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4 Dec

Dries Van Noten On Getting Lost IN Fashion’s Circus

The very name "Dries Van Noten" bares a mythic quality in the fashion zeitgeist. Notably grouped with the famous Antwerp Six clan, the designer has forged a solid career through tireless work, and a wondrous combination of cultural references and innovation that have felt remarkably new every season. Yet it feels as if he and his eponymous brand have always been with us. Dries is one of many speakers at the annual Business of Fashion VOICES conference at Soho Farmhouse. We nestle into a cozy corner of a grand wood-clad barn on a frosty morning before his live stream talk with BoF's Tim Blanks. Ahead, we speak about his milestone 100th show, what the youth of today shouldn't fear, and just how obsessed he...
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2 Nov

A Sartorial Reflection On The Colour Red For A/W17

Mohair Argyle dress and silk ribbed thigh-high socks by Missoni-
Photography by Tim Elkaïm, Styling by Chloe Grace Press

We take a moment to mediate on the most provocative shade of all

“Red protects itself. No colour is as territorial. It stakes a claim, is on the alert against the spectrum,” said filmmaker Derek Jarman in his 1994 book Chroma: A Book of Color. The incendiary nature of the colour red has started political revolutions, indulged in pleasures of the flesh and flirted with danger in its many forms throughout the history of cinema, art and fashion alike. Hues of scarlet, crimson, vermilion and burgundy, incorporated into on-screen costume and propelled down the runway, act as telling flags to the nature of its wearer, not to mention the intention of a designer. Here, we present 16 red pieces of clothing for Autumn/Winter 2017, as...
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1 Sep

Dries Van Noten Celebrates 100 Collections With Two New Books


Once described by The New York Times as being "one of fashion's most cerebral designers," Dries Van Noten has continued to create collections that embody an intellectual aesthetic and unmatched spirit of independence season after season. This past March marked the Belgian brand's one hundredth show and to celebrate, the designer is releasing a book set including over 2,000 photos from his archives. Text within each book includes a recount of the inspirations, creative references and context of each collection written by renowned journalists Susannah Frankel and Tim Blanks. Click through to take a sneak-peek inside Dries Van Noten 1-100, the book set that will be available for purchase worldwide this October.

Marleen Daniels
Marleen Daniels

Fall 1996 Show

[vc_single_image image="61150" img_size="full"...
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10 Nov

The Romance of a Dries Van Noten Pearl String Vest

Dries van Noten Embroidered Cocteau Acrylic pearls on thread, ecru colour Pearls are formed from a foreign body that has made itself home inside the shell of a mollusc. The mussel, oyster or clam then secretes a substance called nacre around the irritant, crafting a hardened sphere of opalescent layers. For centuries, we have harvested these jewels as a symbol of decadence and wealth; a highly prized gem to be cultivated in the art of dress and adornment, cloaked in romantic mythology. Many a starry-eyed fable has been woven: Cleopatra dissolved a single pearl in a glass of vinegar and drank it, simply to win a wager with Mark Antony that she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in just...
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3 Nov

Dries Van Noten Is The Next Designer To Get The Documentary Treatment


Alexander McQueen isn't the only designer getting the movie treatment this year. A new documentary, titled Dries, is putting the spotlight on Belgian designer Dries Van Noten.
According to WWD, the film will highlight the designer's 25-year-long career in the fashion industry. Dries will showcase the designer's atelier and home while following his production of four collections a year. Along with Van Noten, the film will also include interviews with industry insiders like Iris Apfel, Suzy Menkes and Pamela Golbin.

Dries Van Noten at his Spring 2017 show

he documentary will be distributed by Dogwoof Pictures and was produced by Reiner Holzemer, who followed the designer around for a year. Holzemar revealed that getting Van Noten to participate in...
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