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15 Jun

Sofia Coppola’s Colour Palettes

To watch a Sofia Coppola film is to be transported to an alternate universe, defined by her fondness for soft, natural lighting, meandering, drawn-out shots, and, most notably of all, sumptuous pastel hues. But while there’s no denying that her films look good enough to eat, there’s more to the American director’s distinct aesthetic than first meets the eye, her films’ visual codes serving to reflect the emotional journeys of her protagonists. As video essayist Jacob T. Swinney points out, “Coppola’s atmosphere seems to mirror the inner workings of her characters. [She] crafts these dreamscapes to show us not only who her characters are, but who they want to be.” Next week marks the UK release of her anticipated sixth...
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13 Jun

The Artist Creating Miniature Worlds in Tobacco Tins

Alice in Wonderland© Lee C. Wallick
Artist and filmmaker Lee C. Wallick is a collector at heart. Where most people are content to let odds and ends languish around the house, however – think trinkets, vintage stamps, clippings from her favourite magazines and newspapers – she painstakingly repurposes them to create tiny fictional words; intricate Wunderkammer tins in which fashion and film merge. There’s an innate tactility to this approach. From the outside her boxes look identical, but once opened they expose the minuscule thematic worlds hosted within. Each is based upon a fairytale, but given a contemporary edge too – whether that’s a tiny three-dimensional Ariel from The Little Mermaid reading Condé Nast Traveller magazine next to True Romance’s Alabama, or Puss in Boots’ tiny bottle of Joy,...
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8 May

Meet the Californian Painter Replacing People with Plants

Bound by a search for creativity and authenticity, AnOther has partnered with L.A.-based art collective Tappan, an initiative that was born out of a desire to reinvent the experience of buying art, to share stories about its artists. When prompted to describe her practice in three words, California-based artist Anna Valdez chooses “observational, frantic and anticipative” – and though the acts of slowly watching and rapidly creating might seem antithetical, they somehow come together in her vibrant, expansive works. Depicting bright, airy rooms, luscious greenery and careully arranged odds and ends, these canvases feel like Dutch still lifes for a new generation, in which each item is imbued with a powerful resonance. There is a meditative energy at play here, and it has everything to do with inanimate...
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20 Apr

Here’s a First Look At The Staff Uniforms For Designer And Artist Susan Cianciolo’s Run Restaurant At The Whitney

In 2001, Susan Cianciolo set up Run Restaurant inside New York’s Alleged Galleries. It was a restaurant–meets–art installation hybrid named for her since-shuttered fashion label, Run, with a functioning kitchen, a full menu, a small indoor water garden, and a gift shop. Now, Cianciolo is revisiting Run Restaurantfor the 2017 Whitney Biennial, setting up her own artful atmosphere inside the museum’s Untitled restaurant on the ground floor. The first dinner in the series will take place this evening and run until Thursday. Tickets are $125 for a five-course chef Michael Anthony–prepared meal, which will be served by a waitstaff dressed in custom uniforms designed by Cianciolo. “The uniforms are in line with my history of handcrafted patchwork,” explains Cianciolo. “They are...
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11 Apr

How to Coordinate Your Lunch With Your Outfit

Photography by Kelsey McClellan, Styling by Michelle Maguire
There’s something undeniably pleasing about encountering a person dressed from head to toe in a single colour. “Real geniuses” is what San Fransisco-based photographer Kelsey McClellan and Ohio-based set and prop stylist Michelle Maguire call those they notice at a bus stop or flea market effortlessly pulling off the full look. It’s these everyday muses who have inspired the pair’s new photo-series, Wardrobe Snacks – an amusing yet sleek collection which takes inspiration from informal diners, from the commuter on a crowded bus pulling out a snack from a bag, or “a lunch-breaker on a park bench eating from her lap,” as well as from Michelle’s very own stepdad, who “rests his sandwich on his thigh between bites”. Aiming to capture the zen-like state of snackers on the go, the two...
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27 Mar

Christian Louboutin Makes Crayons Now

There's a part in The Devil Wears Prada where Andy Sachs sells her tainted designer wardrobe, using it to fund her new life as an idealistic newspaper rookie. Five years ago, Australian artist CJ Hendry did the same thing, unloading every investment piece in her closet onto eBay. "I was studying finance, and hopeless at it. But I didn't believe that being creative was an actual job, so I got a job on the sales floor at Chanel in my hometown—Brisbane, Australia," says Hendry. "I did it for a while and then I said, 'Right, I've got to do this. I've got to be an artist.' So I sold everything I owned on eBay—bags, shoes, jackets, everything— and I made...
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21 Mar

Art Therapy


Doing art. Seeing art. Living art. Marte and Georgia know that expressing yourself is good for the soul.
Get started with M.A.C pigment.

1/6   From left: Georgia Fowler @georgiafowler; Georgia Hilmer @georgiahilmer.

2/6   From left: Marte Mei van Haaster @martemai; Emily Ratajkowski @emrata.

3/6   Marte Mei van Haaster @martemai.

4/6   From left: Elsa Hosk @hoskelsa; Dilone @_dilone.

5/6   From left: Laura Kampman @laurakampman; Georgia Fowler @georgiafowler.

6/6   Laura Hoffmann @laura.hoff.


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15 Feb

Playboy Is Bringing Nudity Back

After just a year, nudity is returning to Playboy in the March/April issue of the magazine, according to Cooper Hefner, Hugh Hefner's son. On Monday, the 25-year-old, who recently took over as Chief Creative Officer of Playboy, released a statement via Twitter saying that the magazine made a mistake by removing nudity in the first place. "When you have a company, and the founder is responsible for kickstarting the sexual revolution, and then you pluck out the aspect of the company's DNA by removing nudity, it makes a lot of people, including me, sit and say—what the hell is the company doing?" Hefner said in an interview with Business Insider. The magazine made the executive decision to no longer feature images of...
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1 Feb

The Artist Creating Barragán’s Bright Buildings in Miniature

Miniature prison cells, empty suburban homes, looming archways, vacant corridors: New York-based artist James Casebere has long been preoccupied with abandoned spaces, which he recreates in miniature on a table-top and then photographs for posterity in a neat inversion of the architectural protest. Where previously he has sought to evoke angst and isolation with these images, however, his new series takes a different direction. Emotional Architecture, a new collection of works on display at New York’s Sean Kelly Gallery, draws again on feelings of confinement, but this time to produce spaces which allow their viewer to get lost in their own thoughts. This is a body of work about escapism and serenity, and it’s defiantly optimistic. The series is based, crucially, on the work of Mexican architect...
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1 Feb

The Extraordinarily Ostentatious Life of Marchesa Casati


Of all the eccentrics from the early 20th century, none have left as memorable of a mark on fashion and art as Marchesa Luisa Casati. With her kohl-rimmed eyes, penchant for extravagantly wild parties and an extraordinary ability to surround herself with the most talented people of her time, Marchesa is regarded as a “work of art” – a fate she craved – as well as a paragon of extraordinary ostentatiousness. Here, we look back on the eccentric woman’s crazy lifestyle, as well as the fashion designers who find inspiration from it even today.

Images courtesy of Alexander McQueen, Man Ray and Christian Dior
Images courtesy of Alexander McQueen, Man Ray and Christian Dior
WHO’S THAT GIRL Marchesa was born as Luisa Amman to a family of a Milanese textile magnates. Orphaned by both her parents by the age of 16, she grew...
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