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31 Oct

Artist Toyin Ojih Odutola Finally Gets Her Due At The Whitney

I’ve been to a lot of art openings. They're usually the same: the not-so-subtle posturing, the atmosphere as stale as the snacks proffered, the indifferent crowds outside smoking cigarettes and drinking cheap wine. Toyin Ojih Odutola’s opening at the Whitney Museum of American Art was different. Marking her first solo show in NYC, To Wander Determined, the event was more reunion than reception. This night, filled with Black artists, scholars, curators, stylists, and writers who have praised Ojih Odutola’s genius for years and waited on places like the Whitney to catch up, felt like a collective triumph. Museums like the Whitney, Guggenheim, and even the more progressive Brooklyn Museum have been historically known to exclude black women artists—and only in recent years...
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17 May

Model Turn Embroidery Artist

제목 없음

We’ve heard about models turning into mogul but what about an embroidery artist? 

When we think of models, we always think of them walking the runways, going for red-carpet events, and exclusive parties to attend. It’s a glamorous life, isn’t it? One model has is turning our expectation on its head and that is non other than our very own Sheena Liam, an international model working in Los Angeles, Paris and London with an unconventional past time: embroidery (yup, you read it right).

Warrior with braids, on display in Chi Chi Von Tang, Scotts Square Singapore. My pieces are usually 5x5 inches, this one right here measures 5x5 feet and was a pleasant challenge. (Sorry the spotlights make for very overblown pictures.)...
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20 Apr

Here’s a First Look At The Staff Uniforms For Designer And Artist Susan Cianciolo’s Run Restaurant At The Whitney

In 2001, Susan Cianciolo set up Run Restaurant inside New York’s Alleged Galleries. It was a restaurant–meets–art installation hybrid named for her since-shuttered fashion label, Run, with a functioning kitchen, a full menu, a small indoor water garden, and a gift shop. Now, Cianciolo is revisiting Run Restaurantfor the 2017 Whitney Biennial, setting up her own artful atmosphere inside the museum’s Untitled restaurant on the ground floor. The first dinner in the series will take place this evening and run until Thursday. Tickets are $125 for a five-course chef Michael Anthony–prepared meal, which will be served by a waitstaff dressed in custom uniforms designed by Cianciolo. “The uniforms are in line with my history of handcrafted patchwork,” explains Cianciolo. “They are...
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14 Oct

This Is How Iconic Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama Was Reintroduced to the West


Beloved of art tastemakers, the fashion world, and casual museum Instagrammers, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is now a universal figure of inspiration and intrigue.
In a new video series, Eyes on Fire, senior curator of global arts at the Guggenheim Museum, Alexandra Munroe, talks about reintroducing the cult artist—who was admired by New York City art insiders like Andy Warhol—to Western audiences in 1989.

In this clip, exclusive to, Munroe talks about Kusama's signature work with public spaces, including a 2012 collaboration between the artist and Louis Vuitton that reimagined the fashion label's New York City store facade.

Eyes on Fire will debut in late 2016.


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9 Sep

Nicolas Jaar Returns with 6 Hour Set Streaming ON NTS

After attempts to save the hallmark of London’s nightlife scene, fabric, were shunned last night, today seems like a dark day for electronic music. Swathes of artists, fans, organisers and those charming Polish elderly ravers were among the many who voiced their support to prevent the closure of the Farringdon nightclub, but it seems all of this – not to mention the petition that garnered nearly 150,000 signatures – still wasn’t enough. A decision as monumental as this is no doubt a harsh blow to UK culture, and to electronic music as a whole. Yet it’s in times like this that we need reminding of why this is an industry, a culture, a community worth celebrating and fighting for – making today a...
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18 May

This Hair Magician Creates Beyond Impressive Hair Art On People’s Heads


Finally. It’s all happening. Hair art is here, and now we’re questioning everything we thought we knew about our own hair.

Japanese stylist, Ryoji Imaizumi, has been called a “hair magician” and it’s not because he can pull a rabbit out of his hat. His hair designs are the haute couture of the salon world, and his designs are mesmerizing everyone, thanks to his Instagram. Imaizumi uses intricate designs, props and unusual colors to make magic out of hair.

#todaysshootingwith#model#actress#西内まりあ @nishiuchi_mariya ちゃんとでの撮影でした ☆*:.。. .。.:*☆☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆☆*:.。..:*☆ 🌸💐🌸🌺🌾🌼🌷🌸🌺🌸🌸🌼🌾🌷💐 #hair @ryojiimaizumi #make @barbiemichiru #style @keikosasaki_mylan
リョージ イマイズミ Ryoji Imaizumi(@ryojiimaizumi)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 5월 15 오후 11:37 PDT

W magazine reports that the 41-year-old stylist’s work ranges from editorial shoots (with various international Vogue magazines) to advertising campaigns to private work for...
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4 Apr

Artist Miranda Makaroff Creates Good Vibes On The Internet And IRL


Meet Miranda Makaroff: she's a visual artist with sick personal style, as well as a DJ, actor and designer. Currently based in Madrid, Miranda makes hyper-colourful paintings and sculptures that we really dig, while her cute/kitsch outfits are like Alessandro Michele's Gucci IRL.

We caught up with Miranda to talk about erotic drawings, fashion versus art, and being yourself on the internet. Rafael Martinez: How did your interest in art begin? Miranda Makaroff: I've been lucky to have artistic parents, who were in charge of my art and creative life. My father, the Argentinean singer Sergio Makaroff, left his country when he was 18 and he's always been very free and a rebel. I've spent my whole life listening to him sing...
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22 Mar

Tracing Frida Kahlo’s Influence on the Fashion World

Maya Hansen/Foto UGO CAMERA / IFEMA 2012
Fifty years after Frida Kahlo died in her home in Mexico City, her most private rooms were finally opened to the public, revealing a trove of diaries, letters, and hundreds of clothes still perfumed by paint and cigarettes. When the items became available to the Frida Kahlo Museum in 2004, the brocade corsets and hand-embroidered silk skirts were rumored to grow heavy at night, as if her spirit had returned to wear them. Fashion was as much a part of Kahlo's paintings as her daily life: She spent hours in front of the mirror getting dressed and loved shopping at department stores as much as the shops in San Francisco's Chinatown. The book Frida Kahlo: Fashion As the Art of Being,...
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22 Oct

This Instagram Artist Just Replaced All Your Favorite Supermodels With Disney Princesses

Bye-bye, Gigi. We'll catch you later, Kendall. One by one, Instagram artist Gregory Masouras has plucked the heads off our favorite supermodels and replaced them with Disney princesses. OK — only by design. In fact, Greg's whole feed is full of our favorite animated characters walking the runway, starring in campaigns, covering magazines, and strolling along the red carpet at the Met Gala — their heads superimposed on the bodies of major It girls. We're not the only ones taking note. Marc Jacobs recently shared one of Greg's pieces — a snap of The Little Mermaid's Ursula taking the place of Beth Ditto at the designer's Spring '16 show. Greg calls his project #AnimationInReality, and while his collection is merely a series...
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24 Aug

Artist James Merry’s Embroidered Everyday Clothes

Artist James Merry is taking already cool clothes and transforming them into something truly incredible. The New York- and Iceland-based embroidery whiz is whipping up designs on everything from sweatshirts to baseball caps — and we're totally mesmerized by it all.While his designs may be easy to miss due to their small size or inconspicuous placement, once you take notice, you will find yourself enthralled by the rich detail. Not surprisingly, custom sewing is James's speciality; he also has a pretty awesome side gig designing custom masks and other embroidered pieces for singer Björk. Check out his amazing creations here. Written by Aemilia Madden, writer for popsugar.comSource - Source - Instagram user j.t.merry...
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