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20 Apr

I Took The Bombshell Beauty Challenge

After a dramatic haircut last fall that left my lob a '90s-inspired mullet, I found myself settling into a uniform of oversize sweaters, flats, and tinted lip balms. After receiving no less than three compliments on my "androgynous style" in one month, I started to find myself gazing at vintage photos of Brigitte Bardot in her cinched waists and Scarlett Johansson vamping for the camera. "How does that feel?" I wondered. And so began an exploration into embodying the bombshell. The first step in achieving bombshell-dom is figuring out exactly what a bombshell is, especially in 2017. For almost 80 years, the bombshell has been blond, comic- book curvy, and magnetic. A bombshell is more than hot: A hot girl can...
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