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13 Nov

Welcome To The Coco Club


Leaning in to the old adage that time is the greatest luxury, Chanel has created the Coco Club—a new space in New York for fans to unwind and pamper themselves, and to promote its new Boy∙Friend watch collection.
This Sunday, the luxury brand will be taking over the SoHo location of The Wing (a women-only work and social space) redesigning the already bright and feminine rooms in the French house’s traditional minimalist aesthetic. Luxe cream and black furniture adorned with the label’s interlocking “CC” logo are juxtaposed with vintage picture frames and trinkets, as well as the neon pink photo booths where guests will have their portraits taken for their club “passports.”

Riffing on traditional men’s social clubs,...
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17 Oct

Revisiting Coco Chanel’s Apartment

Coco Chanel's hat shop first opened its doors at 21 rue Cambon in Paris. After finding success—and with it, the need to expand—the legendary designer moved operations down the street, to the now-iconic 31 locale in 1918. Purchasing the entire building, this is where Mademoiselle Chanel housed the new boutique, a presentation space for her collections, and her apartment, which has remained untouched today. Of course, calling it an apartment is a bit misleading as it is not a living space—there's no bedroom because she preferred the Ritz—but rather a parlor for entertainment. Over the past decades, this deeply-personal abode has captured the interests of countless, so it comes to no surprise that to commemorate its latest timepiece today, the...
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30 Aug

Kristen Stewart Dances To Beyoncé In Chanel’s New Perfume Ad


Back in May, Chanel announced that four-year brand ambassador Kristen Stewartwould be the face of the fashion house's latest fragrance, Gabrielle.
Today, the promotional film for Gabrielle launched, and in the minute-long clip overseen by commercial director Ringan Ledwidge, Stewart dances to a Beyoncé track.
Stewart breaks out of a gauzy canister—a cocoon, the brand explained in a statement—and then runs, trails of gauze rippling behind her, full-steam into a wall of Chanel Gabrielle perfume bottles. All the while, Beyoncé's somewhat under-appreciated 2009 ballad "Runnin'" plays.

If you're looking for more of a narrative, well good, that was the point. "We deliberately took the opposite line from storytelling," Thomas du Pré de Saint-Maur, Chanel's head of global creative resources said in a statement. "Instead...
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9 Aug

5 Things You Don’t Know About Chanel N°5


Out of all the perfumes in the world, there's only one Chanel N°5. The original fragrance brainchild of Coco Chanel has become synonymous with luxury, gracing vanities all over the world for the past ninety-six years. While most people are familiar with its sparkling floral scent, there's more behind this best-selling bottle than meets the eye. Here are five little known facts about the classic perfume.

1. It was inspired by women.

After coming up with the idea to create a perfume for her fashion brand during a meeting with friends in Monte Carlo, Chanel reached out to master perfumer Ernest Beaux. She wanted the scent to be one of kind while also resembling her style...
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21 Mar

Meet The New Chanel Bag Collection To Covet: Gabrielle


Gabrielle Chanel became known for making clothing and accessories that epitomized the modern day woman, as they were not only elegant, but also functional. Over the past 30 years Karl Lagerfeld has continued to recreate pieces that achieve this quality, and the launch of Chanel's 'Gabrielle' bag collection does exactly this.
Marking the brand's first major bag collection since 'The Boy' in 2011, the collection was introduced during the Spring-Summer 2017 Ready-to-Wear runway show, and is modeled after the binocular cases men used to wear over the shoulder at the racecourse.

Courtesy Chanel
Courtesy Chanel
The handbag comes in a classic hobo version, that is also available as a backpack, large shopper and more whimsical purse. The adjustable strap similarly lets you...
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