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10 Nov

Jimmy Choo Taps Cara Delevingne To Model Unisex Shoes And The Sparkliest Boots You’ve Ever Seen 😍😍😍

Tom Craig

Cara Delevingne may be busy promoting her new book and starring in must-see movies, but the It Brit recently returned to her modeling roots for Jimmy Choo's latest campaign.
In a new editorial and short film, Delevingne sports what the brand touts as "unisex" flats and super-sparkly boots from its Cruise 2018 collection. The fur-lined, beaded and glitter-clad styles arrive just in time for the holidays.
The flat, androgynous designs are from Jimmy Choo's "Borrowed from the Boys" collection, which offers a range of men's loafers in women's sizes. The iteration Delevingne wears in the new campaign is the Tedi, which is accented with rabbit fur. There's also the velvet-covered Marti and crystal-encrusted Marlo styles.

Tom Craig
Tom Craig
The model and actress, who has previously opened up...
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8 Aug

Saint Laurent’s Roller-Skate Stilettos Are the Best Things You’ll See All Week


They may not be practical, but you can't deny that they're stylish.

Every now and then, a product comes along that you know is wholly unsuitable for your lifestyle, but you happily splurge your entire paycheck on it. Saint Laurent's latest offering is one that could never be convincingly described as a sensible investment piece, but it's soooo pretty.
In the latest drop of new-season accessories — which helped to quickly fill up our autumn wish-list, alongside those sparkly boots — the fashion house has created a hybrid of two items that you would never expect to see together: meet the Saint Laurent roller-skate stilettos.

Priced at £1,995, they may not result in the best cost-per-wear of everything in your wardrobe,...
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30 Jun

Manolo Blahnik Unveils $5,700 Crystal Pom Pom Boots

Manolo Blahnik loves an extravagant shoe. Just ask Rihanna, whose collaboration for the brand has included $4,000 denim boot-pants and $2,300 jewel-encrusted gladiator sandals. Now, the designer has come out with his most outrageous offering yet: one-of-a-kind fuschia boots valued at a casual $5,700. They were created in partnership with crystal supplier Preciosa and debuted at its flagship store in Prague, Czech Republic earlier this week. The unique pair of stiletto boots feature pom poms and more than 100 Preciosa crystal chandelier trimmings. They were made in honor of Blahnik's traveling exhibition coming to Prague's Museum Kampa, The Art of Shoes, and will remain on display in-store until November. In addition, Blahnik created 20 limited edition Bohemian-inspired pairs of his classic Hangisi jeweled buckle pump all made with...
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25 May

An Ode To Our Favorite Opposites-Attract Style Move


It's Look Like A Fashion Person 101: Wear a pair of single-soled pumps with a pair of well-loved jeans, and you're set. It almost doesn't matter what you have on top; with a ratty T-shirt or a couture blouse, the combination of jeans and pumps gives your outfit a "on my way to a fashion show" verve.

And, while there are lots of ways to mix and match jeans with heels, there are a few rules to follow, too. The following six people have mastered the balance. Click through to soak in their secrets — and then give the style trick a spin for yourself.


Don't shy away from layering a dress over the jeans.

[vc_single_image image="54927" img_size="full"...
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17 Feb

This Surprising Shoe style is Taking Over


Let’s get one thing straight; I’ve never met a shoe I didn’t like. Ok, so it might’ve taken Christopher Kane (and a cluster of crystals) to make me a Croc convert but my point still stands: even the most polarising style can be appreciated, if not for its form then for its function, by the most discerning shoe aficionado.

Saying that, I understand some shoes still divide opinion. Dr Martens are by no means for everyone. Neither are corset-laced, knee-high sandals. However, there’s no shoe that’s made headlines of late quite like the kitten heel.

Theresa May champions the kitten heel
Theresa May champions the kitten heel
A by-product of the ‘80s, the micro stiletto has been thrown back into the spotlight thanks to none other than our very...
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25 Jul

Technology Is Making High Heels More Wearable Than Ever Before

If there's ever a stagnant industry in need of some disrupting, look to a hero from the tech world. "It's this $40-billion industry, yet for 80 to 100 years there's been almost no innovation. That's crazy." The disruptee at hand is Dolly Singh, the stiletto-loving force behind Thesis Couture, a company she founded after working with Oculus VR and SpaceX. As an avowed high heel fan, she felt the pain that accompanies a career spent walking around concrete-floored Silicon Valley campuses. And as someone who'd held a front-row ticket to watching entire categories get a major shaking, she sensed a category ripe for disrupting. "When you work at a rocket company, you have to understand fundamental physics well enough to be conversant....
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12 May

The Best At-Home Tricks To Walk In Heels Without Pain


We've all been there—dreading the entire day because you know you'll be in pain for the majority of it thanks to your heels. Sure, they look great and elevate your outfit, but are they really worth it? Well, yes. In fact, the answer is always yes—especially when you can actually make your heels more comfortable at home before you even walk out the door. Our editorial director, Kat Collings, knows just the way to do it using three items commonly found in your very own bathroom.

At-home tricks to make heels more comfortable:   THE BLISTER BLOCKER A layer of deodorant acts as a barrier between your foot and your shoe—it's kind of like an invisible Band-Aid, which...
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