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14 Dec

10 Fashion Brands We’re Really Excited About


The general standards for 2017 have been set remarkably low, but it is when we reach our lowest point that we are open to the greatest change. (Please let this quote from a children's television program be true.) In other words, not everything's gone to sh*t—take the fashion industry/your style game, which is going to be propelled to new heights next year by these 10 brands. We'll be following closely.


Marques Almeida(@marques_almeida)님이 게시한 동영상님, 2016 12월 9 오전 10:46 PST

If I could own any look from 2016, it would 100 percent be this MA look, built for party girls and baked potatoes alike. That is our shared aesthetic, which is sporty and frilly, hard and soft, and ugly and...
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