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25 Oct

How I Fell Back In Love With An Old Perfume

If "what is your strongest scent memory?" was a category on Family Feud, the number one answer would probably be "my mother's perfume." It's the anecdote you hear time and time again. But while I certainly remember my mom's signature scent—it was Cartier in my childhood and heavy on the vanilla—it's my own perfumes of years' past that instantly transport me back in time. After all, I've had quite the love affair with fragrance—and the collection to prove it. The first perfume I ever had was Cacharel's Anais Anais, which was released in 1978 and smelled like it. But oh how I loved that bottle. It was tiny and short, ivory-and-pink, and covered in girlish flowers. Although I never liked the powdery scent, I...
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1 Sep

Tom Ford’s New Fragrance Is Called Fucking Fabulous, Because Of Course It Is

Courtesy of Tom Ford

The scent will drop after his runway show in September.

In beauty news that surprises absolutely no one, Tom Ford is releasing a new fragrance simply called Fucking Fabulous. Yes, that is the real name.

Courtesy of Tom Ford
Courtesy of Tom Ford
The limited edition fragrance is debuting at Ford's spring/summer 2018 runway show in New York on September 6th, and will be exclusively available the next day in Tom Ford boutiques and on The key notes are almond bitter oil, tonka resinoid, orris accord, cashmeran, leather accord, and clary sage oil—which sounds like Fucking Fabulous will be another sexy, earthy, and bold scent from the master of such things. All that bravado comes at a hefty price: $310 for 50ml and $495 for...
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29 Aug

Imaginary Best Friend Kate Moss Is Obsessed With Secret Gardens And ‘Gilmore Girls’


Kate Moss's ascent to supermodel stardom began in 1993 with Calvin Klein Obsession, a fragrance that traffics in the singular feeling of infatuation. Rather than replicate young romance in a studio, Klein sent an 18-year-old Moss and then boyfriend, 20-year-old photographer Mario Sorrenti, to Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands for 10 days. The couple returned from their trip with hundreds of black and white images, the making of one of Calvin Klein's most iconic campaigns to date.

"I would take pictures of her all of the time, and sometimes it drove her crazy, and other times she loved to be part of it. We had really good times. We were young, and I was...
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21 Aug

Le Labo’s Rare “City” Scents Will Be Available Worldwide For 1 Month Only

In our hyper-globalized, digitized, and increasingly connected world, the idea of going to a store to pick up pretty much anything, from grocery items to fall wardrobe staples, seems like an analog endeavor. There are apps, same-day messenger services, and overnight international delivery options for that. But these modes of convenient consumption have just made the in-store exclusive that much more coveted, a retail tactic that Soho’s Le Labo perfumery is plenty familiar with. The fan-favorite niche fragrance house, known for compounding and pouring its 15 über-original perfume blends on-site, has a second collection of “city exclusive” scents that are sold only at their 11 international retail outlets. You may have heard of them as one hears of urban legends—a gaiac wood scent...
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11 Aug

10 Tuberose Perfumes That Are Full Of Personality


Tuberose is the most classic scent there is, its heady notes can act as a strong and seductive fragrance heart, or as delicate and elegant top notes.

Wherever tuberose sits at the base of these perfumes or embraces the amplitude of the fragrance, you're certain to find a bottle full of personality.

Here are our top 10 tuberose perfumes:

Diptyque's Do Son Eau de Parfum


Top notes: Orange blossom from Morocco and galbanum
Heart notes: Tuberose, Moroccan iris, Turkish rose and Egyptian jasmine
Base notes: Amberwood, benzoin and white musk

Shop: Do Son Eau de Parfum 75ml, £105, Diptyque

Byredo's Flowerhead Eau de Parfum

Top notes: Angelica seeds, Sicilian lemon and lingonberry Heart notes: Wild jasmine sambac, dewy tuberose and rose petals Base notes: Fresh amber and suede Shop: Flowerhead Eau...
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10 Aug

Dakota Johnson, Hari Nef And Petra Collins Star In Gucci’s Dreamy New Fragrance Campaign

Dakota Johnson, Hari Nef and Petra Collins for Gucci Bloom. Photo: Glen Luchford/Gucci

Bloom serves as Alessandro Michele's first women's scent for the label.

After much anticipation following a New York City launch event back in May, the campaign for Gucci Bloom, Alessandro Michele's first women's scent for the label, is finally here — and damn, does it deliver. The series of dreamy photos, which the Italian house rolled out on Instagram on Tuesday, depict Dakota Johnson, Hari Nef and Petra Collins (What. A. Trio.) standing serenely in a lush garden and wearing head-to-toe Gucci florals, of course. The campaign, photographed by Gucci favorite Glen Luchford in New York City, was inspired by "urbanity and how scent can be a way to travel somewhere that does not exist, that is purely imagined," according to a statement from Michele. "It's a surreal idea of wearing a garden." In...
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18 May

5 Hair Perfumes You Need for a Sweet Smelling Spring


Whether you’re a Bumble and Bumble or Kiehl’s shampoo type of gal, getting a whiff of your fragrant locks post-shower is positively heavenly. If only you could bottle that deliciousness up and take it with you throughout your day… that would be ah-mazing, amiright? Actually, you can! If you haven’t tried a hair perfume yet, it’s time to up your game. Prepare to discover your new signature strand scent with one of these buys. From citrus to pistachio, here are a few hair fragrances you’ll want to get on your locks ASAP.

1. Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Citron et Menthe ($20): You’ll love the hints of lemon and mint in this spritz. And as a bonus, the mist helps fight frizz and...
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27 Apr

How To Wear The Right Perfume For Your Skin Type


Orange blossoms and the scent of ocean waves anchored in warm tropical coconut oil.
We’re all aware of the importance of picking the right skincare for your skin type, and the right clothes for your body shape, but have you ever thought about matching your fragrance to your skin type? The type of skin you have on your face stays largely the same for the rest of your body. The larger pores and more active sebum glands that characterise oily skin are found on the body as well as the face. In the same way, dryness or sensitivity are rarely limited to just the face. So when picking your signature scent, take your skin into consideration! Along with your diet, hormones, skin chemistry, microbiome, and body temperature, the type of skin you have also plays a...
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6 Jan

The Simple Elegance of Linda Rodin’s Namesake Beauty Brand

Who? Those familiar with our particular proclivities at AnOther Magazine will be au fait with Linda Rodin – a woman whose approach to self-presentation and cosmetics alike have firmly established her as one of our favourites. 67 years old and almost impossibly chic, the former model-slash-stylist's namesake skincare line, Rodin Olio Lusso, is as remarkably appealing as she is herself. A simple series of oil-based products which not only come in our favourite packaging but work with impressive vigour, Rodin explains that “my tag line is 'there is beauty in simplicity,” and thus, each incarnation exists without all of the bizarre bells and whistles that are so often extraneous to a product's efficacy. “I only make products that I personally want, need and use,” she says. Essentially, it's an...
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