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12 Feb

How To Become A #Chromatbabe

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Chromat has become New York's champion of diverse casting, inviting every type of model on their runway — all ages, all sizes, all genders, all races. And while the brand's contemporaries have slowly begun to embrace inclusivity during NYFW, Chromat is the original, helmed by designer Becca McCharen, who's followed this doors-open policy since day one. Thirty minutes into their pre-show casting, there was already a line down to the street with excited potential models, including PAPER favorite Yasmin Geurts. We were there to witness the fun, celebratory atmosphere, and talk with both McCharen and her casting director Gilleon Smith about the importance of authentic representation in fashion. PAPER: What's the relationship between casting and this season's show concept? Becca McCharen: The concept for this...
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