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21 Dec

The Modern, Sculptural Jewellery Brand You Need To Know

Photography by Juliette Cassidy, Styling by Pau Avia

With ornate beadwork, dynamic forms and a Japanese psychedelic influence, URiBE presents a new collection for a powerful woman

Who is it? London-based jewellery brand URiBE
Why do I want it? Modern, sculptural and dynamic pieces which team colourful beadwork with contemporary references
Where can I buy it? In URiBE’s online store, and in shops around the world

Who is it? When URiBE was first founded by jewellery designer and creative director duo Tiffany and Sion Philips almost four years ago, it was with a modern woman in mind. As such, beautiful beadwork, contemporary references and a sculptural element have always been central tenets of the brand’s DNA; these are pieces which feel bold and memorable, and look as strong left on a bedside table...
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10 Nov

The Collage Artist Redefining The Idea Of Analogue

Imagery by Piotr Krzymowski, courtesy of Magda Butrym

Piotr Krzymowski's work explores the temporal nature of Polish film posters, post-internet culture and, in a new collaboration with designer Magda Butrym, Spring/Summer 2018 fashion.

Who? London-based Polish artist Piotr Krzymowski is a Central Saint Martins graduate with a multifaceted approach to fine art. Riffing off found materials – from old fashion photographs to strips of used film, newspaper cuttings, Polish film posters and video footage – and analogising elements of the digital world, Krzymowski is well versed in the repurposing of material. “One of the words I use to describe my work is ‘revisiting’,” he explains. “So I like to think of myself as an artist who revisits both contemporary and archival material and gives it new life and new importance by putting...
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16 Jun

The Right Way To Clean All Your Jewellery


Jewellery – whether it’s a beloved ring, a lavish necklace, or a fierce bracelet – often looks and feels so good, it can be tempting to wear them all the time! Especially with sentimental pieces like engagement or wedding rings that you’ll never want to take off. So it’s important (and not to mention hygienic) to keep your precious jewellery clean, but how?When it comes to cleaning jewellery of all sorts, you can never go wrong with a mild soap and soft, cotton cloth. But each metal has its own unique characteristics that respond well to different cleaning methods to bring out their best features!


As a soft metal, gold (especially at lower carats) is easily scratched,...
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5 Jun

The Jewelry Brands You Need to Be Following on Instagram


Two of our major life obsessions? Jewelry and Instagram. And what's even better? Jewelry on Instagram. Visual and shopping inspiration in one fell swipe—yes, please. On that note, we've plumbed our feeds to find some of the best emerging jewelry designer accounts that you simply MUST follow. Scroll down for our favorites, below.



@afraamba is the epitome of cool. If you love multiple piercings, for one, this brand—which makes earring stacking an art—is for you.



@retrouvai is a one-stop shop for those in pursuit of vintage-inspired pieces with a modern feel.

3. ALIGHIERI @alighieri is named after the 14th-century Italian poet Dante...
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18 May

Jewellery Inspired by Kate Moss’ Most Treasured Possessions

Kate Moss and Ara Vartanian first met five years ago, when the super visited the brilliant jewellery designer at his studio in São Paulo after falling in love with a tanzanite and diamond ring of his she had seen in a store. They didn’t have it in her size, so she commissioned a custom ring direct, and has championed his cool and contemporary bijoux ever since. Close friends, the pair holiday together and Moss is even godmother to Vartanian’s daughter. Given their shared love of jewels, the decision to collaborate on a collection seems almost predestined. It all began when Moss noticed a mandala – a circular figure believed to represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism – Vartanian...
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2 Dec

5 Under-$150 Earrings That Will Make You Look Like a Million Bucks


Here’s a feat: getting holiday-ready without breaking the bank. Here’s another: getting holiday-ready without breaking the bank AND still looking ridiculously expensive. It’s a true Herculean challenge, but we know you’re never one to back down. In terms of looking like a million bucks, topping off your look with a pair of glimmering gold earrings adds instant glamour to any outfit. From asymmetric studs to offbeat hoops, shop our favorite under-$150 sculptural earrings below, so you can ring in the big holidays without dishing out the big bucks.



A game-changing twist on the classic hoop earring.
Faris available at | $125


2. ROBERT LEE MORRIS Pair these sculptural gold earrings with a...
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30 Nov

Cartier’s Iconic Love Bracelet Got a Brand New Makeover

Remember when everyone was obsessed with Cartier's Love bracelet—the must-have piece of jewelry that dominated all arm-party stacks for years? The one that symbolized TRUE EVERLASTING LOVE, because it required your significant other to permanently secure it in place with a screwdriver? (Its creator Aldo Cipullo called it "modern love handcuffs" for a reason.) Oh wait, people are still obsessed. And now, we're anticipating that obsession to double or even triple, because the luxury jewelry brand has released the newest version of the Love bracelet. In the next phase of the design's evolution (one that dates back to 1969, we might add) arrives a derivative that shares all the same design codes we know and love, like the oval (to fit...
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28 Nov

This Is The Most Googled Piece Of Juwelry In The World


According to a new report, the Cartier Love Bangle is the most searched-for jewelry item in the world, receiving over 350,000 Google searches per month.
The report – which was undertaken by a company called Karus Chains – ranks Cartier's bracelet at the top of the table with a staggering number of monthly searches. Next on the list is a Tiffany engagement ring, followed by the brand's heart necklace and in fourth place, Swarovski's crystal earrings.

Julianne Moore wearing a Cartier Love Bangle on the red carpet There's little surprise Cartier's Love Bangle is so sought-after, it being such a hit with a number of celebrities. Alongside Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker who are often spotted...
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16 Nov

The Designer Inspired by Introspection and Intimacy

Why did Andy Warhol wear a diamond necklace under those black turtleneck jumpers? To feel beautiful on the inside – or at least to feel beautiful for himself. Such an introspective sense of pleasure, which prioritises one’s own sybaritic sensuality over the public-facing exterior, is exactly the kind of thing that one would expect Alice Waese, a New York-based fashion and jewellery designer, to appreciate. Waese’s Spring/Summer '17 collection takes its cue from the essence of introspection; a subconscious projection of the designer’s own mind. “I had a dream about this bear that had an eye in its stomach,” she explains on the phone from her studio in Brooklyn. “I woke up and drew it, and that became the starting...
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31 Oct

Unique Jewellery By Sarah & Sebastian


Sarah & Sebastian is an Australian jewellery label that was launched back in 2011 by collaborators Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki. Their modern, simplistic jewellery is all hand made to order in Australia, and features unique, minimal designs that are beautifully delicate and of top quality. Our personal favourites include their surreal face designs, made from solid gold and can be found across the range of their products – but to us, the long face earring (pictured below) really stands out as a piece you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. You can find the complete range of their products via the brand’s website or a selected collection over on Net-a-Porter. See our top picks below:

[vc_gallery type="image_grid"...
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