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7 Dec

Cos Opens Miami Art Basel With Bubbles & Booze

1200x600 (1)

Last night COS and Studio Swine kicked off Design Miami and, unofficially, Art Basel Miami Beach, which begins later this week, with a party celebrating the second iteration of their New Spring series.

The series centers on an installation — held in Miami at Temple House in Miami Beach — comprised of whimsical white tubes in the shape of a willow tree that emit scent-filled bubbles that evaporate into mist upon skin contact. Guests of the party could try on a pair of fabric gloves that, when reacting to the bubbles, would prolong their shape and allow you to play around with the fragile orbs.

In partnership with @designmiami, we’ve collaborated with London-based artists @studio_swine to restage New Spring, an interactive multisensory...
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24 Nov

Feminist Betty Tompkins Is Changing The Art World With Sex

Her art is rebellious, controversial, and ballsy—literally, in the case of some of her giant genitalia paintings (hello, large-scale, up-close scrotum and vaginas). Native New Yorker Betty Tompkins is an iconic artist and an outspoken feminist—although, it hasn't always been the case. Tompkins has created paintings, drawings, and collages that celebrate images of graphic sexuality—with titles like Cunt, Pussy and Fuck—using pornography that belonged to her husband as references. While her early work in the 1970s was under-appreciated by art critics, and rejected by feminists, her provocative paintings now offer a timely feminist response to current issues in business, entertainment, and politics. "My career was a joke!" Tompkins laughs raucously, speaking about her past from her studio in New York City, where she's been working for...
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2 Nov

Fashion’s New Era: The Collage Artists Of Instagram


Meet the next generation of artists.

Artists have taken to Instagram to share their work and connect with industry members previously inaccessible. The resulting work opportunities have allowed many of these artists to build out careers, growing their business network and influence with each post. Accredited by the companies they work with, earned media and reach online, Instagram is an artists’ most important public entity.
A few artists have developed a practice, style and following that has resonated within the industry, these are Fashion’s chosen children, the collage artists of Instagram whose work you’ve undoubtedly ‘liked’.

@PortisWasp1 Scottish collage artist Portis Wasp has amassed an online presence for his Disney inspired works. Responding to new releases with his fast paced adaptations of magazine...
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1 Nov

This Woman Uses Glitter To Turn Stretch Marks Into Art And The Results Are Stunning


These are so beautiful.

Instagram collage artist Sara Shakeel has become known for her spectacular images, where she often superimposes different photos together to create beautiful alternate realities.

Thirsty💦🌊🌊 . . CollageArt.SaraShakeel #backtobasics . . #art #wave #collageart #water #thirst #blue #juxtaposition #gloss
Sara Shakeel(@sarashakeel)님의 공유 게시물님, 2017 10월 23 오전 9:47 PDT

Tea Delicacies 💎 . Happy birthday @makeupbymario !!! as an artist i admire you & your work from the core of my heart! 💎🌹 lots of prayers, happiness & success for you & happy birthday once again! from a girl far far away! 🙏 🌈 . Love.Sara . P.s i just got to know about the shooting at vegas! I hope everyone is safe and fine! 🤕 i heard 20 got killed...
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31 Oct

Artist Toyin Ojih Odutola Finally Gets Her Due At The Whitney

I’ve been to a lot of art openings. They're usually the same: the not-so-subtle posturing, the atmosphere as stale as the snacks proffered, the indifferent crowds outside smoking cigarettes and drinking cheap wine. Toyin Ojih Odutola’s opening at the Whitney Museum of American Art was different. Marking her first solo show in NYC, To Wander Determined, the event was more reunion than reception. This night, filled with Black artists, scholars, curators, stylists, and writers who have praised Ojih Odutola’s genius for years and waited on places like the Whitney to catch up, felt like a collective triumph. Museums like the Whitney, Guggenheim, and even the more progressive Brooklyn Museum have been historically known to exclude black women artists—and only in recent years...
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13 Oct

Jeff Koons’ Second Collaboration With Louis Vuitton Is Literally a Work Of Art


Have you ever spent a whole day admiring your favorite paintings at a museum only to be disappointed with the gift shop's lackluster offerings? There must be a better way to wear one's love of fine art than a canvas tote bags, right? This conundrum was remedied last spring when Jeff Koons crafted his "Masters" collection of bags with famous paintings for Louis Vuitton. Graphic and unexpected, the team-up was so popular that the storied French brand has connected with the contemporary artist again for round two.

Today, the house unveiled the new collection, featuring famous works such as Paul Gauguin’s Delightful Land (1892), Édouard Manet’s Luncheon on the Grass (1863), Claude Monet’s Water Lilies (1916), and more. The collaboration features a variety of bag and...
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15 Sep

Tom Sachs On His Obsession With Making Stuff


Tom Sachs is about to have his first child, a boy he's considering naming James Brown Sachs. The name is important to the artist because he considers the late music icon to be "one of my people," meaning someone who Sachs feels indebted to, someone who inspires him to step his game up as a creator. "It's James Brown who makes me want to make sculptures, not Brâncuși or someone who would make sense," he tells me in his studio as he preps for this month'sObjects of Devotion exhibition, his third solo show at Sperone Westwater Gallery in Soho.

The Centre Street studio is labyrinthine — a sprawling, multi-floor space he built out after moving into the ground floor in 1990. Everything...
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15 Jun

Sofia Coppola’s Colour Palettes

To watch a Sofia Coppola film is to be transported to an alternate universe, defined by her fondness for soft, natural lighting, meandering, drawn-out shots, and, most notably of all, sumptuous pastel hues. But while there’s no denying that her films look good enough to eat, there’s more to the American director’s distinct aesthetic than first meets the eye, her films’ visual codes serving to reflect the emotional journeys of her protagonists. As video essayist Jacob T. Swinney points out, “Coppola’s atmosphere seems to mirror the inner workings of her characters. [She] crafts these dreamscapes to show us not only who her characters are, but who they want to be.” Next week marks the UK release of her anticipated sixth...
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13 Jun

The Artist Creating Miniature Worlds in Tobacco Tins

Alice in Wonderland© Lee C. Wallick
Artist and filmmaker Lee C. Wallick is a collector at heart. Where most people are content to let odds and ends languish around the house, however – think trinkets, vintage stamps, clippings from her favourite magazines and newspapers – she painstakingly repurposes them to create tiny fictional words; intricate Wunderkammer tins in which fashion and film merge. There’s an innate tactility to this approach. From the outside her boxes look identical, but once opened they expose the minuscule thematic worlds hosted within. Each is based upon a fairytale, but given a contemporary edge too – whether that’s a tiny three-dimensional Ariel from The Little Mermaid reading Condé Nast Traveller magazine next to True Romance’s Alabama, or Puss in Boots’ tiny bottle of Joy,...
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8 May

Meet the Californian Painter Replacing People with Plants

Bound by a search for creativity and authenticity, AnOther has partnered with L.A.-based art collective Tappan, an initiative that was born out of a desire to reinvent the experience of buying art, to share stories about its artists. When prompted to describe her practice in three words, California-based artist Anna Valdez chooses “observational, frantic and anticipative” – and though the acts of slowly watching and rapidly creating might seem antithetical, they somehow come together in her vibrant, expansive works. Depicting bright, airy rooms, luscious greenery and careully arranged odds and ends, these canvases feel like Dutch still lifes for a new generation, in which each item is imbued with a powerful resonance. There is a meditative energy at play here, and it has everything to do with inanimate...
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