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30 Oct

Rowan Blanchard Supports Your Gummy Vitamin Habit

Rowan Blanchard is a social justice activist and a member of the Women’s March collective. She’s also a teen star whose haircuts and Halloween costumes are style blog staples. That combo makes her an ideal face for a wellness brand, so when she signed onto Olly Girl vitamins this month, we thought, “What took them so long?” “Well, I’ve been kind of busy,” laughed Blanchard when we asked her, and she’s right—along with her acting gig on The Goldbergs and her fashion trips with Miu Miu and Chanel, she’s been working on an art book, turning 16, and shadowing Ava Duvernay. (NBD...
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11 Oct

Why I Finally Decided To Break Up With Wine

I had an epiphany last summer: Drinking sucks. I was standing in a klatch of couples at a seaside cocktail party, everyone yakking about vacation plans and their children’s sports teams. I looked at my friends’ faces reddening from drink, the sweat on the men’s upper lips, the women hoisting their big goblets of wine to their lipsticked mouths. Everyone was talking too loud, and nobody was really saying anything. I was no different, clutching my wine, aggressively searching for my moment to jump into the double Dutch of conversation. I’m exhausting, I thought. This party is exhausting. How many parties had I been to? Hundreds and hundreds. How many glasses of wine had I downed? Thousands and thousands. Teenage keggers...
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23 Jun

The Coolest Health And Wellness Social-Media Stars Share Their Secrets To Conquering Life


The Mindfulness Guru: Millana Snow

Follow her: @millanasnow Her 9-to-5: Cofounder, Serene Book. Rethink Your Alarm Clock: "I wake to 'Caught a Long Wind,' by Feist, at 7 a.m. Then I see where I am—emotionally, physically, and mentally—to set a vibrational tone for the day." Find Your Zen: "I meditate three times a day. The first is 22 minutes of Kundalini kriya meditation, then 10 minutes of silence to check in to my chakras, and finally a breathing exercise where I breathe in for 10 seconds, hold it for 10, and exhale for 10." Consult the Experts: "If I'm feeling stressed, I go to Reiki healers, who help with my energy, and I recently started visiting Michelle Harper at Metaphysica...
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9 Jun

Your All-in-One Guide to the Best Vegan Sources of Protein

With the rise in popularity of ingredients like tempeh and chia seeds, getting your fill of proteinon a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, options are pretty limitless and flexible these days, and it’s important to know your options, what each of them offers, and how you can make the best use of them in your diet. So the next time you’re preparing a plant-based meal and are scratching your head over which protein to include, consult this handy guide on what to use when. Beans: Beans are known to be magical, and it’s probably because they pack loads of protein — approx. 7-8 grams per 1/2 cup! In addition to hearty burritos, you can add them to soups, dips, salads, or make delish veggie...
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28 Mar

4 Office Workout Moves to Kick That Mid-Afternoon Slump


Sitting all day is not ideal for your health — that we know for sure. While there are lots of evening hacks to undo a day of sitting at your desk, it’s even better if you can break up your day of sitting with some desk-side yoga or consistent movement. So what can you do to give yourself a much-needed break from staring at your computer screen? Holly Rilinger, the creator of Lifted (a combo of meditation and HIIT), a Nike master trainer, and a former professional basketball player, says a mini desk-workout using the four moves below will help you feel better and be more productive for the rest of the day. Feel free to use this as an excuse to wear yoga pants to the office.

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2 Jan

Moon Juice Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Top 3 Tips to Restart Your Body in 2017

Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon has come a long way from slinging green elixirs at the tiny Venice, California, storefront she opened in 2012. Three Los Angeles locations, a bounty of cult-favorite pantry items, and a whole line of supplement dusts later, there seems to be little the wellness entrepreneur isn’t doing to help advance the conversation around nourishing beauty from the inside out. This fall, Bacon released her latest contribution to the cause, The Moon Juice Cookbook, an instant classic with plant-based recipes that are not just good for you (there are 30 pages dedicated to probiotics and fermented foods alone!), but delicious, too—and gorgeous to boot. With a new store in New York on the horizon, Bacon has...
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6 Dec

Twist and bend


Whether it’s an eco-conscious option or in a print that makes you happy, grab a mat and keep it close by for whenever that exercise urge appears. These are our five favourites.

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI SS 17.  From left: BOWERN Shady Palms yoga mat; LULULEMON The Reversible Yoga mat; LOVEARTH Eco Yoga mat. GIAMBATTISTA VALLI SS 17.  From left: KAMUKA Reflections Yoga mat; MUKTI Float Yoga mat.


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28 Oct

A New Kind OfHealthy Eating

Taking a completely new approach to "healthy eating," Amanda Chantal Bacon is striving to create dishes that are not only seductively delicious, but that also tap on a more holistic way to live. Bacon, who started out as a chef, realized she needed to make a change in her eating habits when she started studying the power of raw, medicinal foods to help heal her hypothyroid condition. After eating primarily vegetables and foods that would serve as hormonal adaptogens for a few months, her next round of blood work showed her thyroid levels were completely back to normal. And so Moon Juice was born. Moon Juice is meant to provide people with products that are organic, plant based, super nutrient dense,...
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27 Oct

Diets and Meal Plans and Food Hacks, Oh My: Four Women Try Eating for Four Different Body Goals


How much does what you eat affect your skin, mind, energy, and mood? Here, four women give up their favorite comfort foods in order to put a nutritionist-approved meal plan to the test, all in favor of looking and feeling better. Will it push them to new heights? Find their stories below.

Eating My Feelings: "I want to level out my emotions" By Jihan Thompson, 24 After months of hard work, my New Year's resolution—to exercise and eat right—had gone kaput. I had stopped packing lunches, and instead of hitting the gym, I was back to hitting snooze. Recession blues had me craving my comfort foods—a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios or Papa John's pizza for dinner. The only resolution I had managed...
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10 Oct

What to Do When Your Favorite Yoga Pants Take On a Permanent Stench

Have you ever pulled a pair of clean yoga pants out of a drawer only to catch a whiff of your last workout? It's frustrating and gross when freshly laundered athletic gear retains the smell of your sweatiest gym sessions. It's also totally common and very treatable. You can avoid this grim fate by making a few changes to the way you launder your workout gear, no fancy detergents needed! But if you'd like a fancy detergent, by all means get one. Fancy detergents are fun. Don't leave gym gear in a wet heap until laundry day Bacteria need only a few things to feel happy: darkness, a little organic matter to feed off of, and especially moisture. That means that when you...
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