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10 Nov

The Collage Artist Redefining The Idea Of Analogue

Imagery by Piotr Krzymowski, courtesy of Magda Butrym

Piotr Krzymowski's work explores the temporal nature of Polish film posters, post-internet culture and, in a new collaboration with designer Magda Butrym, Spring/Summer 2018 fashion.

Who? London-based Polish artist Piotr Krzymowski is a Central Saint Martins graduate with a multifaceted approach to fine art. Riffing off found materials – from old fashion photographs to strips of used film, newspaper cuttings, Polish film posters and video footage – and analogising elements of the digital world, Krzymowski is well versed in the repurposing of material. “One of the words I use to describe my work is ‘revisiting’,” he explains. “So I like to think of myself as an artist who revisits both contemporary and archival material and gives it new life and new importance by putting...
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14 Oct

Fashion’s Favorite New Designer Created a Jewelry Line

In the realm of young designers who have entered the fashion stage to almost instant recognition—and tons of Insta play—Magda Butrym is a name to know. The Polish designer mixes ultra-feminine florals with unexpected edge—see: a moto jacket inspired mini skirt from her Spring 2017 collection. The blogger set, retailers and magazines seem to be equally enamored with Butrym—who looks like she could be one of those aforementioned bloggers. And now the designer is adding jewelry to her repertoire for Spring 2017, available for purchase now. The 12-piece range is a little flashy, a little '90s and very statement making— including bow tie blingy chokers, gold plated earrings and a rhodium-plated ring and arm band, the perfect accoutrement for Burtym's...
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23 Mar

Thanks To This New Designer We’ll All Be Romantic Punks

At the risk of getting all new-agey, sometimes it can feel like the universe is trying to show you something—or maybe it's just the power of social media. I saw a couple of bloggers in some cool florals on the 'gram—I'm a sucker for a floral that somehow looks edgy—then I did a search on where to buy those pieces, then I received a pitch about the designer whose name I'd mentally filed somewhere. Cut to Paris Fashion Week, where I finally stole off for a few minutes to preview Magda Butrym's Fall collection, and it all came together. Butrym is just four collections in and seems to be hitting on where fashion's heart is currently beating—with an eye for...
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