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20 Apr

How Urban Outfitters Is Navigating a Rocky Retail Scene

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The Urban Outfitters concept shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, known as Space Ninety8, was bustling on a recent Saturday afternoon. It was an unseasonably warm day, and small groups of young women, having finished their brunches at nearby faux diners and French-bistro style restaurants, moved in packs among the clothes that hinted at spring: light floral dresses, faded high-waisted jeans, and cropped wide-leg pants. It smelled vaguely herbaceous inside, like a dorm room of someone who really liked patchouli, and it hummed with the energy of youthful possibility — the exact mood the brand tries bottle and sell to its young fans in the form of graphic tees and clogs. “I didn’t even know this was an Urban,” said Alexis Ravello, a...
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