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24 Jul

13 Foundation To Address Every Skin Concern


Inflammation and acne? Dryness and wrinkles? Name a skin-care issue, and there's a foundation for that. Here, our top picks to help camouflage (and reverse) the biggest complexion offenders.

Courtesy: Revive
Courtesy: Revive

Best For: Brightening
ReVive's lightweight formula works double duty: light-reflecting and color-correcting pigments even the skin tone and illuminate shadows instantly while cell-renewing proteins help turn back the clock over time.

RĂ©Vive Le Tint Moisturizing Veil, $105,


Courtesy: Clarins
Courtesy: Clarins
Best For: Boosting Hydration In order to illuminate dry skin, you need to feed it moisture. This medium-coverage formula contains hydrating skin plumpers like samphire extract to quench parched complexions so the end result is dewy not cakey. Clarins True Radiance SPF 15 Perfect Skin Foundation, $44,...
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13 Apr

This Woman Used Too Faced Foundation to Cover Sunburn and the Results Are Unreal


There's nothing more painful than looking at a beet-red sunburn–especially when you're staring at one in the mirror. So it makes sense that Reddit user Tammi Turner looked to a full coverage foundation, Too Faced's Born This Way Foundation, to help redirect attention from her severe, days-old burn. But it didn't just diffuse, it practically made it disappear. And the internet is freaking out about it.

As you might've guessed, Tammi's sunburn was a result of simply forgetting to apply sunscreen. "I do Soap Box Derby racing and the day I got the burn, we left at 5:30 a.m. to drive two hours to the race site," she tells us. "I was so tired that sunscreen...
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16 Jan

Finally—Here Is The BEST Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Fun fact: You’re probably wearing the wrong foundation shade right now. Sorry, but someone had to tell you. It’s not totally your fault, though, because finding the best foundation (or tinted moisturizer or BB cream) is a weird, difficult game of guesswork that usually results in you with a mismatched, slightly-too-pink-and-pasty face that nobody has the heart to tell you looks weird as hell. And the reason behind it? We’re all deeply, terrible wrong about our skin’s actual undertones, which, you know, is only the most important factor when choosing makeup. So we went to the mother of all shockingly pretty makeup, Robin Black, makeup artist and founder of Beauty is Boring, to tell us exactly why we’re all basically colorblind...
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11 Dec

The New NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Lets You Decide Your Coverage

You no longer have to have give up valuable real estate in your makeup bag to a plethora of foundations that vary in coverage. The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation combines all of them into one convenient bottle. Its liquid formula includes a dropper that literally puts you in total control of the coverage. Depending what you have going on for the day and the state of your skin, you can make the coverage sheerer or fuller by using fewer or more drops. If one drop isn't enough, another one can be applied on top to build up the coverage. The matte finish won't get splotchy or streaky in the process. The handy dropper also insures the least product waste...
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28 Nov

15 Foundation Tips From Makeup Artists

A seriously fine line exists between swiping on some foundation to make it like you #WokeUpLikeThis or ending up with streaky skin that could potentially pass off as more clown-like than anything else. To figure out how to apply our base better (BTW, these are our 2016 Best of Beauty base winners), we got 15 foundation tips from makeup artists that you need to copy and paste, print out, or write down ASAP. After following these tips, I went from being a mediocre-at-better base-applier to a borderline pro, kid you not. (Can you see my foundation now?) woke up with perfect skin and downright clown vibes. So grab your pen (mouse?) and your Beautyblender (a must-have tool for many makeup...
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10 Jul

How To Shop For Foundation Online


Our love affair with online shopping runs deep. Whether it’s shoes and sweaters or hairspray and deodorant (thank you, Amazon!), finding a package on our doorstep always makes us giddy. However, some products are easier to purchase online than others. New mascara? Done. New foundation? That takes a little more work. But it can be done, if you know a few tricks of the online makeup shopping trade.

Know Your Undertone

PHOTO: Imaxtree
PHOTO: Imaxtree
Shade differences can be remarkably subtle. Often the only difference between two colours is that one has warm undertones and one has cool undertones. Knowing which one you need makes sifting through the seemingly endless array of foundations so much easier. Need a lesson in...
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29 Jun

Are You Wearing the Right Foundation? This Test Will Tell You


Finding the right foundation is like finding the one. The only difference is you don't have to settle. If you tick all of the following boxes, congratulations—your skin, like Hiddleswift, has found its happily ever after. Here, your ultimate guide.


"If you want to get the right tone, always try foundation in natural daylight, so at a window or outside," says celebrity makeup artist Naoko Scintu. Daylight is crystal clear and even, which means it'll be easier to detect the wrong color match or spots that need more blending. If it's nighttime, you can use an LED lamp mirror like The Makeup Light, beloved by Blake Lively and Charlotte Tilbury, to mimic the natural stuff. PSA: Beware of department store lighting!

Getting the mesmerising @blakelively ready in...
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5 Apr

The Off-Label Beautyblender Trick That Will Give You Perfect Skin

I have something truly shameful to admit: Prior to just a few months ago, I had never used a beautyblender. As someone who actively refuses to fiddle with brushes or “tools,” preferring instead to use my hands to smear on foundation and concealer in 30 seconds or less, I didn’t think I had any use for the hot-pink teardrop-shaped sponge everyone owns and swears by. Also, the more people tell me to try something, the more likely I am to not, but that’s 100-percent my problem. Somehow, though, I managed to amass a small collection of beautyblenders on my desk over time. I had two black ones, two pink ones, and one “colorless” variation and hadn’t tried any of them. Then...
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