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15 Jan

6 Outfits In 6 Places In Honolulu With Stylist @pineappleice


Fashion blogger and freelance wardrobe stylist Lindsey Higa, better known as @pineappleice, is living your dream life. Not only does she live in paradise (really, she was born and raised in Honolulu), but she also has the sartorial chops to make even the most casual errand look chic. When she's not busy with work and travel, she's running around the Hawaiian town in outfits that will have you booking a tropical vacation, ASAP. See six of her best looks to wear to the farmer's market, the pool and beyond.

To the Surfjack Hotel "Nothing is better than being poolside at The Surfjack Hotel. They have the best pool parties, and it’s a great excuse to dress up your bikini!...
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11 Jan

The 6 Most Stylish Kids On Instagram


Whether inspired by their parents or dictating their own style, these fashionable kids have a thing or two to teach the grown-ups. From little Zuri to twins Stella and Blaise and Coco Pink Princess with a casual 457 000 followers, we take a look at the six junior influencers making Instagram their playground.

⭐️Child Model⭐️(@____zuri)님의 공유 게시물님, 2018 1월 7 3:37오후 PST

Zuri, 15,100 followers

With her 1990s inspired style, Zuri shares her vibrant looks with accompanying quotes to thousands of followers. From a sheepskin coat to a Supreme fanny pack and Perfecto biker jacket, the young star has already developed her own style, inspired by the greats.

Luisa Fernanda Espinosa(@luisafere)님의 공유 게시물님, 2016 12월 14 12:12오후 PST

Alonso Matteo, 617,000 followers @luisafere Used to standing in...
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19 Dec

I Gave Up Jeans For 10 Days and Here’s What I Learned

As far as cleanses are concerned, I don't believe in them. The thought of juicing makes me stabby. I'm an adult and I feel like I can eat, drink, and shop as much as I want—or don't want too. Plus, I'm an even-keeled person so I rarely do anything to an extreme. But recently I found myself in a bit of an outfit rut. Every look involved the same pairs of a jeans, a sweater, and boots. How boring. To break the cycle I decided to post a photo of myself in a pair of Balenciaga pants I bought because I was going to "wear them all the time" (but have worn them less than five times since I bought them...
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7 Dec

Leandra Medine On Naming Her Blog and Her Best Styling Tips


ELLE Fashion Director Samira Nasr swaps fashion philosophies and under-the-radar finds with Man Repeller blogger Leandra Medine.

ELLE: Why the name Man Repeller?
Leandra Medine: I wasn’t really thinking about building a brand when I launched the site seven years ago, but the name was so catchy, so gimmicky, and I knew people wouldn’t forget it. It also provided me with an opportunity to be really irreverent.

You approach fashion with fun, but I also think of your style as very feminine. Have you gone through androgynous or menswear moments? Definitely. [A couple of years ago] all I wanted to wear was high-waisted vintage Levi’s and flannel shirts from Uniqlo and J.Crew men’s. That’s probably when I started pinning photos of you as inspiration!...
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1 Nov

This Is The Brand Behind That Polka Dot Wrap Dress You See All Over Instagram


The modern way of shopping is likely familiar: casually scroll through Instagram, and a few rabbit holes later you stumble across a cool girl wearing something you need to buy. A couple more swipes and you suddenly realize every cool girl is wearing the same friggin' thing. That's how Réalisation Par, the Australian-based clothing brand, burst onto the scene: the internet's version of word of mouth. Next thing you know Baader-Meinhof kicked into gear and, suddenly, you saw brand was everywhere.

Alexandra Spencer (left) and Teale Talbot.
Alexandra Spencer (left) and Teale Talbot. / COURTESY OF RÉALISATION PAR
This frenzied magic, comes courtesy of Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, Aussies and It-Girls themselves. Launched in 2015, Réalisation Par consists of only eighteen styles and everything is priced under $250 so customers are instantly turned into rabid collectors (causing styles to sell...
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27 Oct

The Under-The-Radar Fashion IG Account We’re Obsessing Over

Food made to look like fashion, elementary-aged children dressed with an abnormal amount of sartorial sense, dog anything: Instagram is nothing if not a repository for clickable content. With a solid four years of carefully crafted images scrolling before our eyes (IG was purchased by Facebook in 2012, marking its unofficial birth into mainstream culture), we should all be forgiven for being just a tiny bit jaded. Beyond the sheer volume of it all, it's common for today's square-crop peddlers to count Insta as their full-time gig, a distinction that's helpful to remember if your own posts ever seem a little blah. All of the above explains why we're obsessed with @MonsieurSaturday's feed. Beyond the obvious (shoes!), Monsieur is run by Octavio Platón Akel, an...
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25 Aug

Are You Even Instagram-Famous If You Don’t Own These Sunglasses?

As a retort to the usually mocking meme format "In 2017, we'll have [done something tremendous] / 2017: [something tremendously stupid]," we actually do have cool stuff: We can shop on Instagram. Whether that's thumbing a photo to be transported directly to a website or seeing the same puff-sleeve top on various influencers until it enters your subconsciousness, social media factoring into the buying process is a thoroughly modern invention. Don't believe me? Think about the smaller e-tailers that show up on your Discover page—and what handmade linen dresses/vintage cardigans you might've bought from them. And take an inventory of this summer's greatest hits, including the much-copied shoulder-tie Reformation dress and basket bags aplenty, whose success can be owed to their...
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21 Aug

This Korean Fashion Designer Is Taking Over Your Insta-Feed

In the age of Instagram, you can thinkyou haven't heard of a brand or designer, but in actuality, you've scrolled by (or even "double-tapped") his or her designs. Such is likely the case with Yune Ho, a Korean designer who got his start working for Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. If you follow a handful of popular fashion bloggers, chances are you've seen his easy dresses and all-around wearable styles before and didn't even realize it. As you can see by the ahead #OOTDs, Ho has become known for tailoring beautiful items in luxurious fabrics that are perfect for everyday wear. His fall '17 collection, in particular, is all about deconstruction and reconstruction, and was (interestingly enough) inspired by plastic chairs. Intrigued?...
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19 Jul

Bloggers Are Loving This Brand’s Summer Dresses

Think about what you’ve worn the last couple of weekends. If you’re anything like us, it’s been dresses on dresses. Sure, there have been some bathing suits and shorts in the mix, but when you’re running out to meet friends for lunch or heading to the beach, nothing screams 'Out of Office' like a simple A-line number, or a wrap-waist frock with a flow-y skirt. For petite girls, though, it can be tough to find a throw-on-and-go dress that fits the chest and waist, and hits at the proper length. But, we’ve noticed a bunch of bloggers are living in Petite Studio's on-trend gingham and bright floral options, items that are made particularly for, you guessed it, petite frames. And while...
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17 Jul

Lady Gaga Loves Supreme, Kendall Jenner Does The White Boot

By now, news of the canceled Louis Vuitton x Supreme pop-ups have made the rounds—but you’d never know by looking at Instagram, where celebrities have certainly been showing their love for the collaboration. First up was Drake: The emotional crooner known for his sleazy-chic style sported a monogram denim jacket, appropriately accessorized with a large wine glass. Lady Gaga also gave a digital shoutout by donning a red coat, leather rucksack, and weekender bag to rep the capsule. Those weren’t the only logos popping up on our feed this week. Curro Verdugo posed for a mirror selfie toting an emerald green, floral print Gucci bag that took up nearly a third of the frame, while Hailey Benton Gates displayed some...
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