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14 Feb

Get Ready For The Return Of ’90s Hair

Hold onto your hacky sacks; the ’90s are coming back in a big way. Well, ’90s hair, at least. On Saturday Guido Palau clamped the ponytails at Alexander Wang with a retro banana clip, and hairstylist Anthony Turner sent models with comb headbands down the runway at Prabal Gurung last night. Don’t you just love the nod to yesteryear? “It’s reminiscent of the ‘day after,’” Claudio Lazo, Turner’s hair co-collaborator, told the Cut. Lazo and Turner wanted a playful, modern antidote to the rich colors in the clothes. “Think of going to yoga class on Sunday morning and your hair’s slightly done from the night before. You add a little water to slick down the hairline. You twist the ponytail into a figure eight bun. It looks...
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24 Jan

7 Non-Boring Spring Hair Ideas To Try


Rather than succumb to winter-induced hair hibernation, why not spring forward with a fresh look? Update your hair with peroxide, bangs, a ponytail upgrade, or accessories galore. Ahead, see seven celeb-inspired spring hair trends to try.

High Pony


The fuss-free high-pony hairstyle is a sexy updo option that can be worn on the go with jeans and a T-shirt (see: Gigi Hadid's casual look), but stars like Yara Shahidi and Candice Swanepoel have shown the the style holds its own on the red carpet.

Platinum Blonde

Grab your nearest bottle of peroxide (or schedule an appointment with a trusted hair colorist) and go blonde like Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, and Zoë Kravitz. If...
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5 Jan

The 10 Stand-Out Hair Trends That Will Dominate 2018


From XXL waves or ultra-short waves, to completely wet hair or puffy voluminous hair and couture accessories or totally regressive ones, take a look at the stylish looks which have shaken up the beauty scene on the runways at Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018.

Photos: Indigital and Getty
Photos: Indigital and Getty
The wet hair look If only one could be chosen, it should undoubtely be this one here. Whether it be lightly sprayed hair or an all-round wet look, one thing is certain: the wet look is dominating like never before! All you have to do is pick from two options seen at shows: flattened and slicked-down for an ultra-chic look or dishevelled and rebellious for a grunge egde. Seen at: Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung et Marni But also at: Etro, Sportmax,...
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21 Dec

Meet Real-Life Rapunzel, a Woman Whose Natural Hair Is Almost 4-Feet Long


We first would like to congratulate you on the fact that you’ve managed to grow your hair out a few inches since last year—those weekly deep-conditioning treatments and no-heat-tool Tuesdays have really been paying off.
But now, we’re going to show you the ultimate hair inspiration to end all inspiration: Anastasiya Sidorova, a Russian woman whose natural red hair is 42 inches long. YUP. YUUUUP. We're sorry to upstage your ponytail.

Видео заряжено на бешеный рост волос, лайкайте😁 - Так в каком городе я живу?😁 Теперь с точной уверенностью могу сказать, что живу я в Москве на пмж, а Петербурге жила 2 года. Туда я поехала за своим молодым человеком, но не сложилось у нас. Он военнослужащий, родина приказала служить в СПб😁...
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14 Dec

The 5 Hair Trends That’ll Be Out In 2018…And The 5 You’re About To See *Everywhere*


We hate to break it to you, but Madonna is a liar. Time does not go by so slowly (slowly), because it is almost 2018, and we're pretty sure it was just 2007 yesterday. Which means all of this year's best beauty trends, like eye-of-the-tiger hair, super-sleek middle parts, and platinum buzz cuts are about to disappear into ether of beauty trends past to make room for whole new fleet of selfie-worthy looks.

And to help you stay ahead of the curve, we got the lowdown on the exact haircuts and colors that are pretty much guaranteed to infiltrate your Instagram feeds in a few months, ahead.


Beyoncé(@beyonce)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 11월 19 오전 9:02 PST

Okay, maybe not as long as...
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29 Nov

Why It Matters That Miss Jamaica Wore Her Hair In An Afro


Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett might not have won the first place crown at this year's Miss Universe pageant, but she definitely made a lasting impression.
The 21-year-old philanthropist chose to take the pageant stage with her natural hair, an afro, instead of the common blowouts and extensions we see time after time on pageant stages.

Twitter lit up with love for the natural haired beauty and the hashtag "#MissJamaicaShouldHaveWon” was born. "My daughter said 'Mommy Miss Jamaica hair looks just like mine!,'" said one Twitter user. Another account spoke to the discrimination people who choose to wear their hair naturally commonly feel. "Shout to that HR consultant who said my hair was inappropriate for work, hope yuh tv turn...
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8 Nov

Kaia Gerber’s 6 Best Model Off-Duty Hair Moments


Highlights and slicked back locks are a thing of the past. This season, 90's minimalism is back in full swing and better than ever, and really, who knew that the flat wave could be so cool? Texture makes a comeback, adding dimension to everyday styles, but don’t think of these as your average, run-of-the-mill beachy waves. Right now is all about sexiness—the kind you feel when you get your hair done and don’t want to wash it for the next four days because it begins to look even more effortlessly chic. And no one does it better then Kaia Gerber, fashion elites' newest member to the supermodel club. Here are six, CR approved ways to recreate the new it-girls best style moments.

[vc_single_image image="64691" img_size="full"...
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