published last night by the beauty brand. Naturally, the most coveted item of the collection was teased: the palette, in the form of a twinkly cinema-graph. (Here are all the other best spring palettes, BTW.) "Who is tuned in [sic] to the #superbowl today?! We are thrilled to announce #LORAC will be heading to the high seas with @disneystudios," Lorac Cosmetics captioned their Insta post. "The trailer premiere has us feeling giddy already! So excited to...
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