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22 May

“Hygge” Is Taking Over Summer Makeup Trends, Too

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Fuzzy socks, crackling fires, piping hot cocoa, soft sweaters — what do all these things have in common? They all fit snuggly into the Danish concept of "hygge," (pronounced hoo-guh), which translates to coziness, comfort, and general conviviality. And they're probably the last thing you want near you when the temperatures rise above 80 degrees. But you can have Hygge in the summer too, says Ole Henriksen, the Denmark-born founder of the synonymous skin-care line. "You sit on your terrace or balcony and create the same environment," he says. For us, we're holding on to Hygge in our beauty routines. First it was with our hair (which is still going strong) and now our makeup is decidedly moving toward the warmer...
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22 May

Kylie Jenner Is Now Rocking a Pixie Cut — and She Looks JUST Like Kris


Kylie Jenner is something of a hair chameleon. She's constantly changing her look, experimenting with not only the color, but also the length and texture. She's done a short blonde bob, long luxurious waves, a blue lob, and has even dyed her hair twice in 48 hours for Coachella. Though most of these looks are courtesy of wigs and extensions, Jenner has also revealed what her natural hair looks like, which is apparently to her shoulders. In a recent Instagram post, Kylie just tried out the shortest look we've seen yet, and she bears such a strong resemblance to her mom in the photo it's actually shocking.

Kylie(@kyliejenner)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 5월 19 오전 11:22 PDT

The striking black and white image,...
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18 May

The Instagram Accounts Calling out Fashion’s Copy Cats

Fashion’s favourite social media platform (Instagram of course) has become the perfect opportunity to call out designers who have been more than inspired by another brand’s previous work. Gucci was recently on the receiving end of some Insta-controversy and a few months ago Alexander Wang threw some serious shade by posting an amusing meme aimed at Philipp Plein for his latest copycat catwalk show. However, the sassiest and most dedicated account to the cause has to be @diet_prada. The anonymous ‘grammer does not hold back, with strikingly similar designs displayed side by side and the most “claws out” captions on our feed. Combative posts include almost identical designs from Erdem, Mulberry, Tom Ford and Saint Laurent to name but a few, along with a bucket...
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17 May

A Beautiful Instagram Feed Is Just a Few Taps Away!


All you need to do is learn the best smartphone editing secrets from photographer and social media darling, Nanette Wong, to cultivate a stunning Instagram feed. In our NEWEST online class, HOW TO USE PHOTO EDITING APPS LIKE A PRO, you’ll learn how a pro photographer enhances photos using five popular apps: VSCO Cam, Snapseed, Polarr, A Color Story, and Priime.
In just under an hour, you’ll get insider details into why Nanette uses certain apps over others and how to navigate each app to get the best results. The outcome will be awesome photos you’ll be SO excited to share!

The image above is an example of a photo that Nanette edits during the class. You’ll learn how...
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16 May

The 10 Best Beauty Instagrams Of The Week

Relaxation was still at the center of this week’s beauty Instagrams, with the best square-cropped snaps featuring tranquil vistas, spa-ready ensembles, and updated takes on tried-and-true routines. Bella Hadid took a break from reality in a tropical locale, reminding followers of the looming season of bikinis with a bronze physique primed for beach days. The Tuscan city of Florence found Suki Waterhouse appraising the view from a picturesque perch, her baby blonde strands secured in a bouffant that, when accompanied by a flick of onyx pigment and a lush lash line, brought to mind a modern Bardot. An arch of cerulean eyeliner afforded Ruby Aldridge’s lounge look a dose of whimsy—a feeling furthered by a duo of brunette buns—while Gwyneth Paltrow...
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10 May

4 Instagram Makeup Artists Championing Alternative Beauty


Julia Horner  | @claropsyche
Tennessee native Julia Horner is a true Instagram beauty sensation.  Scrolling through her feed is something like looking through a kaleidoscope- you’ll be hit with intricate brush strokes in every colour of the rainbow. She’s known for finely painting slithering snakes around the eyes, or mimicking the unmistakable looks of Ziggy Stardust or Grace Jones.  Her beauty looks could be described as a modern twist on glam rock beauty with a dash of anime for good measure.

Matières Fécales | @matieresfecales Matieresfecales is not your everyday beauty account.  Indeed, the collective’s Instagram name is French for fecal matter, a bold, if not off-putting, moniker.  Meant to weed out those would follow their account passively, the...
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10 May

Yellow Blush Is The Latest Mystifying Instagram Trend


Rihanna's Met Gala beauty look was a bold reminder that blush can do very cool things to the face in drop-dead-gorgeous fashion. But these days—with no-makeup makeup and an extreme Instagram highlight on either end of the trend spectrum—blush can, sadly, get lost in the mix. That's why we're fully here for an unorthodox new look gaining traction: Yellow blush.

So I finally did the yellow blush and I LOVE IT! 🐥✨🍋💛I used @nevecosmetics eyeshadow Banana. Now I want to try a thousand other non-conventional shades for blush 😍
💗 Tova Tomiko(@tomikosbeauty)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 1월 4 오전 7:45 PST

While rouge traditionally falls in the red, pink, or taupe color family, a handful of makeup artists and beauty vloggers are bucking tradition...
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3 May

4 Iconic Met Gala Bathroom Selfies—And How To Get The Look

The bathroom selfie is a polarizing topic. On one hand, it’s often better to avoid the ultra–lo-fi setting unless you have a couple hundred thousand followers who don’t mind (or 98.9 million like Kim Kardashian West, who frequently shoots in front of the sink). But what about when it’s the Met Gala? The ladies’ room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a storied reputation—the one place where it’s entirely acceptable, even encouraged, to take a toilet-side snap. Year after year, celebrities gather for an impromptu photo shoot and earn countless Instagram likes. It reads like a master class in bathroom selfie style, with plenty of tips worth rolling into your repertoire. Alexa Chung is known for capturing some of her best...
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28 Apr

The Best Hair In Belgium Belongs To a 6-Year-Old Rapunzel

It’s no secret that beauty’s biggest street style trends belong to the smallest stars: North West and her topknots, Blue Ivy and her braids, and Suri Cruise and her shoulder-grazing hair. And now, another genetically blessed child is stepping into the arena. Meet 6-year-old Belgian Lou Mungiele, whose hair comes straight out of a fairy tale. She and her curls made waves on the anonymous 23-year-old stylist @YouthSmhr’s Instagram a few weeks ago with a Yeezy-inspired athleisure look, accessorized with none other than her teddy, that garnered nearly 2,500 likes. According to Lou’s mother, Gisele Mungiele, who is half Congolese and half Belgian, her daughter’s hair reaches 20.5 inches long. (To give you a sense of just how long that is, the...
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