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11 Jan

The 6 Most Stylish Kids On Instagram


Whether inspired by their parents or dictating their own style, these fashionable kids have a thing or two to teach the grown-ups. From little Zuri to twins Stella and Blaise and Coco Pink Princess with a casual 457 000 followers, we take a look at the six junior influencers making Instagram their playground.

⭐️Child Model⭐️(@____zuri)님의 공유 게시물님, 2018 1월 7 3:37오후 PST

Zuri, 15,100 followers

With her 1990s inspired style, Zuri shares her vibrant looks with accompanying quotes to thousands of followers. From a sheepskin coat to a Supreme fanny pack and Perfecto biker jacket, the young star has already developed her own style, inspired by the greats.

Luisa Fernanda Espinosa(@luisafere)님의 공유 게시물님, 2016 12월 14 12:12오후 PST

Alonso Matteo, 617,000 followers @luisafere Used to standing in...
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10 Jul

Why Penelope Disick Is a Criminally Underrated Child Style Icon


Asked to name the youngest generation of the Kardashian-Jenners, you might go, "Easy. There's North and Saint and, um, Grand Marshal, maybe? Oh, and that one who fell and got made into a meme?" You monster—that munchkin who got doored is Penelope Disick, who is perhaps, quietly, the greatest and chicest of them all. In honor of her birthday, the case for Penelope here.


Some sheerness and patent boots make black on a toddler look not morbid. Also, accessorizing with a smoothie—need to start doing that. *Also* also, the cross-body bag memorandum does not apply to her.


Another day, another juice. Another purse. A pink sweater. All very nice, very cute.

[vc_single_image image="57585"...
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23 Mar

The Best Seoul Fashion Week Picture Is A Tiny Gang of Toddlers

Photo: Alex Finch for Vogue Runway

When it comes to fashion street style, each city offers a different perspective. New York flaunts the best mix of streetwear-inspired looks, Paris is known for taking luxury to the next level, Milan's menswear is only rivaled by London. But when it comes to Seoul Fashion Week, the kids take the cake every season.

This time around, the kids that stole the show dressed in head-to-toe ensembles that took cues from a mix of early hip-hop and current streetwear trends. Chunky chain necklaces, bomber jackets, and acid wash denim has never looked cuter. Their looks were so good featured the kiddies as the first image of Seoul's fashion week coverage. We couldn't have asked for a better street style takeover.

Photo: Alex Finch for Vogue Runway
Photo: Alex Finch for Vogue Runway
[vc_single_image image="15765" img_size="large" add_caption="yes"...
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8 Jul

Why Are These Five-Year-Olds Are Taking Over the Fashion World?

Kids in fashion world
Our latest style icons aren't sitting front row at designer shows or walking red carpets in haute couture. In fact, some are still learning how to walk at all. We're talking about the stylish kids in the single-digit age range who have been blowing up on social media in recent months, judging by the upwards of 100,000 Instagram followers some of them have. It seems we can't get enough of these fashionistas in all of their pint-sized glory — and in doing so, we've elevated them to a status usually reserved for adults. A modern social media obsession: The fixation over kid's clothes has been brewing for a few years, with Tumblrs, blogs and countless photos across social media dedicated to fashion-forward youth. On Instagram, you...
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