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11 Jan

A Tribute To France Gall, The Iconic Yé-Yé Star

Eurovision Song Contest, 1966via Wiki Commons

We pay tribute to France Gall, the influential and original yé-yé girl, who sadly passed away this week

Isabelle Gall (or France, as she is famously known) was born in Paris in 1946. At 16, she broke out onto the pop scene with Sacré Charlemagne, a song about teenage refusal to attend school written by her father, a composer who’d also worked with Edith Piaf. One of the original ‘yé-yé girls’ of the French pop scene, Gall inspired swathes of young fans to bob their hair, and her distinctive child-like voice shaped the sound of 1960s France, in the years before a new wave of rebellion marked by the 1968 student protests. Gall was also inspiration for the original version of the...
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