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11 Aug

Alexis Ren Is The Most Famous Model You’ve Never Heard Of

How did 20-year-old model Alexis Ren amass over 10 million Instagram followers in under 500 posts? The California native rose to social media superstardom by sharing a mix of vaguely captioned bikini, bedroom, fitness, and food photos: Writhing on a beach, nestled in hotel linens, stretching sexily, posturing with desserts. Ren's adoring fans flood the comments section with praise and heart-eye emojis, and likes soar to hundreds of thousands. What you won't see on her feed are ads for gummy vitamins, diet tea, or waist trainers. "I just want this to be real. That's my whole thing," she tells me over the phone. "If you're an influencer and that moment is not real for you, then what's the point of it?" It's this...
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9 Jan

Are There Any Fitness Benefits in Using That Steam Room at Your Gym?

Yep! Don't ignore it. Chances are, you’ve been in a gym locker room and noticed in the far back corner near the showers, there sits a steam room. And unless you’re a regular spa-goer or have enough time to chill out in the locker room after spin, there’s also a chance you’ve never given it a second glance. But considering so many gyms, wellness facilities, and spas have them as amenities, there has to be a reason they are taking up space in a place that could always use more treadmills around the 6 PM rush, right? Is there a benefit in stepping in the steam room after an already steamy session of hot yoga, other than just relaxing and giving you a...
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