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11 Jan

Drake Uses Activated Charcoal, Here’s Why You Should Too

It's hard to keep track of what's going on with Drake these days when he's not doing promo for an album release cycle, but every now and then he lets us in on what's good in the 6ix. Apparently, he's really into activated charcoal right now, as revealed in a comment on this Instagram photo of him in the club flashing his signature smile. Someone foolishly attempted to accuse Champagne Papi of having food stuck in his pearly whites, but Drake did not hesitate at the chance to clap back and put them in their rightful place. "I have a pink diamond in my tooth," he replied. "I brush with activated charcoal before any club night where I will see baddies know...
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17 Nov

Drake Is Opening A Store In London Tomorrow


A new OVO flagship store is opening tomorrow in Soho

You might not have realised but when he’s not rescuing fans from creepy dudes, Drake has been very busy infiltrating the fashion industry. Over the past couple of months, he has worn custom Prada for his tour, created a single for the Louis Vuitton SS18 menswear show and bought a load of Birkin bags for his future wife. That’s without even mentioning his own line OVO (October’s Very Own), that he has been working on since 2008. The brand currently has stores in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles but has announced that it will be opening its first UK-based store in London. We already know that Champagne Papi loves the city – he moved to London to star in the next season of Top...
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15 Nov

AtThese Hermès Birkin Bags Are Going Up For Auction

Last week, it was revealed that Drake, like many of us, is a fan of Hermès Birkin bags. The only difference is that he's already started collecting these luxury handbags to give to his future wife, whoever she may be. "There's very few tangible things in this world that hold their value and appreciate as the years go on," Drizzy told The Hollywood Reporter. "It was one of those things that I started collecting as well for, I guess, the woman that I end up with one day. So I have a fairly vast collection of Hermès for that somebody at that point in life." Luckily for the Toronto rapper and his fellow Birkin fans, Christie's will sell some of these...
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9 Nov

Drake Has Been Collecting Birkin Bags For Years For His Future Wife


As Rihanna would say, "When he extra."

Drake is still a single guy (as far as we know), but he's ready to shower his future wife with gifts. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the rapper revealed that he's already stocking up on Hermès Birkin bags for The One, whoever she ends up being. Drizzy (née Aubrey Graham) "deflected questions about his love life," but he left us with this very important nugget of information instead: He reveals that he has been collecting Birkin bags for years, a gift for "the woman I end up with." To that, we respond with the famous Rihanna-ism: "When he extra!!" But we also can't help but wonder: Does Drizzy buy each bag himself? Does he personalize...
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26 Oct

Rihanna Skipped Drake’s Childish Birthday Party, Deflates His Attempt To Become A Man

This week, Drake did exactly what the zodiac told him to do—he threw a big party. Taking the inverse of his 31st birthday and turning it into a 13th birthday bar mitzvah extravaganza, October’s Very Own Scorpio threw himself a “re-bar mitzvah,” and celebrated his transition from boy to man with a long list of famous friends that included Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Jamie Foxx. One celebrity, however, was noticeably absent from Aubrey’s Re-Bar Mitzvah, and he is crushed about it. That's right, Rihanna reportedly did not show up to her ex-boyfriend's birthday party. There are a few potential reactions Drake may have had to being snubbed by Rihanna at his own birthday bash, one of which likely included an emotional moment in the bathroom, wherein he pointed in the mirror and...
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23 Feb

Watch Rihanna And Drake’s Raunchy Two-Part Video For ‘Work’

The new visual sees the musicians dance in a Caribbean restaurant before Ri-Ri twerks in a purple-lit room   After a lot of teasing on Twitter, the much-anticipated video for Rihanna and Drake’s new track “Work” has finally arrived and guess what? It’s actually two videos. In the first, which was directed by Director X (the same guy who made “Hotline Bling”) Rihanna and Drake get steamy in a crowded Caribbean restaurant in Toronto, before Ri-Ri ditches Drake to twerk at herself in the mirror (as anybody would if they were Rihanna). The second one, which was directed by Tim Erem, also features the two artists dancing, but this time they’re alone in a purple-lit room as Drake watches from the sofa...
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