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16 Oct

How To Get Chic French Girl Hair

Alexander Wang/ Burberry/ Bottega Veneta

Getty Images/ Rex Features

SS18 is all about bare beauty - or as we like to call it, à la française 🇫🇷

If fashion month taught us one thing it's that contemporary beauty is being redefined. Granted, perfect hair and makeup might be the norm with the beauty bloggers and influencers - but on the catwalk it's a totally different story.

De-coiffed hair and barely any makeup fronted the biggest shows of New York, Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks - and it's been probably this season's biggest revelation yet.

Getty Images
Getty Images
After we saw the antithesis of a high-maintenance hair & makeup at the Alexander Wang show in NYC, Burberry in London and Bottega Veneta in Milan - it was the French...
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11 Oct

Meet The Artist Whose Extreme Long Hair Is Taking Over Instagram

While the bob was undoubtedly the calling card of the Fall 2017 shows, the Spring 2018 season was all about extreme long hair which popped up everywhere from Marques’Almeida to Michael Kors Collection, where supermodel Kirsty Hume—and her Rapunzel-like mane—made a show-stealing appearance. And a quick look around social media proves that over-the-top lengths are not exclusive to the runway. Case in point: Los Angeles–based photographer Sara Cath, whose lion-like cascade of copper curls has helped her rack up more than 40,000 Instagram followers and counting. It might be hard to believe that the 21-year-old—who, in addition to shooting high-octane portraits of fellow millennial artists, just appeared in Rosetta Getty’s Georgia O’Keeffe–inspired collection—hasn’t always carried the hear-me-roar type of confidence her waist-grazing mane no doubt symbolizes. But, at just...
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27 Sep

Did This Milan Fashion Show Have The Prettiest Beauty Look Of Them All?


With the jumble-y algorithm and newfangled nine-grid—when all the people want is for their feeds to be arranged chronologically, please!—it takes a special image indeed to stand out in the double-speed fast-forward of Instagram. That might explain the feathery/wavy/reverse/every-which-way eyebrows of the past few months, but as seen as Milan Fashion Week, maybe the craftiest like-trap isn't designed to shock at all.

As this reporter was flicking through Insta fast enough to dislocate a baby-boomer's thumb, one relatively quiet picture was enough put the brakes on. (Note the lack of stunt makeup and nipples.)

@lafaretta backstage @philosophyofficial Modern Volume using @dysonhair #dysonsupersonic #modernvolume #coolgirl #coolgirlhair #hairbysammcknight #hair #hairstyles #mfw #bte @tompecheux @geraldinesaglio
Sam McKnight Personal(@sammcknight1)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 9월 23 오전 5:43 PDT

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21 Sep

How To Get Your Best Hair Ever


From feeding your hair nutrients, to using tools that won't cause damage, there are simple ways to reboot your locks and achieve the stunning texture you've always dreamed of.

Courtesy / Studio D
Courtesy / Studio D
1 Lather Up If dry shampoo is your go-to time-saver, we have some bad news: It does not actually clean your hair. Trichologist Anabel Kingsley, who studies the health of the hair and scalp, warns against infrequent shampooing—that is, fewer than every three days. It puts you at risk for scalp irritation, she says, which can cause hair loss, and product buildup will make hair look dull and heavy. Use a clarifying shampoo once every three or four weeks to completely remove excess oil and product residue. For...
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13 Sep

Beyoncé Just Invented a Baseball Hat For Curly Hair, Because She Is An Actual Queen


Usually, curly hair and baseball caps don't mix. I know this, because I have pretty average, not-even-that-fluffy curls, and they still barely fit through the tiny hole in the back of a ball cap. Which means anyone with thick, kinky coils is looking at a feat of straight-up wizardry to wear a very basic piece of clothing that billions of people take for granted on a daily basis.
Huh. Almost sounds like fashion has a diversity problem, doesn't it?

But Queen Bey Almighty is not here for that bullshit. So she went ahead and created her very own backless baseball hat (basically like an oversized visor) for her fashion line Ivy Park, as first reported by Glamour, prompting fan freak-outs across the interwebs.

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25 Aug

Paris’s Top Hair Colorist Spills His Secrets


French women have a "less-is-more" approach to all things beauty. But of higher importance than their preference for a low-maintenance hairstyle is their preference for a routine that actually makes their hair healthier. And the only man they trust to keep their hair color vibrant, soft, and shiny year-round? That would be master hair colorist Christophe Robin.

Robin's eclectic salon is in good company on rue Bachaumont in Paris, a quiet cobblestone street filled with some of the best under-the-radar boutiques and cafes in the city. You can book an appointment at the salon for a cut, color, or restorative treatment, or simply walk-in to play around with his eponymous line of hair products. A giant, peculiar seashell-shaped sink in the lobby is intended...
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27 Jul

Gigi And Bella Hadid Put Two Spins On Summer’s Easiest Hair Trend

Gigi and Bella Hadid may be Malibu bombshells at heart, but when in Manhattan, their sisterly style skews sleek. The supers were spotted separately yesterday, each with her trademark mane wound in a well-executed knot characterized by a slicked, glossy comb-back at the crown. For a trip to the grocery store, Bella augmented her workout ensemble—which featured bronzed and toned abs—with aviators and a taut topknot, with ends left to spray from the bun for an artful take on sporty. Elsewhere, Gigi's baby blonde lengths fell into a mid-level coil that upped the ante on the casual updo, at once pared down and polished. A set of burnished lenses offered a slightly retro feel to Gigi's otherwise of-the-moment look, which centered on rosy cheeks...
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26 Jul

How To Master The Perfect Fishtail Braid


The tightly interwoven fishtail braid gets a bad rap for looking overly complicated to try at home, but it's really just a matter of practice. If you're tired of sweeping your hair back into yet another ponytail, perfecting the fishtail braid is a crucial hair hack to learn for busy mornings.
It simply requires an elastic band and a little patience, but once you do, you'll find an effortlessly chic style that's equally wearable for the office or a summer date. Follow along below to find out how to master this versatile style in six easy steps and don't forget to check out all of MC's braid tutorials at the bottom of the page.

Step 1. Sweep hair over your shoulder into a ponytail and secure with...
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21 Jul

9 Ways To Wear a Lob


Not too short, not too lengthy, the lob (aka the long bob) is still Hollywood's cut of choice. From sexed-up waves to '70s groupie bangs, these celebs show you nine smoking-hot new ways to rock this summer's sexiest look.


Selena Gomez
The simplest style is also the chicest – create a middle part and comb down your lob, finishing with a glossing serum. Sleek and sultry.

IGK Expensive Alma Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat, $29



Lily Collins
Pair this retro-glam 'do and a satin push-up bra for a classic, sultry look. Simply set your strands on jumbo hot rollers and style with a round brush.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe, $119


[vc_single_image image="58474" img_size="full"...
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