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11 Oct

Meet The Artist Whose Extreme Long Hair Is Taking Over Instagram

While the bob was undoubtedly the calling card of the Fall 2017 shows, the Spring 2018 season was all about extreme long hair which popped up everywhere from Marques’Almeida to Michael Kors Collection, where supermodel Kirsty Hume—and her Rapunzel-like mane—made a show-stealing appearance. And a quick look around social media proves that over-the-top lengths are not exclusive to the runway. Case in point: Los Angeles–based photographer Sara Cath, whose lion-like cascade of copper curls has helped her rack up more than 40,000 Instagram followers and counting. It might be hard to believe that the 21-year-old—who, in addition to shooting high-octane portraits of fellow millennial artists, just appeared in Rosetta Getty’s Georgia O’Keeffe–inspired collection—hasn’t always carried the hear-me-roar type of confidence her waist-grazing mane no doubt symbolizes. But, at just...
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3 Sep

Get Amal Clooney’s Wavy Bob From The Venice Film Festival


Amal Clooney and her husband George just hit the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival looking exactly as you'd imagine: perfect, glossy, and angelic. Amal's hair, however, was quite unexpected. The short, wavy bob is faux (no chop here), but it's a departure from her preference for long, glossy waves. Ahead, Clooney's hairstylist Rod Ortega gave us the exclusive rundown on exactly how he got the "1940s Italian glamour"-inspired look using T3 tools and some expert pinning.

Get Her Look

Courtesy of Rod Ortega
Courtesy of Rod Ortega

Hairstylist Rod Ortega’s inspiration board for Amal Clooney’s Venice Film Festival look

"Starting with wet hair, I combed-in two pumps of the Rene Furterer Karite Leave in Nourishing Cream from the mid-sections to the ends to really protect the...
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29 Aug

The One Thing You *Need* to Be Doing If You Have Kinky-Curly Hair

Recently, while I lamented my curly hair woes to Jasmine Santiago, resident curl whisperer and all-around magical hairstylist, I mentioned how I rarely use my blow-dryer, since heat is so damaging to curls. "Actually," started Santigo, "heat is a kinky-curl's best friend." And I blacked out in shock. Yes, folks, heat plus curls equals magic, apparently. Or, at least, it does for those with super-coiled hair. "Women with kinky hair are terrified of heat, because of decades of myths," says Santiago. "Every single client who comes into my salon gets nervous when I pull out my blow-dryer, saying they're afraid to lose their curl pattern or damage their hair." But in reality, she adds, "heat does not damage hair; people damage...
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25 Aug

Paris’s Top Hair Colorist Spills His Secrets


French women have a "less-is-more" approach to all things beauty. But of higher importance than their preference for a low-maintenance hairstyle is their preference for a routine that actually makes their hair healthier. And the only man they trust to keep their hair color vibrant, soft, and shiny year-round? That would be master hair colorist Christophe Robin.

Robin's eclectic salon is in good company on rue Bachaumont in Paris, a quiet cobblestone street filled with some of the best under-the-radar boutiques and cafes in the city. You can book an appointment at the salon for a cut, color, or restorative treatment, or simply walk-in to play around with his eponymous line of hair products. A giant, peculiar seashell-shaped sink in the lobby is intended...
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31 Jul

How To Style a Gorgeous Braided Low Bun


It's no secret that there are cute hairstyles and then there are gorgeous hairstyles — they're not one and the same. You might ask, what exactly differentiates the two? Well, a gorgeous hairstyle has a special little something that stands out and takes your look to the next level of fierceness. This braided low bun is the perfect example of a hairstyle in a league of its own.

Stop what you're doing and give yourself a moment to take in the intricate detail of these braids, created by Stasha Harris of Magic Fingers Studio. If you've been looking for the next cool thing to do to your hair, you found it, girl.

1. Section off five equally spaced parts in your...
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27 Jul

How To Make Your Blowout Last Through a 3-Day Music Festival


We're now into month four of festival season and still going strong. But while you may have mastered all aspects of the three-day music binge, the one that's been the trickiest? Making that pre-festival blowout not look limp—and dirty—by day the time the music stops. The key is to start with a hair game that's buildable, so the more you sweat, the better it gets. Here, your three-day hair plan mapped out by hairstylist Conrad Dornan, owner of Seerad's Salon in Jackson, Wyoming. No predictable ponytail or boring bun in sight. 🙌

Yulia Gorbachenko
Yulia Gorbachenko
Step 1: Create a strong foundation So how do you DIY a salon-worthy blowout—and make it last? Strategic prepping, says Dornan, who suggests using a...
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26 Jul

How To Master The Perfect Fishtail Braid


The tightly interwoven fishtail braid gets a bad rap for looking overly complicated to try at home, but it's really just a matter of practice. If you're tired of sweeping your hair back into yet another ponytail, perfecting the fishtail braid is a crucial hair hack to learn for busy mornings.
It simply requires an elastic band and a little patience, but once you do, you'll find an effortlessly chic style that's equally wearable for the office or a summer date. Follow along below to find out how to master this versatile style in six easy steps and don't forget to check out all of MC's braid tutorials at the bottom of the page.

Step 1. Sweep hair over your shoulder into a ponytail and secure with...
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21 Jul

How To Style Your Naturally Curly Hair

Curls are unpredictable — and that's the beauty of them. They're not perfect, yet they're perfect just the way they are. When it comes to styling your curls, the sky is the limit — whether you prefer to elongate and define each curl or you're cool with embracing some natural frizz and just want next-level volume. No matter what look you're going for, all curly girls should focus on hydration. "While it varies from person to person, the general rule of thumb is the tighter your coil, the dryer your hair is," says celebrity hairstylist Tym Wallace. Your natural oils have a longer distance to travel down from your scalp to your ends. Seems simple, right? So why are there so many...
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