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30 Nov

Paris Hilton Is Launching A Skin-Care Product — & It’s SO Paris

You might've thought Paris Hilton peaked in the early 2000s in the era of dangly belly button rings and fashionable Uggs — but you'd be mistaken. The reality TV star/heiress/model/musician has been quietly building up her empire — with a massively successful fragrance and makeup business as well as a DJ schedule that finds her in a different club every night. And it looks like Hilton is ready to add one more line to her long resume: skin-care entrepreneur. But if you think she's about to push out a clinical line of retinol creams or glass jars filled with essential oils, remember this is Paris Hilton we're talking about. No, the L.A. princess is hitting the scene with — wait for it — Unicorn Mist,...
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30 Aug

Paris Hilton Got Her Hair Braided, So She Must Be at Burning Man: The Best Instagrams to Emerge So Far

The annual Burning Man festival, which sees the construction of a small tent-opolis in Nevada's Black Rock Desert each year, got underway Sunday, bringing out devotees of the bacchanal—self-described "Burners"—clad in the usual Barbie-meets-Mad Max fantasy looks. (After all, the festival even offers a custom tailoring table for any inevitable wardrobe malfunctions.) For the uninitiated, the festival, which was founded in 1986, has garnered a reputation as a hedonistic spectacle for prominent Hollywood and Silicon Valley figures, a weeklong spirit quest of sorts during which participants make "theme camps" in the temporary Black Rock City. (This year's themes include such heady titles as ")*(Aloha = H'Aloha," "404: Village Not Found," and ""#Octothorpe.") It has earned so much cult appeal that its attendees...
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5 May

Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters Is Exactly What Your Inner Paris Hilton Needs

Who could ever forget about those velour trackpants that nearly every star (from Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian) wore during the early 2000s? Well, prepare to see more folks sporting the word 'Juicy' across their butts because Juicy Couture has teamed up with Urban Outfitters again for an epic collaboration. Starting May 1, you can shop the new Juicy x UO designs in stores and online. On the lineup you'll find trendy cropped hoodies and sweatshirt dresses embellished with clever sayings and Juicy Couture's logo. And just in case you were wondering—yes, there are rhinestone-encrusted designs, too. It's hard not to fall in love with this nostalgic line—especially with its affordable tags. The prices start at $28 and max out at $169....
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14 Dec

Who Is The Real Paris Hilton?


Perched in a makeup chair wearing her signature Juicy Couture tracksuit in cherry red, Paris Hilton is flicking through Success magazine—'Build Your Empire,' reads a cover line—with a pile of old Forbescopies stacked next to her. She carefully peels two hydrating under-eye masks from her face, picks up a book titled 100 Things Successful People Do, and grabs a pink highlighter from her handbag. She flashes the book's cover at someone from her content strategy team, who snaps a photo for Instagram. "Did you get a good one?" she asks, smiling.

Marc Jacobs dress, $1,800,
Marc Jacobs dress, $1,800,
It's an expertly-crafted image, one the 35-year-old has been finessing over the last couple of years after a stint in Switzerland with her Zurich-based millionaire ex-boyfriend,...
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4 Nov

KENDALL Jenner Channels Paris Hilton With Her 21st Birthday Ensemble.


Happy Birthday, Kendall Jenner! The Instamodel celebrated her 21st birthday (officially Thursday, Nov. 3) on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, complete with her closest friends and a MirMir photo booth. Of course, the birthday girl had to wear a standout look for the special occasion, and a slinky mini dress made from Swarovski crystals definitely did the trick.

The outfit is one-of-a-kind, and custom-made by LaBourjoisie, reports WWD, in collaboration with stylist Monica Rose. People also reported that the dress took seven days to produce and, if ever it were to be sold, would cost $9,000. Casual.

😍 happy birthday #kendalljenner
labourjoisie لابورجوازي(@labourjoisie)님이 게시한 동영상님, 2016 11월 3 오전 5:47 PDT

Though the designer Antoine Salameh, who has also dressed sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, told WWD that the look was inspired by the...
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