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21 Aug

Here’s Exactly What Eyebrow Threading Really Feels Like


I sincerely didn't expect it.

When I was in 7th grade, my mom finally grew tired of my piercing shrieks that sounded each time I asked her to pluck my eyebrows, and decided it was time for me to get them waxed. So off I went to the salon, believing I'd step out looking like my idol, Hilary Duff, and promptly steal the hearts of 13-year-old boys everywhere.

I did not. Instead, I had my brows viciously ripped off and plucked into oblivion, until I was left with only two little tadpoles, along with patches of intensely red, sore skin. I cried the entire car ride home, and I refused to ever let anyone touch my brows again. It turns...
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12 May

Wet N Wild Just Launched a Unicorn Makeup Collection For Only $30


As the unicorn beauty phenomenon rages on, prices for rainbow-hued products have expectedly remained high. A "Unicorn Essence" serum comes in at $54 while a set of unicorn horn-shaped brushes is priced at $39. Now, thanks to Wet n Wild, you'll be able to get an entire collection of unicorn makeup for less than both those items. Whether you love the unicorn trend or could live without it, you can't deny $30 for eight products is a pretty sweet deal.


The Limited Edition Unicorn Glow Summer Collection includes Mega Last Prismatic Lipsticks ($4 each), the Unicorn Highlighting Brush ($5), two new shades of the Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter ($6 each), and Color Icon Pigments ($3).

We are WILD...
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10 May

Yellow Blush Is The Latest Mystifying Instagram Trend


Rihanna's Met Gala beauty look was a bold reminder that blush can do very cool things to the face in drop-dead-gorgeous fashion. But these days—with no-makeup makeup and an extreme Instagram highlight on either end of the trend spectrum—blush can, sadly, get lost in the mix. That's why we're fully here for an unorthodox new look gaining traction: Yellow blush.

So I finally did the yellow blush and I LOVE IT! 🐥✨🍋💛I used @nevecosmetics eyeshadow Banana. Now I want to try a thousand other non-conventional shades for blush 😍
💗 Tova Tomiko(@tomikosbeauty)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 1월 4 오전 7:45 PST

While rouge traditionally falls in the red, pink, or taupe color family, a handful of makeup artists and beauty vloggers are bucking tradition...
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10 Apr

The Cool Girl’s Guide To Spring Beauty Trends


When it comes to your eye makeup palette this season, pick a color, any color. Though you can't go wrong with a shadow in jewel tones like emerald and sapphire blue. Start by filling-in your entire lid with a creamy and colorful eyeliner to get the maximum opacity. Then sweep a matching shadow across your entire lid. Don't be afraid to color outside the lines—this is no time for caution. Pair your artfully painted eyes with a hairstyle that serves as the ultimate blank canvas: a deep side ponytail or pushed-back part.

William Lords
William Lords
William Lords
William Lords
Shop the Look: L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Pocket Palette in Avant Garde Azure, $9.99,; Marc Jacobs...
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4 Apr

Bad-Girl Bobs! Meet The Cut That’s a Breakout Beauty Trend

Between its reliable wash-and-go appeal and smart, cheekbone-enhancing length, the bob can skid dangerously close to sensible haircut territory. But as some of Instagram’s brightest beauty stars are showing, fashion’s favorite style most certainly has a bad-gal twin. Call it bombshell backlash: It’s telling that Suki Waterhouse, who in the past has done her part to transform bedhead from a guaranteed bad-hair day into the most-requested looks from the street style playbook, tinted her new above-the-shoulder chop a punkish candy pink. Cara Delevingne has also abandoned sun-streaked Brit-girl waves for a white-hot bob that can read quasi-ladylike with a round brush blowout or rock chick when left to dry in the breeze. Meanwhile, Olivia Wildeditched her “Melania hair” for a blanched...
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9 Mar

The Best Beauty Looks From Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017


The hair and makeup looks we loved from the Paris runways.

CHANEL The Look: Chanelarella How-To: Barbarella was released in 1968. Man first walked on the moon in 1969. And in 2017, Karl Lagerfeld made history by launching a rocket from inside the Grand Palais in Paris. It was easy to see where the hair and makeup references came from this for this space travel-inspired season; hairstylist Sam McKnight dubbed the voluminous hair "Chanelarella" on Instagram. The sky-high, '60s-inspired volume could only be achieved by one technique: teasing. And then more teasing. McKnight and his team backcombed and fluffed the hair until the last second the models hit the runway. A headband—either plain black or bedazzled—was then secure right along the hairline. The...
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2 Mar

This Graffiti Hair Artist Is Taking Dye Jobs To a Whole New Level


Graffiti hair became a full-fledged trend over the summer, and since then we've seen a slew of trippy, colorful iterations. But perhaps the most impressive of them all are the creations of hair graffiti artist Daniel Moon at Ramirez Tran salon. Fun fact: Moon is the colorist that gave Kanye West his swirly pink-and-yellow-gold hair.

GLO'D UP @kanyewest 🚨🚨🚨 #kanyewest #la #majormooncolor
Daniel Moon(@majormoonn)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 1월 1 오후 4:31 PST

On men and women alike, Moon dreams up murals on customized to different cuts and textures. One of the designs Moon is most proud of is the treatment he gave model Adwoa Aboah—color blocking her buzz cut with neon yellow, pastel pink, bright purple, white, and more, then punctuating it with...
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17 Feb

The 7 Biggest Beauty Trends Of NYFW


New York Fashion Week has come to a close. But while we have to wait until fall for the clothes, there's nothing stopping us from jumping on the beauty trends. Here are this season's most buzzed about hair and makeup looks.


We're said it before and we'll say it again—the lower lashes are the new upper lashes. For proof, look no further than the Jeremy Scott show, where makeup artist Kabuki glued individual, extra-long MAC lashes on the lower lash line. Then, at Tadashi Shoji, Pep Gay for MAC applied loose glitter between each of the lower lashes for a '60s rock 'n' roll feel.

2 COOL-GIRL EYELINER Whether you've been out...
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13 Feb

The Best Beauty Trends From NYFW Fall 2017


These are the fall hair, makeup, and nail moments we loved backstage.



You can always expect some riff on the party girl archetype at the Alexander Wang runway show. Last season, it was a party girl on the beach. This season, it was the girl after the party had ended—with her heavy black eyeliner imperfectly smudged and her hair rumpled and fuzzy, as if she had spent the night on a stranger's pillow.

JONATHAN SIMKHAI One of the biggest beauty statements on the New York runways this season was actually so small, you might have missed it. We're not talking about the dark, insanely glossy lips at Jonathan Simkhai (though they were stunning). Look...
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24 Jan

“Wire Nails” Are The Go-To Manicure Of The Future


Eun Kyung Park, founder of Unistella salon, has been the mastermind behind many a next-level nail art look (we're still in awe of glass nails, btw)—but her latest innovation, which we're calling "wire nails," may be the most game-changing of all.
Using gold wire, Park creates sculptural 3D designs including stiletto tips, cuticle accents, and even abstract-art-inspired human faces on the nail beds. Both beautiful and practical (clear nail polish = no chips), there are definite "this is the manicure of the future" vibes happening here.

When we reached out to Park to learn more about her cutting-edge technique, she told us that it's actually a nod to the art of the neon sign.

#linework 해봄 궁금해서 자야지이제😴 #wireworknail #unistella 유니스텔라 네일_박은경(@nail_unistella)님이 게시한 사진님,...
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