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7 Dec

Star Liner Is Here And The Internet Is Freaking Out

When you’re an Instagram-obsessed beauty freak like I am (also known as a beauty editor), you start to see trends to develop in real time: First, you’ll see an iteration of the trend during fashion week, which, after multiple months of silence, will lead to a sudden resurrection by one of your favorite makeup artists, which will then lead to a smattering of copycat photos on Instagram, which will quickly devolve into yet another divisive beauty trend of the year. And today, I bring to you the latest in Internet-created lewks: star liner. Not to be confused, of course, with NASA’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft capsule, which is set to launch in 2018 and currently controlling the #starliner game on Instagram. No, the...
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10 Oct

Black Eyeliner Has Never Been Better


If this past season is anything to go on, a black liner (or perhaps a wardrobe of them) promises seemingly infinite possibilities for transformation. Whether inky pens were used to paint a razor-sharp wing or smudged kohl simulated suggestively slept-in makeup, the runways demonstrated loads of ideas for wielding your favorite black eyeliner. Behold your new favorite ways to make your mark.

Not for the faint of heart or tired of eye, a crisp slick of black reserved for the lower lash lines provided an unexpected twist on typical top lined lids.
At Isa Arfen, makeup artist Andrew Gallimore traced lower lids with Nars Black Valley Eye Paintfor a modern take on traditional “Kabuki makeup.”

Lower lids...
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21 Feb

This Dental Floss Eyeliner Trick Will Give You a Perfect Line Every Time

If you love eyeliner, a good makeup hack, and expertly applied cat eyes, send Instagrammer Makeup By Sugar a virtual fruit basket because she just found a new tool to add to your makeup kit: Dental floss picks. In her how-to, she paints the string portion of one of the little thingamabobs with eyeliner and stamps it on her skin diagonally out from her eyes twice to create the top and bottom line for her wings. Then she fills in the area between the two lines before drawing along her lids from the inner corner to create one long, perfectly smooth line. The result: A completely, non-squiggly, non-janky cat eye. She adds a warning at the end that needs to be highlighted...
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10 Jan

The ‘I’m-Late’ Beauty Essentials to Have in Your Makeup Bag

It’s 9.00am and you just woke up. You’re supposed to come in to work by 9am and you’ve got 10 minutes to get yourself ready and get out the door. But what about makeup? Let’s be honest we’ve had our fair share of episodes where we’re running late, and doing our makeup at home usually takes awhile. We suggest you prep for such situations and have a “I’m-late-for-work” makeup bag. They’re super handy for you to go and do some quick makeup in the loo and go about your office days as normal. Ps…please don’t do your makeup in the car, it’s dangerous! Get to your destination and do it there. You’ll be much safer and quicker! Without further ado, here...
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23 Dec

This $9 Eyeliner Was the Most-Popular Eyeliner at CVS in 2016

Beauty-product recommendations are hardcore subjective. The skin-clearing toner that transforms your face into an ethereal angel may break your friend’s out in hives, and the super-creamy lipstick that your friend swears by might make your mouth look like a flaky, shriveled grape. But the one recommendation you can’t argue with? The one that’s chosen by numbers—cold, hard, numbers, like those on CVS’s list of the most-sold beauty products of 2016. Yeah, get excited. Yesterday, CVS released its list of the 12 best-selling beauty products across all of its stores in the country. Some victors were unsurprising, like the cult-favorite Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (which, by the way, is one of our all-time favorite lip...
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18 Nov

The Blue Eyeliner Trend That’s Everywhere This Week

Now that it's colder outside and the sun goes down at, basically, 3 p.m., I want to wear dark lipsticks and burgundy shadow 24/7. But there's a new blue-eyeliner trend celebs have been rocking lately that is convincing me to add a typically spring-leaning color to my beauty routine. Instead of brushing blue shadow all over the lid or subbing in a cerulean for black when drawing on winged liner, this trend is all about working the lower lash line. Yesterday, Joan Smalls posted a picture on Instagram of a look that makeup artist Porsche Cooper created. The model's lower lash line was rimmed with a scintillating sky-blue liner that pretty much instantly inspired me to go buy one. Then,...
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7 Sep

Spiral Eyeliner Is Trending And We Wish We Could Do It


Eyeliner is difficult enough. Personally, I gave up years ago and accepted the facts – I am not a liquid liner kinda girl, I’m a smudgy khol pencil girl, and that’s just fine.

It’s a shame, but no matter how much I try and create the perfect cat flick something always goes wrong. So, you can imagine just how much respect I have for all those beauty bloggers out there who have their flicks on fleek.

I thought i’d seen some impressive liner in my time, I was wrong. The game has just been changed, people. May I present to you spiral liner: your cat eye with an added, multicoloured swirly spiral encasing it…

i got tagged in this super dope ribbon/spiral liner...
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4 Sep

Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Has a $3 Cat-Eye Hack That Will Change Your Life


Beyoncé is a superhuman. So naturally we assume that while us mortals spend 15 minutes trial-and-error-ing cat eyes with lackluster results, she slashes on two 💯 feline flicks in one fell swoop. However, we now know that she has a game-changing hack for us to steal so that we, too, can achieve cat eyes worthy of her glorious, Funny-Face-inspired 2011 "Countdown" video.

In a new tutorial with Amazon's Style Code Live, Bey's makeup artist Sir John revealed a trick we can only assume that Bey's picked up from him over the years. "Everyone's like, 'How do I perfect my wing?'" he explains. "The answer is pointed cotton buds." All you have to do is dampen the tapered Q-tip, then glide it...
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15 May

The Newest Instagram Beauty Trend Looks Like You Messed Up Your Eye Makeup On Purpose


Achieving a perfectly straight winged cat eye is hard AF. Especially if you were born with shaky hands like me and it's damn near impossible to keep them steady. But thanks to makeup artist and beauty YouTuber Jenny Gonzalez, bumpy eyeliner just became a thing. This MUA just changed the game with the introduction of a new eyeliner trick that's currently taking over Instagram.
Meet bubble eyeliner:

How to bubble eyeliner! #howto #youtuber #liner #liner #like #bubble @hudabeauty @wakeupandmakeup @auroramakeup @vegas_nay link in bio!!! Full tutorial
Snapchat Jennygmakeup(@jennyg_makeup)님이 게시한 동영상님, 2016 4월 26 오후 10:55 PDT

This scalloped liner look is similar to regular eyeliner, but instead of a smooth, straight line, you apply your liquid eyeliner in tiny bubbles. So fun!

@hudabeauty #vegas_nay #festival makeup @vegas_nay #anastasiabeverlyhills @anastasiabeverlyhills

Snapchat Jennygmakeup(@jennyg_makeup)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 4월 14 오후 2:28 PDT

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21 Sep

3 Cool Eyeliner Ideas to Steal From the Runway

It’s a safe bet that most of us know our way around a bold lipstick at this point—toss a matte red, deep burgundy or bright orange our way and we won’t flinch. Something we may be less skilled at achieving? A statement-making eye, which were a focal point across several Fall 2015 runways. We’re not talking about a little extra mascara, either: we’re talking about seriously cool new eyeliner ideas that not only feel fresh, but convey the message that you’re not effing around when it comes beauty this fall. Here, we talked to some of the best makeup artists in the business to find out their favorite bold liner looks from the runway, and got their tips for making them work on this side of the catwalk. [caption id="attachment_480013"...
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