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10 Nov

The Collage Artist Redefining The Idea Of Analogue

Imagery by Piotr Krzymowski, courtesy of Magda Butrym

Piotr Krzymowski's work explores the temporal nature of Polish film posters, post-internet culture and, in a new collaboration with designer Magda Butrym, Spring/Summer 2018 fashion.

Who? London-based Polish artist Piotr Krzymowski is a Central Saint Martins graduate with a multifaceted approach to fine art. Riffing off found materials – from old fashion photographs to strips of used film, newspaper cuttings, Polish film posters and video footage – and analogising elements of the digital world, Krzymowski is well versed in the repurposing of material. “One of the words I use to describe my work is ‘revisiting’,” he explains. “So I like to think of myself as an artist who revisits both contemporary and archival material and gives it new life and new importance by putting...
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