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12 Feb

People Can’t Tell If This Fenty Model Is Real Or Fake


We've become so accustomed to filters and false realities on Instagram that it can become difficult to tell what's even real anymore. We'd like to think we still have a firm grip on reality, but an Instagram model named Shudu has just thrown our entire universe for a loop.

@fentybeauty #profiltrfoundation #shade490 #glossbomb #lipgloss #fentybeauty . . 📸
Shudu Gram(@shudu.gram)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 11월 20 10:09오전 PST

Shudu is an Instagram model with flawless dark skin. Her feed is scattered with various editorial images accompanied by #melanin hashtags. She even was reposted on Fenty Beauty's Instagram account, wearing the lipstick shade Saw-C. Her beauty is so striking and unfathomably perfect that you almost don't want to believe it's real. The thing...
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