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10 Aug

This Is The Hot European City All Your Cool Friends Are Talking About

This seems to be the summer of Portugal. A small country hugging the west coast of Europe, Portugal always fell well below France, Spain, and Italy of my European adventure list. But, in the past six months, I’ve heard its name many times over; so, when given the opportunity for a quick trip came my way, I was excited to experience this much-buzzed-about country for myself. I always prefer to travel to a spot that's a little off-the-beaten path, so I was excited to visit the city of Porto. What I discovered upon arrival was a port town full of natural beauty, strong and delicious wine, and kind people. It turned out that my favorite parts of Porto were accessible to those...
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16 Jan

Where To Stay, Eat, And Drink In Lisbon


Behold Lisbon, awash in color and pulsing with passion. The central neighborhoods—no matter which you choose—are guaranteed to be charming, ornate, and several hundred years old, even with the "newer" ones built after the earthquake of 1755. Here's your easy as pie guide if you find yourself in Portugal's capital city, where the locals are friendly and unnaturally good-looking.

Where to Stay Palácio Belmonte—a favorite of Christian Louboutin's and other Hollywood A-listers (the staff is very discreet)—is a fifteenth-century palace with 10 suites, each featuring their own warren of secret turrets and terraces. The oldest tower dates back 138 B.C., no big deal. I stayed in the frescoed Ricardo suite overlooking the Alfama district's medieval churches and the...
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