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20 Apr

3 Ways to Bring the Super Trendy Modern Farmhouse Trend to Your Home


If you’re looking for a way to update your home, the modern farmhouse decor trend has a totally relaxing and inviting vibe. And since the style borrows all the best trends from the past years by blending touches of rustic chic, a bit of minimalism, and even a dash of cozy hyggegoodness, the end result is one fresh, sophisticated look. This week’s edition of Decor Resolutions will show you how to give the modern farmhouse trend a twist, whether you’re more of a boho-chic gal, crave a more modern minimalist space, or are all about those rustic textures. Best of all? No actual farm work required.


Boho and farmhouse seem to go hand-in-hand, really. Just...
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15 Mar

Why the Most Underrated Fashion Accessory Is Your Cell Phone Case

The most stressful part of getting a new smartphone isn't when it'll ship or transferring all your data. It's choosing which phone case will make the cut to tell the world you have a new phone and that you're a new person because of it. When I bought my iPhone 6S, I went with a dark pink glitter case. To me, it says responsible but likes to have fun. To others, it hopefully sparkles on the bus and makes them think that I'm really cool (a girl can dream, all right?). Gone are the days of being only able to choose a case that clips onto your belt (aka the case beloved by dads everywhere). Today, it's all about cases with...
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20 Feb

Best Picks from Etsy’s New Kitchen + Dining Lookbook

Shopping on Etsy can be both fun AND a challenge: You can find everything there from weird wedding cake toppers to colorful holiday decor and beauty essentials. The only downside is that it can take intensive searching to find the really good stuff. Fortunately, Etsy decided to create a Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook that promises to guide you to some of the best, most trendy finds for the year. Scroll down to check out a few of our fave picks from the collection, then head over to Etsy to see the rest of the lookbook. KITCHEN AND DINING LOOKBOOK Make your kitchen and dining spaces a little more organized and colorful with these cute (but essential) decor picks. It will feel inviting with eye-catchers like a ceramic serving...
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