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11 Oct

These Insanely Pretty Mermaid Lashes Are About To Take Over Your Insta Feed


In case you've missed it, it's officially the year of mythical-creature beauty, namely in the form of mermaids. We're talkin' oceanic mermaid hair, glitter-flecked mermaid makeup, rhinestone-studded mermaid nails, and, just when you thought you couldn't try the trend on any other part of your body, the internet has brought forth mermaid eyelashes. Yup.

If your first thought was, "Hey, I didn't know mermaids had lashes! I didn't know mermaids were real at all!" Then yeah, we're right there with you. But according to our social feeds, these multi-colored eyelashes are an accurate representation of mermaid eyes, in all of their colorful, rainbow-level, ombré glory. And yes, they're officially trending.

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