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10 Jul

Bella Hadid And Kendall Jenner Are Having a Major Bonding Moment In Europe


Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been inseparable lately. The models were together in Paris recently for Paris Couture Fashion Week and they strengthened their bond.

Kendall posted a couple of Instagrams that say it all:

me and @bellahadid rn
Kendall(@kendalljenner)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 7월 7 오후 4:06 PDT


Kendall(@kendalljenner)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 7월 8 오전 7:08 PDT

Saturday, the models/apparent best friends moved on to London, where they watched Kylie Jenner's much-rumored boyfriend, Travis Scott, perform during day 2 of the Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park.


From Harper's BAZAAR

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16 Jun

Did You Spot The Major Mistake In The Kim Kardashian X Kylie Cosmetics Collab?


When Kylie Jenner teamed up with her style twin Kim Kardashian for a makeup collab, the beauty world was rightfully shook to the freaking core. The totally nude line debuted a new velvet lipstick formula that was so epic, Kylie added it permanently to the Kylie Cosmetics lineup.
But there were a few hiccups along the way to lipstick success (probably goofy af ones, like Kylie gets). For one, the promo pics looked like bacon. Sorry, Kim, but they did. The second mistake was pretty massive – but you probably didn't even notice it.

Kylie Cosmetics(@kyliecosmetics)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 5월 3 오후 12:26 PDT

Kim is the one who actually pointed the mishap out on the season thirteen finale of Keeping Up With...
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12 Jun

This Brand Is Calling Kylie Jenner Out For Copying Its Designs


Yesterday, Kylie Jenner launched a new camouflage collection on her merch site, The Kylie Shop. The fare includes hats, bikinis, sweat pants, crop tops, tees, hoodies and even lighters in various camos shades. However, as the 19-year-old promoted the products ahead of the release, she was called out for appropriating fashion trends made popular by the black community. Fans used Destiny's Child as an example—they famously sported all-camo outfits in 2001 in their "Survivor" music video.

Y'all tried it
— Patrick Smith (@PatSmith04) 2017년 6월 7일

Every time this girl does something, they say she is starting a trend.

— Zaphnath-Paaneah (@Zaphnath_) 2017년 6월 7일

Now, it appears not only did Jenner appropriate the styles, she actually ripped them off from New York-based...
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12 Jun

Kylie Jenner Accused Of Stealing Camo Looks From An Independent Designer


On Thursday, Kylie Jenner teased an all-new camo collection for her merch line, sold at But shortly after her announcement, she was called out for reportedly copying an NYC-based indie designer named PluggedNYC.

Camo Caps available now at
Official Kylie Jenner Shop(@thekylieshop)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 6월 9 오전 7:05 PDT

Plugged's creative director, Tizita Balemlay, claims Kylie's team asked for a package of her designs, including swimwear, which Plugged sent over. Balemlay has posted an alleged e-mail exchange between her team and Kylie's:

The black owned company that Kylie stole her camo clothes idea from is posting the receipts of when Kylie ordered from them and I'm LIVING

— Kelsha. (@kelshareese) 2017년 6월 9일

In addition, the designer has sounded off on her Instagram account, posting...
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17 May

Elle Fanning Is The New Face Of L’Oreal Paris


Like her sister Dakota, Elle Fanning charmed the fashion industry from a young age, starring in campaigns for Tiffany & Co., Miu Miu, and Marc by Marc Jacobs starting at 13 years old. Now 19, the actress has announced she's the face of another major company, this time in the beauty space.
Today, L'Oreal Paris named Elle one of their ambassadors. The actress will officially assume her role at the Cannes Film Festival (where L'Oreal Paris is a longtime beauty partner), where two movies of hers are screening, The Beguiled and How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

I can FINALLY let you all in on the mega SURPRISE!!!! 🎉 I am officially a #lorealista 💄 !!!!! Thank you @lorealmakeup for welcoming...
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16 May

The 10 Best Beauty Instagrams Of The Week

Relaxation was still at the center of this week’s beauty Instagrams, with the best square-cropped snaps featuring tranquil vistas, spa-ready ensembles, and updated takes on tried-and-true routines. Bella Hadid took a break from reality in a tropical locale, reminding followers of the looming season of bikinis with a bronze physique primed for beach days. The Tuscan city of Florence found Suki Waterhouse appraising the view from a picturesque perch, her baby blonde strands secured in a bouffant that, when accompanied by a flick of onyx pigment and a lush lash line, brought to mind a modern Bardot. An arch of cerulean eyeliner afforded Ruby Aldridge’s lounge look a dose of whimsy—a feeling furthered by a duo of brunette buns—while Gwyneth Paltrow...
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15 May

Cole Sprouse From ‘Riverdale’ Just Took Some *Beautiful* Photos Of Kendall Jenner In Malibu

Cole Sprouse not only plays your favorite beanie-rocking nerd-man Jughead on Riverdale, but he's also a crazy talented photographer who shot a spread for the Sunday Times cover starring Kendall Jenner. Cole and crew headed to Malibu to shoot Kendall in a series of boho looks that would make the new Miley scream with jealously. (Or, uh, maybe just pick a daisy sullenly/poetically in a field of wildflowers.) It's very shabby chic. (Can you say about about clothing? Well, you should be able to!) Although I would like it noted for the record, as someone who lives not far from Malibu, these recent deceptions of the ocean-side town are rather generous/delusional. The Malibu I know is filled with $18 juices, car congestion...
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1 May

People Aren’t Happy With Kendall Jenner And Bella Hadid From Promoting Fyre Festival


Fyre Festival has become internet famous for all of the wrong reasons. From its terrifying campsite, to reports of feral dogs roaming the island, the elite music festival in the Bahamas definitely hasn't gone to plan. And now, people are turning on Fyre Festival promoters Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and other celebrities who advertised the event.

As well as accusing Fyre Festival of being a scam, attendees are unhappy with the fact that Hadid has been pictured in Miami, enjoying herself with friends. Clearly, the model got a memo way before members of the public did, to avoid Fyre Festival at all costs. And following on from the Pepsi commercial scandal, Jenner isn't having the greatest year when it comes...
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25 Apr

Gigi Hadid Painted, Partied, And Went On a Helicopter Ride For Her 22nd Birthday


For her 21st birthday last year, Gigi Hadid had a party with family, went to the beach in Malibu with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, and sister, Bella Hadid, and then ended the weekend at Coachella—which she, Taylor Swift, and Calvin Harris flew to via private plane.
For her 22nd birthday yesterday, Gigi painted, went on a sunset helicopter ride, wore a pink wig at her party, and got many, many giant bouquets of flowers in New York. (None as big as the massive one Cody Simpson sent two years ago, but hey.)

Gigi Hadid carrying one bouquet of flowers out in New York City.
Gigi Hadid carrying one bouquet of flowers out in New York City. / GETTY
The day started low-key, with she and sis Bella Hadid water coloring. Bella documented their creations on her Instagram stories. Zayn's eyeball got a special portrait,...
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